Galactic B L - salary cap enforced 4/3/2135

League Details

League Date:
4/3/2135 (regular season in progress)
Salary Cap:
Pre-Season FAs:
10 Per Season
Simulation Model:
CSFBL Classic
Simulation Speed:
8 game days per calendar day (every 3 hours)
Scouting Rules:
Scouting On, Individual Potential Ratings
Draft Order Type:
League Type:
Public League
2134 Champion:
Zorg Zyzzyva in 4 games
Galactic B L - salary cap enforced Forum

2135 Amateur Draft Pending

The draft list will be available on April 15 2135.

Draft picks start on May 21 and continue every day through July 31.

Upcoming Picks

Rd Pick Team Selection Date
1 1 Gallifrey TimeLords 5/21/2135 (less than 6d)
1 2 Serenity Valley Brown Coats 5/22/2135 (less than 6d 3hr)
1 3 Zorg Zyzzyva 5/23/2135 (less than 6d 6hr)
1 4 Arisian Mindset 5/24/2135 (less than 6d 9hr)
1 5 Andromeda Sky Sox 5/25/2135 (less than 6d 12hr)