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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: Hometown Heroes, 1992

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: Robert Mitchell, 3B, Charleston Cubs (.336-37-133)
Conference B: Cecil Patten, SS, Billings Drillers (.381-49-151)
Cy Young
Conference A: John Brinton, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (17-11, 2.54)
Conference B: Josiah Sorenson, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (23-3, 3.41)
Rookie of the Year
Conference A: Jonah McMakin, P, New York Giants (15-6, 3.23)
Conference B: Jeffrey Murray, LF, Brooklyn Dodgers (.316-19-63)
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Maurice Diggs, P, Maine Bear Hunters (4-2, 42 SV, 2.61)
Conference B: Sean Alsup, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (2-5, 32 SV, 5.79)
Division 1
James Paige, DH, Maine Bear Hunters (.310-44-119)
Henry Edwards, P, Detroit Centurions (15-7, 2.94)
Jesse Coates, P, Sacramento Bears (16-12, 3.29)
John Brinton, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (17-11, 2.54)
Maurice Diggs, P, Maine Bear Hunters (4-2, 42 SV, 2.61)
Richard Weston, P, Eganville Big Sky (5-2, 20 SV, 4.65)
Stanley Patt, P, Maine Bear Hunters (13-3, 3.63)
Tracy Luther, P, New York Giants (20-3, 3.44)
Albert Morrison, C, Eganville Big Sky (.328-26-101)
Allen Macon, C, Detroit Centurions (.309-42-107)
Glen Flynn, 1B, Eganville Big Sky (.291-43-123)
Adolph Hatcher, 1B, New York Giants (.321-26-119)
Christopher Behrens, 2B, New York Giants (.285-40-115)
Frank Suiter, 3B, Detroit Centurions (.280-51-126)
Robert Compo, SS, Sacramento Bears (.324-19-66)
Timothy Watts, SS, New York Giants (.265-24-88)
Edward Pomeroy, LF, New York Giants (.368-36-123)
Luigi Walker, CF, New York Giants (.317-43-147)
Manuel Vogel, RF, Detroit Centurions (.289-51-109)
Robert Nixon, RF, Maine Bear Hunters (.301-26-71)
Division 2
Steve Burke, DH, Unionville Hawks (.271-52-148)
Michael Merrow, P, The Black Company (21-9, 4.03)
Leo Hilliard, P, The Black Company (20-8, 3.93)
Donald Henry, P, Minnesota Twins (11-10, 3.07)
Henry Hollingsworth, P, Unionville Hawks (18-5, 3.63)
James Stutes, P, Disco Lemonade (9-7, 5 SV, 3.37)
Clyde Lowery, P, Unionville Hawks (3-2, 32 SV, 3.98)
Charles Miles, P, Charleston Cubs (2-5, 38 SV, 4.50)
Daniel Ross, C, Charleston Cubs (.312-32-138)
Pedro Abel, C, Disco Lemonade (.311-31-91)
Jesse Ford, 1B, Unionville Hawks (.294-38-111)
Juan Perez, 2B, Disco Lemonade (.280-18-93)
John Thomas, 3B, The Black Company (.321-38-138)
Robert Mitchell, 3B, Charleston Cubs (.336-37-133)
Micah Heil, SS, Unionville Hawks (.275-39-118)
Paul Bove, SS, Minnesota Twins (.292-27-97)
Luis Rosas, LF, Minnesota Twins (.311-28-84)
Harry Earwood, LF, Charleston Cubs (.303-30-108)
James Holmes, CF, Charleston Cubs (.286-48-162)
Juan Douglas, RF, The Black Company (.313-36-121)
Division 3
Kevin James, DH, Eldar Archers (.344-55-157)
Jesus Pelletier, P, Billings Drillers (5-5, 1 SV, 4.03)
Josiah Sorenson, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (23-3, 3.41)
Robert Binford, P, Billings Drillers (6-1, 5 SV, 3.78)
Ralph Rodriguez, P, Billings Drillers (17-5, 3.40)
Charlie Washington, P, Eldar Archers (15-8, 3.94)
Brandon Kaler, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (17-6, 3.42)
Benjamin Shoemaker, P, Billings Drillers (7-4, 9 SV, 4.56)
Gerald Carrasco, C, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.320-19-88)
Micheil Wise, C, Billings Drillers (.284-24-97)
Jerome Thompson, 1B, Eldar Archers (.349-35-104)
Chester Simon, 1B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.290-25-91)
Douglas Calloway, 2B, Billings Drillers (.253-46-127)
Russell Youngs, 2B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.299-45-145)
Eric Petersen, 3B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.312-27-114)
Cecil Patten, SS, Billings Drillers (.381-49-151)
Michael Davis, LF, Detroit Tigers (.281-38-99)
Dean Nugent, CF, Detroit Tigers (.307-43-91)
Scott Finch, CF, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.346-20-104)
Edison Shimp, RF, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.302-37-135)
Division 4
Kenneth Cruz, DH, Wyoming Mets (.355-45-163)
Sammy Reese, P, Eirinn Hurlers (17-7, 3.14)
Robert Thielen, P, Case Cardinals (18-9, 3.25)
Ramon Olson, P, Boston Red Sox (17-7, 2.70)
Donald Hicks, P, Case Cardinals (8-4, 13 SV, 3.63)
Christopher Buzbee, P, Boston Red Sox (0-5, 12 SV, 2.44)
Cedric Crabtree, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (11-8, 2.17)
Bernard Ager, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (7-1, 3 SV, 3.10)
Dennis Wooten, C, Eirinn Hurlers (.337-24-89)
Winthrop Duran, C, Case Cardinals (.264-20-84)
Richard Hakala, 1B, Washington Grays (.345-29-98)
Randall Winston, 2B, Case Cardinals (.310-47-179)
Dale Hayes, 3B, Wyoming Mets (.308-28-99)
William Blessing, 3B, Case Cardinals (.364-36-121)
Christopher Maddox, SS, Case Cardinals (.312-22-90)
Richard Neal, SS, Eirinn Hurlers (.279-25-94)
Joseph Hay, LF, Wyoming Mets (.322-29-115)
Jerry Johnson, CF, Washington Grays (.319-32-98)
Christopher Boardman, RF, Boston Red Sox (.329-46-131)
Milton Perlman, RF, Eirinn Hurlers (.297-44-146)
Gold Glove
James Wyatt, P, The Black Company
Joshuapaul Sullivan, P, Eirinn Hurlers
Robert Childress, C, Maine Bear Hunters
Terry Federico, C, Washington Grays
Marcus Necaise, 1B, Charleston Cubs
Danierian Winkles, 1B, Sharpe Dispensers
Ronald Hernandez, 2B, Minnesota Twins
Christopher Ryan, 2B, Detroit Tigers
Larry Gallant, 3B, Disco Lemonade
Andre Allen, 3B, Boston Red Sox
Christopher Boyd, SS, Charleston Cubs
Lester Pfister, SS, Brooklyn Dodgers
Stanley Cooper, LF, The Black Company
Trevor Ashworth, LF, Billings Drillers
Ralph Pierce, CF, Sullivan Turtlenecks
Joseph Munoz, CF, Billings Drillers
Juan Douglas, RF, The Black Company
Dennis Kay, RF, Billings Drillers
Hall of Fame
Conference B: James Ratliff, DH, Case Cardinals (.275-543-1,360)
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