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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

Division Championship: Division 1

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Centurions 18, Giants 2Travis TooleStephen Patton-
10/1Giants 3, Centurions 1Gregory BakerJoshua Ranck-
10/3Giants 6, Centurions 4Tracy LutherMichael PotterJim Richardson
10/4Centurions 10, Giants 3Craig OwensGabriel MetzgerCharles Lutz
10/5Giants 9, Centurions 1James BlakeCharles MurryJim Richardson
10/7Giants 11, Centurions 2Stephen PattonTravis TooleJim Richardson
 Giants wins the series 4 games to 2

Division Championship: Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Company 12, Hawks 5Richard PhillipsMartin Safford-
10/1Hawks 1, Company 0Doug HaleLeo HilliardDusty Connell
10/3Hawks 4, Company 3Dusty ConnellDaniel McLambClyde Lowery
10/4Company 7, Hawks 6 (10)Robert LeeDusty Connell-
10/5Hawks 8, Company 6Richard MazzoneBradley RomanClyde Lowery
10/7Company 9, Hawks 8Robert LeeClyde Lowery-
10/8Company 7, Hawks 5Leo HilliardJames Miller-
 Company wins the series 4 games to 3

Division Championship: Division 3

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Artful Dodgers 8, Drillers 2Brandon MayhewBrandon Kaler-
10/1Drillers 6, Artful Dodgers 1Josiah SorensonJoseph Blackman-
10/3Drillers 6, Artful Dodgers 3Edward BethelMarvin NewbernJudge Crain
10/4Artful Dodgers 9, Drillers 7Curtis HickmanKyle RomanoSean Alsup
10/5Drillers 11, Artful Dodgers 7Samuel PayneMichael Maurer-
10/7Artful Dodgers 2, Drillers 1Brandon MayhewWalter KauffmanSean Alsup
10/8Drillers 6, Artful Dodgers 3Josiah SorensonJoseph BlackmanJudge Crain
 Drillers wins the series 4 games to 3

Division Championship: Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Cardinals 2, Dodgers 0Brandon BeemanMilton Johnson-
10/1Dodgers 7, Cardinals 4Walter FayDonald GutierrezBernard Ager
10/3Cardinals 8, Dodgers 5Robbie PembertonJames Handy-
10/4Dodgers 11, Cardinals 4Craig MaconBrandon Beeman-
10/5Cardinals 8, Dodgers 3Donald GutierrezRoger Willis-
10/7Dodgers 9, Cardinals 7Cedric CrabtreeDouglas PhiferBernard Ager
10/8Cardinals 8, Dodgers 6Zachary PerezMarvin EdwardsPaul Robinson
 Cardinals wins the series 4 games to 3

League Championship: Division 1/Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Company 5, Giants 3Daniel McLambJacob Griggs-
10/11Company 11, Giants 5Anthony MilneTracy LutherRoy Maloy
10/13Giants 5, Company 0Gabriel MetzgerBradley Roman-
10/14Giants 6, Company 5James BlakeRichard PhillipsKenneth Schafer
10/15Company 9, Giants 4Leo HilliardStephen Patton-
10/17Company 16, Giants 4David BrooksJacob Griggs-
 Company wins the series 4 games to 2

League Championship: Division 3/Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Cardinals 8, Drillers 4Walter VargasEdward Bethel-
10/11Cardinals 10, Drillers 2Brandon BeemanKyle Romano-
10/13Drillers 7, Cardinals 5Kyle RomanoDouglas PhiferJudge Crain
10/14Cardinals 1, Drillers 0Douglas PhiferWalter Kauffman-
10/15Cardinals 9, Drillers 7Richard MaceAndrew DillingerPaul Robinson
 Cardinals wins the series 4 games to 1

World Series

Date Game W L Sv
10/20Cardinals 7, Company 5Brandon BeemanAnthony MilneDouglas Phifer
10/21Cardinals 7, Company 2Donald GutierrezBradley RomanHollis Payne
10/23Cardinals 9, Company 5Richard MaceRichard PhillipsDouglas Phifer
10/24Cardinals 5, Company 0Brandon BeemanLeo Hilliard-
 Cardinals wins the series 4 games to 0
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