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League: Baseball Dynasty

Current League Date: 3/20/2036

Division Championship: North

Date Game W L Sv
9/30HawkIs 3, Granites 0Cy YoungRick Barnes-
10/1Granites 4, HawkIs 1Greg MadduxChristy MathewsonSteven Davis
10/3HawkIs 6, Granites 5Jason AustinSteven DavisMerlin Hall
10/4Granites 5, HawkIs 4Benjamin CoteMerlin Hall-
10/5Granites 5, HawkIs 2Greg MadduxChristy MathewsonSteven Davis
10/7Granites 2, HawkIs 1Jose HarrisonCy YoungSteven Davis
 Granites wins the series 4 games to 2

Division Championship: East

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Whiz Kids 18, Thoroughbreds 2Ubaldo JimenezChristopher Sweet-
10/1Whiz Kids 7, Thoroughbreds 5 (14)Artie CarrollRussell Brown-
10/3Whiz Kids 4, Thoroughbreds 1Curt SchillingScott McAllister-
10/4Whiz Kids 14, Thoroughbreds 9Harold RomeRussell Brown-
 Whiz Kids wins the series 4 games to 0

Division Championship: South

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Elder Gods 5, Lightning 4 (11)Parker TaylorRonald Black-
10/1Elder Gods 8, Lightning 0Timothy BrownMelvin Reyna-
10/3Elder Gods 4, Lightning 3William DyerJesus TrombleyParker Taylor
10/4Lightning 3, Elder Gods 2Robert GarciaCharles StoneRonald Black
10/5Lightning 5, Elder Gods 1Randy JohnsonBenjamin Nielson-
10/7Lightning 4, Elder Gods 0Elbert McKayClaude Granado-
10/8Elder Gods 7, Lightning 3Timothy BrownMelvin ReynaLee Maner
 Elder Gods wins the series 4 games to 3

Division Championship: West

Date Game W L Sv
9/30Cavemen 9, Giants 6Scott RuffJoe DwyerMichael Rhodes
10/1Giants 5, Cavemen 1Stephen WillisDaniel Hoerner-
10/3Cavemen 3, Giants 0Derian BartholomewMichael GruberMichael Rhodes
10/4Cavemen 2, Giants 1Roland HudsonBrian PonceMichael Rhodes
10/5Giants 6, Cavemen 1Larry RogersJason Brown-
10/7Giants 5, Cavemen 3Michael GruberMark Earle-
10/8Giants 3, Cavemen 2Larry RogersDaniel HoernerJoe Dwyer
 Giants wins the series 4 games to 3

League Championship: North/East

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Granites 11, Whiz Kids 1Greg MadduxUbaldo Jimenez-
10/11Whiz Kids 4, Granites 1Jose MartinezJose Harrison-
10/13Whiz Kids 10, Granites 4Curt SchillingJohn Maggard-
10/14Whiz Kids 6, Granites 4Samuel KellerGreg MadduxHarold Rome
10/15Granites 5, Whiz Kids 2Jose HarrisonUbaldo JimenezSteven Davis
10/17Granites 12, Whiz Kids 2Christopher ShowalterJose Martinez-
10/18Granites 9, Whiz Kids 8Thomas McLeodArtie CarrollSteven Davis
 Granites wins the series 4 games to 3

League Championship: South/West

Date Game W L Sv
10/10Giants 3, Elder Gods 2Michael GruberWilliam Dyer-
10/11Giants 9, Elder Gods 6Roy LaneParker Taylor-
10/13Giants 3, Elder Gods 0Larry RogersClaude GranadoJoe Dwyer
10/14Elder Gods 6, Giants 1Timothy BrownMichael Gruber-
10/15Elder Gods 6, Giants 5Palmer SheltonJoe Dwyer-
10/17Giants 5, Elder Gods 4Larry RogersCharles Stone-
 Giants wins the series 4 games to 2

World Series

Date Game W L Sv
10/20Granites 16, Giants 2Jose HarrisonBrian Ponce-
10/21Giants 5, Granites 4Michael GruberSteven Davis-
10/23Giants 5, Granites 4Larry RogersGreg Maddux-
10/24Granites 12, Giants 5Jose HarrisonStephen Willis-
10/25Giants 15, Granites 2Michael GruberChristopher Showalter-
10/27Giants 4, Granites 3Larry RogersGreg MadduxJoe Dwyer
 Giants wins the series 4 games to 2
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