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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: Hometown Heroes, 1998

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: Nathan Walker, LF, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.296-50-139)
Conference B: Jeremiah Waller, RF, Case Cardinals (.324-43-116)
Cy Young
Conference A: John Brinton, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (15-8, 2.12)
Conference B: Stanley Murphy, P, Denver Mohawks (19-7, 2.30)
Rookie of the Year
Conference A: Lucio Mays, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.294-36-107)
Conference B: Kieth Close, C, Washington Grays (.295-26-102)
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Nicholas Carlson, P, Eganville Big Sky (3-3, 38 SV, 4.43)
Conference B: Justin Burgess, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (5-5, 47 SV, 4.12)
Division 1
James Paige, DH, Maine Bear Hunters (.245-32-85)
James Nolen, P, New York Giants (7-15, 15 SV, 3.14)
Christopher Brown, P, Maine Bear Hunters (2-0, 5 SV, 3.35)
John Logue, P, Sacramento Bears (2-2, 35 SV, 3.00)
John Brinton, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (15-8, 2.12)
Kirk Taylor, P, Sacramento Bears (12-14, 3.08)
Robert King, P, Eganville Big Sky (19-6, 3.16)
Stephen Bartlett, P, Maine Bear Hunters (22-8, 2.97)
Christopher Weber, C, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.240-27-62)
James Lopez, C, New York Giants (.274-17-70)
Glen Flynn, 1B, Eganville Big Sky (.263-23-86)
Leo Rodriquez, 1B, Sacramento Bears (.277-23-81)
Michael Butler, 2B, New York Giants (.277-27-66)
Kevin McNeely, 2B, Eganville Big Sky (.278-37-97)
David Chisholm, 3B, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.231-11-38)
Douglas Demby, SS, Sacramento Bears (.291-41-113)
Neil Kenworthy, LF, Maine Bear Hunters (.280-45-111)
Juan Dominguez, CF, Detroit Centurions (.273-25-93)
Jay Weldon, CF, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.300-29-77)
Joe Friel, RF, Sacramento Bears (.242-31-84)
Division 2
Steve Burke, DH, Unionville Hawks (.271-62-133)
Skippy Mullen, P, Cincinnati Public Assassins (19-8, 2.93)
Zane Dunning, P, Unionville Hawks (20-7, 2.66)
John Reinke, P, Cincinnati Public Assassins (12-14, 2.91)
David Williams, P, Charleston Cubs (0-4, 35 SV, 2.78)
Dewey Baum, P, Minnesota Twins (2-3, 23 SV, 2.42)
Christopher Weller, P, Disco Lemonade (14-10, 1 SV, 2.45)
Christopher Denny, P, Disco Lemonade (4-7, 16 SV, 3.03)
Richard Smith, C, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.286-28-85)
Rafael Dillingham, C, Unionville Hawks (.266-30-88)
Khalil Roache, 1B, Unionville Hawks (.255-30-86)
Theodore Brenner, 1B, The Black Company (.260-40-103)
Jose Arroyo, 2B, Unionville Hawks (.276-37-102)
Juan Douglas, 2B, The Black Company (.285-37-108)
Robert Mitchell, 3B, Charleston Cubs (.241-24-72)
Lucio Mays, SS, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.294-36-107)
Nathan Walker, LF, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.296-50-139)
Adam Zimmerman, LF, The Black Company (.336-29-105)
Joe Burdette, CF, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.282-19-86)
Bruce Johnson, RF, Unionville Hawks (.288-27-80)
Division 3
Cecil Patten, DH, Billings Drillers (.261-25-83)
James Turner, P, Sharpe Dispensers (18-7, 2.80)
Frank Cordoba, P, Billings Drillers (2-4, 39 SV, 2.91)
Richard Coppa, P, Sharpe Dispensers (5-6, 45 SV, 3.09)
Luis Price, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (10-3, 2 SV, 2.50)
Michael Gilmore, P, Sharpe Dispensers (13-11, 2.53)
William Wendt, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (15-9, 1.97)
Stanley Murphy, P, Denver Mohawks (19-7, 2.30)
Caesar Bryant, C, Eldar Archers (.295-27-57)
Brandon Gilmour, C, Billings Drillers (.244-27-75)
Michael Smith, 1B, Denver Mohawks (.246-23-82)
John Larson, 2B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.263-23-74)
Nicholas Faulkner, 2B, Denver Mohawks (.270-7-41)
Nathan Johnson, 3B, Billings Drillers (.279-21-77)
Karl Hadden, 3B, Eldar Archers (.281-32-91)
Joseph Cannady, SS, Billings Drillers (.261-41-107)
Gerardo Crawford, LF, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.265-37-106)
Edwin Wiseman, CF, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.274-32-97)
Joseph Munoz, CF, Billings Drillers (.258-48-112)
Jessie White, RF, Sharpe Dispensers (.280-35-91)
Division 4
Donald Turnage, DH, Washington Grays (.294-14-64)
Eddie Hickman, P, Boston Red Sox (8-2, 1 SV, 2.54)
Jerry Hood, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (3-4, 43 SV, 2.58)
James Schneider, P, Washington Grays (2-4, 39 SV, 3.86)
James Futrell, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (17-9, 2.83)
Joshuapaul Sullivan, P, Eirinn Hurlers (15-9, 3.08)
Manuel Morgan, P, Washington Grays (15-4, 4 SV, 2.77)
Nathan Davis, P, Washington Grays (11-5, 2.52)
Robert Childress, C, Brooklyn Dodgers (.272-34-82)
Daniyal Norman, C, Case Cardinals (.265-21-91)
Richard Hakala, 1B, Washington Grays (.293-35-101)
Randall Winston, 2B, Case Cardinals (.282-44-129)
Dale Hayes, 3B, Wyoming Mets (.294-51-137)
Brian Thompson, 3B, Washington Grays (.296-28-90)
Chub Lester, SS, Washington Grays (.270-41-115)
David Roberts, SS, Brooklyn Dodgers (.316-35-100)
Michael Young, LF, Washington Grays (.324-20-90)
Ray Hernandez, CF, Washington Grays (.289-35-134)
Peter Hale, RF, Washington Grays (.284-34-109)
Jeremiah Waller, RF, Case Cardinals (.324-43-116)
Gold Glove
Charles Steele, P, Sacramento Bears
Ward Barnes, P, Billings Drillers
Allen Macon, C, Minnesota Twins
Robert Childress, C, Brooklyn Dodgers
James Chamberlain, 1B, Sullivan Turtlenecks
Marcus Necaise, 1B, Eirinn Hurlers
Thomas Gonzalez, 2B, Charleston Cubs
Jesse Brown, 2B, Wyoming Mets
Charles Jordan, 3B, Maine Bear Hunters
Timothy Anderson, 3B, Denver Mohawks
David Saavedra, SS, Sullivan Turtlenecks
Douglas Craft, SS, Eirinn Hurlers
Adam Zimmerman, LF, The Black Company
Thomas Kim, LF, Billings Drillers
Joseph Gillespie, CF, Eganville Big Sky
Joshua Morton, CF, Case Cardinals
Bruce Johnson, RF, Unionville Hawks
Jessie White, RF, Sharpe Dispensers
Hall of Fame
Conference A: Leo Hilliard, P, The Black Company (274-179, 4.20)
Conference B: Brandon Kaler, P, Billings Drillers (234-115, 2.99)
Conference A: Micah Heil, SS, Unionville Hawks (.297-797-2,251)
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