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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

Division Championship: Division 1

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Bear Hunters 7, Bears 0Thomas MurrayBrian Puente-
10/1Bears 10, Bear Hunters 1Duane RichardsonRobert Isley-
10/3Bear Hunters 4, Bears 1William RauchVernon FinchMichael Jackson
10/4Bear Hunters 6, Bears 2Emile FarinaNeil Favreau-
10/5Bear Hunters 7, Bears 2Thomas MurrayBrian Puente-
 Bear Hunters wins the series 4 games to 1

Division Championship: Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Company 7, Public Assassins 2Blake CombsCarl Collier-
10/1Company 6, Public Assassins 3Jerry RogersPeter GriffinJoseph Gallager
10/3Public Assassins 6, Company 0Douglas WayGerald Wear-
10/4Company 1, Public Assassins 0Logan MooreCarl Collier-
10/5Public Assassins 6, Company 2Daniel JohnsonJustin Beck-
10/7Company 11, Public Assassins 1Blake CombsCarl Swann-
 Company wins the series 4 games to 2

Division Championship: Division 3

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Tigers 6, Archers 5 (10)Larry BallDavid Gibson-
10/1Archers 4, Tigers 0Antonio PetersonMichael Alexander-
10/3Tigers 8, Archers 4Michael KohlerStanley Murphy-
10/4Archers 11, Tigers 2Duane LynnFelix Newman-
10/5Tigers 7, Archers 4 (14)Larry BallKevin BombergerRobert Barger
10/7Archers 10, Tigers 5Ronald FlournoyRobert Barger-
10/8Archers 6, Tigers 1Rodney OubreFelix NewmanJames Dale
 Archers wins the series 4 games to 3

Division Championship: Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Cardinals 4, Dodgers 0Thomas GarciaMichael Jackson-
10/1Cardinals 6, Dodgers 1Peter BroussardFrank MathieuJessie Garces
10/3Dodgers 6, Cardinals 0Robert McNeillGeoffrey Lopez-
10/4Cardinals 3, Dodgers 2Jacob BrownJohn Messner-
10/5Cardinals 3, Dodgers 1Ernest JohnsonJohn BrackenPeter Echols
 Cardinals wins the series 4 games to 1

League Championship: Division 1/Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Bear Hunters 1, Company 0Robert IsleyJerry RogersMichael Jackson
10/11Bear Hunters 4, Company 2William RauchGerald WearMichael Jackson
10/13Bear Hunters 4, Company 3 (14)Michael JacksonJibril SampsonKenneth Douglas
10/14Bear Hunters 6, Company 2James HarrelsonJustin Beck-
 Bear Hunters wins the series 4 games to 0

League Championship: Division 3/Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Cardinals 2, Archers 0Geoffrey LopezStanley Murphy-
10/11Cardinals 4, Archers 1Peter BroussardDuane LynnGeorge Sinclair
10/13Archers 5, Cardinals 4Ronald FlournoyJacob Brown-
10/14Cardinals 6, Archers 4George SinclairKevin Bomberger-
10/15Archers 1, Cardinals 0Rodney OubreGeoffrey LopezDavid Gibson
10/17Cardinals 7, Archers 1Peter BroussardDuane LynnPeter Echols
 Cardinals wins the series 4 games to 2

World Series

Date Game W L Sv
10/20Cardinals 2, Bear Hunters 0Jacob BrownThomas Murray-
10/21Bear Hunters 5, Cardinals 4Robert IsleyGeoffrey LopezMichael Jackson
10/23Bear Hunters 7, Cardinals 0William RauchThomas Garcia-
10/24Cardinals 4, Bear Hunters 1Peter EcholsEmile Farina-
10/25Cardinals 5, Bear Hunters 3Jacob BrownThomas Murray-
10/27Cardinals 11, Bear Hunters 4Jessie GarcesRobert Isley-
 Cardinals wins the series 4 games to 2
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