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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: Hometown Heroes, 2029

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: John Bryer, SS, Minnesota Twins (.384-58-165)
Conference B: Charles Vasquez, SS, Boston Red Sox (.332-61-175)
Cy Young
Conference A: Nicolas Chaney, P, New York Giants (27-4, 1.07)
Conference B: James Spears, P, Sharpe Dispensers (20-9, 2.97)
Rookie of the Year
Conference A: Marvin Pence, LF, Detroit Centurions (.280-55-119)
Conference B: Bernie Reppert, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (8-3, 2 SV, 3.51)
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Leonard Lane, P, Disco Lemonade (5-5, 46 SV, 2.47)
Conference B: Anthony Butler, P, Boston Red Sox (4-6, 43 SV, 4.20)
Division 1
Marvin Pence, DH, Detroit Centurions (.280-55-119)
Michael Berry, P, Sacramento Bears (3-1, 4 SV, 2.79)
Michael Moore, P, Detroit Centurions (17-4, 2.72)
Nicolas Chaney, P, New York Giants (27-4, 1.07)
John Rieves, P, Detroit Centurions (2-9, 53 SV, 4.06)
Jose Temple, P, Detroit Centurions (18-6, 1.77)
Alan Johnson, P, Detroit Centurions (16-10, 3.26)
Shannon Ledonne, P, New York Giants (16-9, 2.34)
Andrew McBean, C, Detroit Centurions (.282-54-123)
Larry Richards, C, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.325-12-77)
Charles Neville, 1B, Sacramento Bears (.295-35-105)
Kevin Millard, 2B, Sacramento Bears (.290-12-58)
Milton Cooper, 3B, Maine Bear Hunters (.267-21-72)
Coletin Winters, 3B, Sacramento Bears (.264-23-60)
Greg Giles, SS, Maine Bear Hunters (.251-17-48)
Thomas Ford, SS, Detroit Centurions (.307-10-43)
Cliff King, LF, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.378-18-99)
Makaio Young, LF, Eganville Big Sky (.395-21-81)
Leonardo Lee, CF, Sacramento Bears (.312-32-89)
Rennie Gonzales, RF, Maine Bear Hunters (.262-30-90)
Division 2
Steve Guerrero, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.364-62-169)
Simon Moon, P, Minnesota Twins (21-6, 2.83)
Leonard Lane, P, Disco Lemonade (5-5, 46 SV, 2.47)
Clifford Alvord, P, Unionville Hawks (15-9, 2.91)
Evan Swaim, P, Disco Lemonade (16-11, 2.71)
Craig Soler, P, Charleston Cubs (17-10, 2.58)
Jacob Taylor, P, The Black Company (18-6, 2.86)
Jeffrey Armendariz, P, Charleston Cubs (1-3, 40 SV, 3.78)
John Aldrich, C, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.247-39-92)
Michael Strong, C, The Black Company (.320-18-69)
Nolan Sweet, 1B, Charleston Cubs (.359-31-114)
Steven Williams, 1B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.350-40-107)
Gordon Ray, 2B, Disco Lemonade (.294-31-112)
Frederick Vazquez, 3B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.293-54-131)
Frank Small, SS, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.346-19-77)
John Bryer, SS, Minnesota Twins (.384-58-165)
John Schulz, LF, Minnesota Twins (.278-36-104)
Andrew Vick, CF, Minnesota Twins (.283-32-96)
Steven Clark, CF, Charleston Cubs (.291-40-119)
Rico Spadaro, RF, Unionville Hawks (.360-25-88)
Division 3
Scott Mendoza, DH, Billings Drillers (.250-41-109)
Roscoe Burnell, P, Eldar Archers (10-3, 11 SV, 2.73)
Robert Weedman, P, Denver Mohawks (14-8, 2.53)
Calvin Stewart, P, Sharpe Dispensers (13-9, 1.96)
James Spears, P, Sharpe Dispensers (20-9, 2.97)
Thomas Reider, P, Denver Mohawks (4-8, 32 SV, 3.51)
Timothy Baskett, P, Denver Mohawks (16-11, 2.78)
Timothy Burch, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (17-7, 3.17)
Jeffrey Caywood, C, Billings Drillers (.280-21-80)
Glen Cisneros, C, Eldar Archers (.331-19-78)
Larry Allen, 1B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.251-44-103)
Jesse Thomas, 2B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.357-30-95)
Herbert Givens, 3B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.277-20-62)
Mack James, 3B, Billings Drillers (.262-42-118)
John Tsai, SS, Eldar Archers (.280-13-64)
Harry Cooper, SS, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.291-33-95)
James Stewart, LF, Sharpe Dispensers (.297-42-112)
Matthew Cortez, LF, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.279-61-146)
Bruce Goodin, CF, Detroit Tigers (.249-44-90)
Lloyd Foss, RF, Eldar Archers (.334-19-75)
Division 4
John Gartner, DH, Boston Red Sox (.348-23-90)
Leo Lewis, P, Case Cardinals (12-7, 2.39)
John Eldred, P, Washington Grays (16-5, 3.82)
Roger Adams, P, Boston Red Sox (11-6, 3.07)
Ronnie Dunn, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (1-4, 37 SV, 3.16)
Charles Massey, P, Case Cardinals (3-5, 38 SV, 3.99)
David Thompson, P, Boston Red Sox (14-12, 3.62)
Stephen Mendez, P, Eirinn Hurlers (16-13, 3.54)
Christopher Leech, C, Brooklyn Dodgers (.280-54-133)
Michael Hampton, C, Boston Red Sox (.352-35-127)
Granville Merritt, 1B, Washington Grays (.349-31-80)
James Kiefer, 1B, Eirinn Hurlers (.259-31-84)
James Quick, 2B, Wyoming Mets (.329-17-69)
Jeffrey Sorenson, 3B, Wyoming Mets (.264-43-113)
Elijah Andrew, SS, Case Cardinals (.336-7-33)
Charles Vasquez, SS, Boston Red Sox (.332-61-175)
Jose Walton, LF, Boston Red Sox (.261-44-136)
Pumpsie Fitzsimmons, CF, Wyoming Mets (.278-38-94)
Sean Gregory, RF, Case Cardinals (.333-20-92)
Gary Grisham, RF, Washington Grays (.321-30-92)
Gold Glove
Oscar Ingalls, P, Unionville Hawks
Jason Frazee, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers
David Scott, C, Maine Bear Hunters
Earl Taylor, C, Sharpe Dispensers
Craig Knight, 1B, Unionville Hawks
Mark Cruse, 1B, Sharpe Dispensers
Lewis McCartney, 2B, The Black Company
Louie Donald, 2B, Brooklyn Dodgers
Milton Cooper, 3B, Maine Bear Hunters
Mack James, 3B, Billings Drillers
Bill Rhodes, SS, Disco Lemonade
Anthony Adams, SS, Denver Mohawks
Cliff King, LF, Sullivan Turtlenecks
James Murphy, LF, Case Cardinals
Leonardo Lee, CF, Sacramento Bears
James Ellis, CF, Eldar Archers
David Stewart, RF, Minnesota Twins
Aaron Holmes, RF, Boston Red Sox
Hall of Fame
Conference A: Brian Heaton, P, Cincinnati Public Assassins (80-106, 2.98)
Conference B: Jermaine Norris, P, Eirinn Hurlers (204-111, 2.76)
Conference A: George Rose, 1B, Sacramento Bears (.260-645-1,869)
Conference B: Tracy McAdoo, 2B, Billings Drillers (.258-748-2,015)
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