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1983 Details

Sim Model
Free Agent Era (1977-1993)
8 game days per calendar day (every 3 hours)
2 conferences, 2 divisions per conference
6 teams per division (24 total)
2 playoff teams per division
Salary Cap: $60,000,000
Draft Type: Draft Lottery
Player Ratings
Scouting: On (variable accuracy)
Current Ratings: 1-100
Potential Ratings: Letters
citizenclone, G_Sparks, Luke_T
citizenclone, Luke_T, G_Sparks
Training Day Forum

1983 Amateur Draft Pending

Upcoming Picks

Rd Pick Team Selection Date
1 1 Mirkwood Spiders 5/19/1983 (less than 2d)
1 2 Silsbee Tigers 5/20/1983 (less than 2d 3hr)
1 3 Morgantown 2 A Days 5/21/1983 (less than 2d 6hr)
1 4 Almaden Valley Friars 5/22/1983 (less than 2d 9hr)
1 5 Nashville Villians 5/23/1983 (less than 2d 12hr)