The Eta Rho 3/20/2103

League Details

League Date:
3/20/2103 (pre-season in progress)
Salary Cap:
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FAs:
9 Per Season
Simulation Speed:
4 game days per calendar day (every 6 hours)
League Type:
Private League
2102 Champion:
Boogie Down Enigmas in 4 games
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  • Congrats

    “Congratulations to Boogie Down Enigmas for winning the 2102 WS. Nice to see a team with a real owner win.…”
    2019-9-20 3:29 PM by dekid

  • Re: New Owners

    “yes thanks…”
    2019-3-8 5:14 PM by Arizona Cats

  • Re: New Owners

    “Thanks for coming back. At this point this league is a sort of casual league. If it grows great, otherwise just enjoy yo…”
    2019-2-28 4:48 PM by dekid

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