League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 3/26/2084

League Details

League Date:
3/26/2084 (pre-season in progress)
Salary Cap:
Pre-Season FAs:
Simulation Model:
Free Agent Era (1977-1993)
Simulation Speed:
8 game days per calendar day (every 3 hours)
Scouting Rules:
Scouting On, Individual Potential Ratings
Draft Order Type:
League Type:
Private League
makila, bigdbpimpin1, balmers, bobcat1018, Clayton Kershaw, lhu167
2083 Champion:
Association of Rarefied Masters in 6 games
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Forum

2084 Amateur Draft Pending

The draft list will be available on April 15 2084.

Draft picks start on May 21 and continue every day through July 31.

Upcoming Picks

Rd Pick Team Selection Date
1 1 Pike's Peak Prospectors 5/21/2084 (less than 7d)
1 2 Rock Creek Riot Originals 5/22/2084 (less than 7d 3hr)
1 3 Lucky 38s 5/23/2084 (less than 7d 6hr)
1 4 Password is Taco 5/24/2084 (less than 7d 9hr)
1 5 Open Team 5/25/2084 (less than 7d 12hr)