2156 Details

Sim Model
CSFBL Classic
8 game days per calendar day (every 3 hours)
2 conferences, 2 divisions per conference
6 teams per division (24 total)
2 playoff teams per division
Salary Cap: $75,000,000
Draft Type: Standard
Player Ratings
Scouting: Off (all ratings accurate)
Current Ratings: 1-100
Potential Ratings: 1-100, 5-point increments
mattgcoot29, dl3mk3, makila, andujar, citizenclone, bigdbpimpin1, jellyinsd, Luke_T
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2156 Amateur Draft In Progress

Upcoming Picks

Rd Pick Team Selection Date
3 71 Sun Prairie Cardinals On the clock (less than 3hr)
3 72 Tempe Hot Heads 7/29/2156 (less than 6hr)

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