League of Lords 11/2/2091

League Details

League Date:
11/2/2091 retired
Salary Cap:
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FAs:
10 Per Season
Simulation Speed:
4 game days per calendar day (every 6 hours)
League Type:
Public League
2090 Champion:
St. Paul Storm Bringers in 4 games
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    2016-6-27 1:15 PM by mogami

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Conference A

Lord Byron Division
Team Owner
Alaska Wolves unowned
Harrisburg Senators unowned
Houston Hurricanes unowned
Mound Whitehawks unowned
Selma Olives unowned
Sligo Spectorals unowned

Conference A

Lord Nelson Division
Team Owner
Absolute Greys unowned
Arizona Cacti unowned
Crimson Kings unowned
Dijibouti Kickers unowned
Pittsburgh Penguins unowned
St. Paul Storm Bringers unowned

Conference B

Lord Kelvin Division
Team Owner
Boston Yankees unowned
Durham Bulls unowned
Kansas City Giants unowned
Milford BizTalkers unowned
Zubaz's Mom unowned

Conference B

Lord Baltimore Division
Team Owner
Australia Super Bash unowned
Chicago Federals unowned
Columbus Jets unowned
Fake Jokes unowned
Real Joke unowned
RedsFan Fans unowned