The Eta Rho 4/6/2107

2005 Standings: Playoffs

Division Playoffs

Division 1 Division
Date Away Home Score W L Sv PotG
09/30/05 Cochabamba Bombers River Edge 1-0 Stephen Bryant Ronald Reid Stephen Bryant
10/01/05 Cochabamba Bombers River Edge 3-1 Thomas Kelso Robert Whittington Thomas Kelso
10/03/05 River Edge Cochabamba Bombers 3-2 Russell Barringer Hector Hunt Russell Barringer
10/04/05 River Edge Cochabamba Bombers 13-7 Ronald Reid Francis Wilson Brian Delgado
10/05/05 River Edge Cochabamba Bombers 3-1 Stephen Bryant Scat Steel Stephen Bryant
Cochabamba Bombers wins series, 4 games to 1.

Conference Playoffs

World Series