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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

Division Championship: Division 1

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Centurions 4, Bears 1Michael JacksonBrian PuentePaul Olivas
10/1Bears 14, Centurions 2Vernon FinchPeter McWhorter-
10/3Bears 9, Centurions 3Duane RichardsonMicah Wickham-
10/4Bears 13, Centurions 0Dennis DaviesWayne Ramirez-
10/5Bears 5, Centurions 0Brian PuenteThomas Walker-
 Bears wins the series 4 games to 1

Division Championship: Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Public Assassins 7, Twins 2Carl SwannFrank Mathieu-
10/1Twins 8, Public Assassins 3Gregg MillerPeter GriffinDavid Saiz
10/3Public Assassins 6, Twins 2Douglas WayGeorge Martin-
10/4Public Assassins 4, Twins 3Phillip HinshawRussell BucknerBrian Heaton
10/5Public Assassins 7, Twins 3Daniel JohnsonEric WhiteRoger Farris
 Public Assassins wins the series 4 games to 1

Division Championship: Division 3

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Tigers 2, Drillers 1 (11)Robert BargerPaul Miller-
10/1Tigers 3, Drillers 2 (10)Robert BargerPaul Miller-
10/3Drillers 9, Tigers 4Brandon BrownMaurice Wilson-
10/4Drillers 4, Tigers 2Gerald StrattonStefan GrantPaul Miller
10/5Tigers 5, Drillers 3Michael AlexanderRyan BurkeRobert Barger
10/7Tigers 5, Drillers 4 (10)Felix NewmanBrandon Brown-
 Tigers wins the series 4 games to 2

Division Championship: Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Red Sox 19, Hurlers 5Renaldo LittleClifford PutmanJohn Rogers
10/1Red Sox 7, Hurlers 2Alfredo CrossEric Ward-
10/3Red Sox 8, Hurlers 0Thomas SmithWilson Dietz-
10/4Red Sox 6, Hurlers 1Paul FredericksonJames Medeiros-
 Red Sox wins the series 4 games to 0

League Championship: Division 1/Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Bears 3, Public Assassins 0Brian PuenteCarl SwannClifton Murrell
10/11Public Assassins 4, Bears 1Peter GriffinVernon FinchBrian Heaton
10/13Bears 6, Public Assassins 5Duane RichardsonDouglas WayClifton Murrell
10/14Public Assassins 6, Bears 0Phillip HinshawNeil Favreau-
10/15Bears 11, Public Assassins 2James LarsenDaniel Johnson-
10/17Bears 4, Public Assassins 1Brian PuenteCarl SwannClifton Murrell
 Bears wins the series 4 games to 2

League Championship: Division 3/Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Tigers 7, Red Sox 2Larry BallThomas BarksStefan Grant
10/11Red Sox 12, Tigers 2 (11)John RogersGeorge Breshears-
10/13Tigers 7, Red Sox 3Michael KohlerRenaldo LittleRobert Barger
10/14Tigers 4, Red Sox 2Michael AlexanderThomas BarksRobert Barger
10/15Tigers 7, Red Sox 5Stefan GrantCharles GraysRobert Barger
 Tigers wins the series 4 games to 1

World Series

Date Game W L Sv
10/20Tigers 7, Bears 4Stefan GrantEric HerringtonRobert Barger
10/21Bears 4, Tigers 3Greg SolomonRobert Barger-
10/23Bears 14, Tigers 8Brian PuenteMichael Kohler-
10/24Bears 14, Tigers 8Craig YoungStefan Grant-
10/25Tigers 4, Bears 3Charles FryarDennis DaviesRobert Barger
10/27Bears 7, Tigers 5Duane RichardsonLarry BallClifton Murrell
 Bears wins the series 4 games to 2
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