Letterheads 7/21/2025

League Details

League Date:
7/21/2025 (regular season in progress)
Salary Cap:
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FAs:
12 Per Season
Simulation Speed:
4 game days per calendar day (every 6 hours)
League Type:
Private League
2024 Champion:
Columbus Jets in 7 games
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American Conference

Central Division
Team Owner
Charlotte Cougars unowned
Las Vegas 51's unowned
Nashville Scouts unowned
Oklahoma City Outlaws unowned
Toronto Thunder unowned
Virginia Beach Admirals unowned

National Conference

Midwest Division
Team Owner
Indianapolis Aeros unowned
Louisville Sluggers unowned
Memphis Rowdies unowned
Portland Mavericks unowned
San Juan Suns unowned
Tucson Toros unowned

National Conference

West Division
Team Owner
Austin Wranglers unowned
Columbus Jets unowned
Dutchess County Riders beanballer43
Fresno Bees unowned
New Orleans Bourbons unowned
Tampa Smokers unowned