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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: Hometown Heroes, 2034

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: Stewart Raney, 3B, Eganville Big Sky (.326-53-159)
Conference B: George Stevens, CF, Eirinn Hurlers (.375-23-132)
Cy Young
Conference A: Fred Sailor, P, Sacramento Bears (25-3, 1.75)
Conference B: Robert Dunbar, P, Denver Mohawks (16-4, 1.43)
Rookie of the Year
Conference A: Henry Johnson, P, Minnesota Twins (15-7, 2.94)
Conference B: Kyle Ford, 1B, Brooklyn Dodgers (.325-31-82)
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Michael Moore, P, Detroit Centurions (8-6, 45 SV, 3.25)
Conference B: Warren Arends, P, Billings Drillers (3-4, 43 SV, 3.42)
Division 1
Andrew McBean, DH, Detroit Centurions (.276-45-96)
Alan Johnson, P, Detroit Centurions (14-8, 2.40)
Fred Sailor, P, Sacramento Bears (25-3, 1.75)
John Zerangue, P, Detroit Centurions (15-10, 3.58)
Jose Temple, P, Detroit Centurions (13-7, 2.65)
Leo Lewis, P, New York Giants (11-9, 1.87)
Michael Moore, P, Detroit Centurions (8-6, 45 SV, 3.25)
Thomas Hanks, P, Eganville Big Sky (7-2, 4 SV, 1.75)
Micheal Bush, C, Eganville Big Sky (.261-13-42)
Andy Yoder, C, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.213-19-49)
Charles Neville, 1B, Sacramento Bears (.260-43-112)
Reginald Oneill, 2B, Maine Bear Hunters (.327-18-75)
Carl Sun, 3B, Sacramento Bears (.347-30-108)
Stewart Raney, 3B, Eganville Big Sky (.326-53-159)
Eric Kauffman, SS, New York Giants (.345-16-62)
Leonardo Lee, SS, Sacramento Bears (.318-37-124)
Makaio Young, LF, Eganville Big Sky (.308-18-83)
Gary Crouse, CF, Eganville Big Sky (.283-18-57)
Eric Newman, RF, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.373-33-105)
Doug Kelly, RF, Maine Bear Hunters (.301-25-98)
Division 2
Steve Guerrero, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.383-52-136)
Solomon Madore, P, The Black Company (19-13, 2.49)
Duncan Woods, P, Disco Lemonade (16-10, 2.68)
Craig Soler, P, Charleston Cubs (4-7, 43 SV, 2.93)
James Smiley, P, Charleston Cubs (19-8, 2.49)
Leonard Lane, P, Disco Lemonade (2-4, 42 SV, 3.20)
Olaniyi Zambrano, P, Disco Lemonade (16-7, 2.40)
Petie Underwood, P, Disco Lemonade (24-6, 2.33)
Michael Strong, C, The Black Company (.296-33-91)
Kenneth Swaim, C, Disco Lemonade (.262-55-123)
Nolan Sweet, 1B, Charleston Cubs (.324-27-111)
Steven Williams, 1B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.296-30-85)
Robert Thomas, 2B, Disco Lemonade (.249-40-119)
Cody Green, 3B, Charleston Cubs (.268-32-95)
John Bryer, SS, Minnesota Twins (.347-35-125)
Scoops Draper, SS, The Black Company (.311-26-84)
Jaime Stull, LF, Minnesota Twins (.285-19-85)
Michael Gutierrez, CF, Minnesota Twins (.229-37-84)
John Persinger, CF, Unionville Hawks (.245-12-64)
Jed Rosenthal, RF, Minnesota Twins (.309-13-60)
Division 3
James Stewart, DH, Sharpe Dispensers (.291-50-120)
James Spears, P, Sharpe Dispensers (21-10, 3.52)
Hollis Muhammad, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (18-11, 3.44)
Christopher Nicholson, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (2-3, 35 SV, 1.41)
Robert Dunbar, P, Denver Mohawks (16-4, 1.43)
John Wooden, P, Billings Drillers (18-9, 3.24)
Kevin Marshall, P, Eldar Archers (20-9, 2.64)
Warren Arends, P, Billings Drillers (3-4, 43 SV, 3.42)
Clyde Moore, C, Billings Drillers (.236-15-49)
Gary Riley, C, Eldar Archers (.289-11-35)
Dennis Cross, 1B, Denver Mohawks (.325-33-89)
Steven Scott, 1B, Billings Drillers (.329-13-79)
James Latour, 2B, Denver Mohawks (.297-23-93)
Michael Pope, 2B, Billings Drillers (.240-25-72)
Luis Charles, 3B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.285-23-61)
Jose Jansen, SS, Billings Drillers (.239-43-134)
Darrel Carr, LF, Sharpe Dispensers (.302-34-86)
Craig Keller, CF, Sharpe Dispensers (.326-31-75)
Mark Reed, RF, Eldar Archers (.265-31-97)
Scott Mendoza, RF, Billings Drillers (.268-19-91)
Division 4
John Gartner, DH, Boston Red Sox (.320-28-79)
Kenneth Schuldt, P, Eirinn Hurlers (14-9, 2 SV, 2.79)
Michael Wester, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (15-10, 3.32)
Ronnie Dunn, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (4-3, 40 SV, 3.03)
Richard Ramirez, P, Case Cardinals (4-7, 41 SV, 3.29)
Benjamin Gregorio, P, Eirinn Hurlers (18-10, 3.58)
Howard Goss, P, Case Cardinals (16-10, 2.94)
Willis Gibson, P, Case Cardinals (15-11, 2.64)
Christopher Leech, C, Brooklyn Dodgers (.265-52-119)
Michael Hampton, C, Boston Red Sox (.320-35-105)
Raphael Jones, 1B, Boston Red Sox (.283-40-101)
John Lucio, 2B, Boston Red Sox (.300-15-64)
Charles Jacobs, 3B, Washington Grays (.261-42-96)
Craig Rushing, 3B, Eirinn Hurlers (.368-15-73)
Elijah Andrew, SS, Boston Red Sox (.320-24-78)
John Carrara, SS, Wyoming Mets (.336-12-67)
Dan Jess, LF, Brooklyn Dodgers (.284-15-52)
George Stevens, CF, Eirinn Hurlers (.375-23-132)
Israel Hauser, RF, Wyoming Mets (.332-15-66)
Tommy Hanes, RF, Eirinn Hurlers (.307-33-133)
Gold Glove
Josiah Ross, P, New York Giants
Ricardo Lopez, P, Sharpe Dispensers
Andrew Kingston, C, Cincinnati Public Assassins
Ralph Hotchkiss, C, Detroit Tigers
Craig Knight, 1B, Unionville Hawks
Larry Allen, 1B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers
Lewis McCartney, 2B, The Black Company
Greg Hatcher, 2B, Sharpe Dispensers
Frederick Vazquez, 3B, Cincinnati Public Assassins
Lawrence Blank, 3B, Boston Red Sox
Charles Smith, SS, Detroit Centurions
Ronald Reed, SS, Eirinn Hurlers
Makaio Young, LF, Eganville Big Sky
Edward Sweeney, LF, Billings Drillers
Brian Moore, CF, Sullivan Turtlenecks
James Ellis, CF, Eldar Archers
Vincent Bobo, RF, Detroit Centurions
Scott Mendoza, RF, Billings Drillers
Hall of Fame
Conference B: John Eldred, P, Washington Grays (240-119, 3.07)
Conference A: Justin Moya, 3B, Unionville Hawks (.309-545-1,651)
Conference B: Luis Blanton, RF, Brooklyn Dodgers (.281-441-1,326)
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