Years of Glory 6/13/2103

2059 Standings: Playoffs

Division Playoffs

WWII to Vietnam Division
Date Away Home Score W L Sv PotG
09/30/59 Binghamton Triplets Lewiston Broncs 5-2 Earnest Otto Robert Miller Earnest Otto
10/01/59 Binghamton Triplets Lewiston Broncs 5-0 Carlton Seda Isaac Wagner Carlton Seda
10/03/59 Lewiston Broncs Binghamton Triplets 4-3 Marvin Perkins Rosendo Benny Joseph Driver Marvin Perkins
10/04/59 Lewiston Broncs Binghamton Triplets 10-5 Gregory Baker Jay McCoy Gregory Baker
Lewiston Broncs wins series, 4 games to 0.

Conference Playoffs

World Series