Hybrid Baseball Alliance 11/2/2038

League Details

League Date:
11/2/2038 (post-season complete) paused
Salary Cap:
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FAs:
16 Per Season
Simulation Speed:
4 game days per calendar day (every 6 hours)
League Type:
Public League
DIMariner, Doughboy
2037 Champion:
Tacoma Corgis in 5 games
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American Division
Team Owner
Missoula Osprey unowned
San Diego Dynamos unowned
Tacoma Corgis unowned
Titan Sirens unowned
Tuscaloosa Elephants boogiedownenigma
Vancouver Cougars unowned



Continental Division
Team Owner
Boston Loyal Nine unowned
Chicago Cardiac Kids unowned
Detroit Fabs unowned
Goodbye HBA unowned
Maine Lobstermen unowned
Purgatory Firestarters unowned