MLB ReMake - AA 4/6/2140

This is a mentor league. If you need help, please reach out to one of your mentors: Grimm; pedro4832; TwoPint

League Details

League Date:
4/6/2140 (regular season in progress)
Salary Cap:
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FAs:
6 Per Season
Front Office:
Team-managed allocations
Simulation Speed:
8 game days per calendar day (every 3 hours)
League Type:
Mentor League
SlickLaptop, Grimm, TwoPint, pedro4832, Fyewiks
Grimm, pedro4832, TwoPint
2139 Champion:
Hartford Yard Goats in 5 games
MLB ReMake - AA Forum

2140 Amateur Draft Pending

The draft list will be available on April 15 2140.

Draft picks start on May 21 and continue every day through July 31.

Upcoming Picks

Rd Pick Team Selection Date
1 1 New Hampshire Fishercats 5/21/2140 (less than 5d 15hr)
1 2 Binghamton Rumble Ponies 5/22/2140 (less than 5d 18hr)
1 3 Amarillo Sod Poodles 5/23/2140 (less than 5d 21hr)
1 4 Tennessee Smokies 5/24/2140 (less than 6d)
1 5 Richmond Flying Squirrels 5/25/2140 (less than 6d 3hr)