Chi Beta Federation 7/22/2132

League Details

League Date:
7/22/2132 (regular season in progress)
Salary Cap:
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FAs:
Simulation Speed:
8 game days per calendar day (every 3 hours)
League Type:
Private League
MeddlePAL, Vulpecula
2131 Champion:
Madison Methomaniacs in 6 games
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  • Re: 2132 Draft

    “For my first rounder 1B Dennis Saldana, the letter grade potentials D/C/C/A turned out to be 55/69/66/96. Unfortunately,…”
    2019-9-20 8:47 PM by MNTwinsFan1001

  • Re: 2132 Draft

    “My 3B had a B BA and turned in an 89. That was cool. Might need to move him to LF tho...…”
    2019-9-20 6:52 PM by Luke_T

  • Re: 2132 Draft

    “Any fun reveals? My favorite part of this league is the draft reveal after the letter grade draft. My picks: #61 C…”
    2019-9-20 4:07 PM by Vulpecula

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