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Trade System

Summary: An overview and explanation of the trade system used in CSFBL.

If you can't get the talent you need in the Amateur Draft or through Free Agency, you can turn to trading. To propose a trade, go to your team's ''Transactions'' page, select the team you wish to propose a trade to, and click the ''Prepare Trade'' button. Then, select the players you wish to send and receive and click the "Propose Trade" button. You can select a maximum of three players to send and three players to receive. (To select multiple players, hold down the SHIFT or CONTROL key when clicking.) Once you propose a trade, an email will be sent automatically to the other team's owner, and a message will be posted on the league's transactions page to notify other owners of the trade proposal.

On your team's ''Transactions'' page is a list of all pending trades for your team. From here, you can cancel a trade you previously proposed by clicking the cancel link. Also, any trades which other owners proposed to you are listed in this page. To accept or decline a trade that was proposed to you, simply click on the accept or decline link.

When a trade is accepted, it is processed immediately! As a result, you can expect minor changes to your lineup if you are trading players who are currently on your active roster. Players received in a trade will be added to low minors if they have no active roster experience; otherwise, they will be added to your AAA or active roster, depending on the makeup of your team once the players you sent away in the trade are off your roster.

Some important notes about trading:

       * If a player is already involved in one trade proposal, he can not be a part of another trade proposal. You will have to cancel or decline the existing proposal to include him in a new trade proposal.
       * You can have multiple trade proposals at the same time, and to the same team.
       * You can only trade with other human-owned teams in the same league as your team. You can not trade with computer-owned teams, or with teams not in your league.
       * If you release a player, any pending trade proposal he is involved in will be canceled.
       * You will not be permitted to propose a trade that brings any team involved in the trade over the salary cap.

Trades can only be proposed and accepted through August 31 of each season. Once August 31 passes, you will not be able to propose a trade until the start of the next season (after players age, potentially retire, etc.).