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League Status:
1981 season active (pre-season in progress)[paused]
League Date:
League Salary Cap:
$65 Million
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FA's:
Simulation Speed:
4 game days per calendar day (every 6 hours)
League Type:
Mentor League
League Message:
ROLL CALL!! All Diamond Prospects owners MUST check-in to the roll call thread on the CSFBL forum. Here's a direct link. >> http://bit.ly/2wFjfEw


Conference A
Division: Division 1
Advance Panthers (sjcpanther)
DP 4 (Timetobatx)
Flatland Stick (Fyewiks)
Nesconset Knights (Marauders299)
Warsaw Busted Ducks (Radioman212)
Winston-Salem Warthogs (PumaRevived)
Division: Division 2
Cymru Netherlanders (schmuckdonald)
DP 10 (tjs85710)
DP 7 (peteg9699)
DP 9 (Retiredshirt06)
Manila Balut Boilers (xet43)
NRH StRangers (mgreed1954)
Conference B
Division: Division 3
Bloomington Reds (vottomatic87)
DP 13 (udg52776)
DP 18 (jeffbaird)
Georgia Peaches (TyrusCobb)
Maine Pastime (jaliv2424)
Springfield Allied Biscuit (guitar1025)
Division: Division 4
Cherry Grove Hurricanes (gsigmon0221)
Madtown Bombers (riddellfam)
Plano Longhorns (Brianz321)
Reno Renegades (SNeahusan)
West SF Scoundrels (Cespy's Eyebrows)
Winnipeg Maroons (tunediggs)

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