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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

Division Championship: Division 1

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Giants 10, Centurions 6Stephen PattonTravis TooleCharles King
10/1Centurions 6, Giants 5Adam ScottKenneth Schafer-
10/3Giants 8, Centurions 5Tracy LutherThomas SmithCharles King
10/4Centurions 9, Giants 7Adam ScottJim Richardson-
10/5Giants 7, Centurions 6Gregory BakerCharles LutzKenneth Schafer
10/7Centurions 10, Giants 8Travis TooleStephen PattonLadarius Beauchesne
10/8Giants 6, Centurions 4Jacob GriggsJoshua RanckJim Richardson
 Giants wins the series 4 games to 3

Division Championship: Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Hawks 3, Cubs 2Dusty ConnellBarry Icenhour-
10/1Hawks 8, Cubs 4James MillerJim Sanchez-
10/3Cubs 4, Hawks 2Mitchell HardimanHenry HollingsworthCharles Miles
10/4Hawks 4, Cubs 1August HowardBryan CampbellClyde Lowery
10/5Cubs 3, Hawks 2 (10)Charles MilesRobert Napier-
10/7Cubs 12, Hawks 3Rashad OdomMartin Safford-
10/8Hawks 6, Cubs 1Doug HaleJim SanchezKewin Brown
 Hawks wins the series 4 games to 3

Division Championship: Division 3

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Drillers 2, Artful Dodgers 0Brandon KalerJoseph BlackmanWalter Kauffman
10/1Artful Dodgers 5, Drillers 2George PalmerJosiah SorensonSean Alsup
10/3Drillers 16, Artful Dodgers 3Edward BethelMark Scheidt-
10/4Drillers 5, Artful Dodgers 4 (12)Dwayne JohnsonEdward Crowell-
10/5Drillers 7, Artful Dodgers 4 (10)Walter KauffmanDavid WilliamsJudge Crain
 Drillers wins the series 4 games to 1

Division Championship: Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Cardinals 5, Grays 3Brandon BeemanThomas GrayHollis Payne
10/1Grays 5, Cardinals 0Mark CharleyDonald GutierrezAndrew McNutt
10/3Grays 9, Cardinals 5Stephen AndersonCurtis Hickman-
10/4Cardinals 9, Grays 4Brandon BeemanChristopher Horne-
10/5Cardinals 5, Grays 3Donald GutierrezNorman DurkinRalph White
10/7Grays 9, Cardinals 1Thomas GrayCurtis Hickman-
10/8Grays 4, Cardinals 3Mark CharleyRichard MaceLogan Bess
 Grays wins the series 4 games to 3

League Championship: Division 1/Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Giants 6, Hawks 2Tracy LutherHenry HollingsworthCharles King
10/11Giants 12, Hawks 4Jacob GriggsAugust Howard-
10/13Giants 4, Hawks 3Jim RichardsonDusty Connell-
10/14Hawks 13, Giants 8James MillerStephen Patton-
10/15Hawks 12, Giants 7James MillerHenry Heath-
10/17Hawks 10, Giants 9Dusty ConnellJim RichardsonClyde Lowery
10/18Hawks 6, Giants 3August HowardGabriel Metzger-
 Hawks wins the series 4 games to 3

League Championship: Division 3/Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Drillers 9, Grays 3Brandon KalerStephen Anderson-
10/11Grays 6, Drillers 5George TaylorJudge Crain-
10/13Drillers 6, Grays 3Edward BethelNorman DurkinJudge Crain
10/14Grays 2, Drillers 1Thomas GrayDamon CushmanLogan Bess
10/15Grays 2, Drillers 1Mark CharleyDwayne JohnsonLogan Bess
10/17Drillers 9, Grays 1Brandon KalerCharles CrawfordWalter Kauffman
10/18Drillers 4, Grays 1Dwayne JohnsonAndrew McNuttJudge Crain
 Drillers wins the series 4 games to 3

World Series

Date Game W L Sv
10/20Drillers 8, Hawks 4Samuel PayneJames Miller-
10/21Drillers 7, Hawks 3Michael SwindellMartin SaffordWalter Kauffman
10/23Hawks 12, Drillers 3Doug HaleNoah Reynolds-
10/24Drillers 5, Hawks 1Brandon KalerHenry Hollingsworth-
10/25Drillers 13, Hawks 12Andrew DillingerKewin BrownJudge Crain
 Drillers wins the series 4 games to 1
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