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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

Division Championship: Division 1

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Centurions 10, Bear Hunters 8 (10)Martin RodriguezJames Deangelis-
10/1Centurions 5, Bear Hunters 2Guy BerganJames CrittendonJoshua Ranck
10/3Centurions 7, Bear Hunters 3Travis TooleKyle Knight-
10/4Bear Hunters 5, Centurions 2James CrittendonMartin RodriguezEdwin Whitby
10/5Centurions 9, Bear Hunters 6Craig OwensJohn FremontJoshua Ranck
 Centurions wins the series 4 games to 1

Division Championship: Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Hawks 12, Company 2Dusty ConnellRichard Phillips-
10/1Hawks 6, Company 4Ahmed RichardsonLeo HilliardCameron Smith
10/3Hawks 8, Company 4Doug HaleDaniel McLamb-
10/4Hawks 11, Company 7August HowardRobert LeeAhmed Richardson
 Hawks wins the series 4 games to 0

Division Championship: Division 3

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Tigers 3, Drillers 2Walter ConleyBrandon KalerMichael Hawkes
10/1Drillers 7, Tigers 1Josiah SorensonJames Chandler-
10/3Drillers 9, Tigers 4Judge CrainTynell WeaverNellie Taylor
10/4Tigers 4, Drillers 3James WhitneyWalter Kauffman-
10/5Drillers 6, Tigers 1Samuel PaynePaul PattersonEdward Bethel
10/7Tigers 8, Drillers 6Weston DevlinBrandon KalerMichael Hawkes
10/8Tigers 18, Drillers 7James ChandlerJosiah Sorenson-
 Tigers wins the series 4 games to 3

Division Championship: Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Cardinals 8, Dodgers 0Winthrop SullivanCedric Crabtree-
10/1Cardinals 8, Dodgers 5Douglas PhiferBernard AgerPaul Robinson
10/3Dodgers 6, Cardinals 0Stephen AndersonAntonio Robertson-
10/4Dodgers 5, Cardinals 3Craig MaconMicheil MorenoBernard Ager
10/5Dodgers 11, Cardinals 4Milton JohnsonRichard Mace-
10/7Cardinals 4, Dodgers 0Winthrop SullivanCedric CrabtreeDouglas Phifer
10/8Dodgers 7, Cardinals 0Brandon BeemanHollis Payne-
 Dodgers wins the series 4 games to 3

League Championship: Division 1/Division 2

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Hawks 10, Centurions 4Dusty ConnellMichael Potter-
10/11Centurions 9, Hawks 0Guy BerganHenry Hollingsworth-
10/13Hawks 12, Centurions 1Doug HaleTravis Toole-
10/14Centurions 7, Hawks 6Garrett MatthewsJason PetersJoshua Ranck
10/15Centurions 5, Hawks 0Craig OwensAugust HowardFredrick Blauser
10/17Hawks 9, Centurions 8Paul CunninghamMichael PotterCameron Smith
10/18Hawks 15, Centurions 3Henry HollingsworthGuy BerganAhmed Richardson
 Hawks wins the series 4 games to 3

League Championship: Division 3/Division 4

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Tigers 8, Dodgers 5Walter ConleyStephen Anderson-
10/11Dodgers 2, Tigers 1Craig MaconScott MossBernard Ager
10/13Dodgers 10, Tigers 5Milton JohnsonMichael HawkesWalter Fay
10/14Tigers 6, Dodgers 5James WhitneyRobert GriffinWinthrop Peterson
10/15Dodgers 8, Tigers 0Brandon BeemanJames Chandler-
10/17Dodgers 12, Tigers 4Stephen AndersonTynell Weaver-
 Dodgers wins the series 4 games to 2

World Series

Date Game W L Sv
10/20Dodgers 7, Hawks 4Craig MaconKewin BrownBernard Ager
10/21Dodgers 11, Hawks 10Milton JohnsonMartin SaffordBernard Ager
10/23Hawks 11, Dodgers 7Ahmed RichardsonLuke Miller-
10/24Dodgers 8, Hawks 2Brandon BeemanDusty Connell-
10/25Hawks 5, Dodgers 4Ahmed RichardsonRoger Willis-
10/27Dodgers 21, Hawks 7Craig MaconDoug Hale-
 Dodgers wins the series 4 games to 2
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