GOAT 3 6/10/2010

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League Date:
6/10/2010 (Live Draft in progress. Click here for the GOAT 3 forum.)
Salary Cap:
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FAs:
Simulation Speed:
8 game days per calendar day (every 3 hours)
League Type:
Private League (contact admin@csfbl.com for password)
smittias, Vashon, G Sparks
2009 Champion:
Member Berries in 5 games
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    “Lips will take 1B Jeremiah Engle 18 $1,847,000. I want to call him up right away, but also don't want to ruin him for …”
    2019-4-23 4:09 PM by smittias

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    “p John Larsen…”
    2019-4-23 12:38 AM by makila

  • Re: 2010 Draft

    “Sorry for the wait, guys... been on beach vacation. I’ll take CF Stevie Dugan. #SpeedyStevie…”
    2019-4-22 5:13 AM by trackstah07

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