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 Schedule: 2101 Season


April May June July August September October | Standings

Date Opponent Result Record Win Loss Save POTG Att
4/3at Potomac NationalsW, 8-21-0G. HyltonR. Lefkowitz---G. Hylton61,102 
4/4at Potomac NationalsL, 8-71-1J. ThompsonB. DoverN. JonesJ. Thompson48,393 
4/5at Potomac NationalsW, 8-52-1D. CearleyP. QuickT. LemondT. Hamilton51,018 
4/6Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 8-72-2G. HarperA. MillerG. LynnL. McCray60,877 
4/7Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 8-22-3J. DawsonR. VillegasM. AshleyK. Catalano48,002 
4/8Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 8-63-3R. TompkinsG. Lynn---K. Beasley57,527 
4/10at Portland PrideW, 4-14-3H. SteenD. LindseyC. RogersH. Steen65,877 
4/11at Portland PrideW, 7-35-3D. CearleyJ. Black---J. Bell64,952 
4/12at Portland PrideW, 14-26-3A. MillerD. Miranda---R. Koehn55,927 
4/14Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 8-46-4D. LeeJ. StaleyJ. JonesM. Wright45,176 
4/15Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 10-17-4G. HyltonD. Barnes---R. Koehn54,802 
4/16Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 6-48-4R. TompkinsJ. Branch---L. McCray46,510 
4/17Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 9-59-4D. CearleyE. Randolph---K. Beasley51,351 
4/18West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-210-4A. MillerP. Oakes---A. Miller50,894 
4/19West Side Boxer RobbersW, 8-711-4C. RogersP. Louis---J. Reyes50,202 
4/20West Side Boxer RobbersW, 7-412-4G. HyltonJ. ShortT. LemondR. Koehn61,294 
4/21West Side Boxer RobbersL, 6-312-5E. BourqueH. Steen---J. Bybee51,585 
4/22at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 5-013-5D. CearleyH. Lozano---K. Beasley50,643 
4/23at Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 4-013-6D. DoleA. Miller---D. Dole53,318 
4/24at Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 6-313-7T. NicollR. VillegasJ. GeorgeK. Beasley49,160 
4/25at Aych Bee BreezeW, 3-214-7G. HyltonF. Green---G. Hylton53,418 
4/26at Aych Bee BreezeW, 2-015-7H. SteenT. AkersW. MilbrandtH. Steen45,777 
4/27at Aych Bee BreezeW, 10-416-7D. CearleyN. WareB. DoverR. Cruz51,068 
4/28at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 4-116-8D. WhiteA. MillerL. HumphreysD. White47,727 
4/29at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 6-017-8R. VillegasT. Armendariz---R. Villegas46,552 
4/30at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 8-418-8G. HyltonZ. Xiong---L. McCray51,543 
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5/2at Las Vegas AcesW, 1-019-8H. SteenG. WatkinsC. RogersH. Steen49,052 
5/3at Las Vegas AcesL, 4-219-9H. EdwardsD. CearleyC. SagerK. Beasley54,027 
5/4at Las Vegas AcesW, 5-420-9A. MillerW. ArchambaultC. RogersL. Castro51,502 
5/5at Galesburg MonstarsL, 8-620-10R. StormerR. VillegasM. MurrayJ. Ratcliff56,727 
5/6at Galesburg MonstarsL, 1-020-11A. HollandT. Lemond---G. Hylton60,718 
5/7at Galesburg MonstarsW, 6-321-11H. SteenC. Mack---H. Steen50,927 
5/9at Appalachian IsotopesW, 7-222-11D. CearleyC. Gonzalez---M. Woodley53,452 
5/10at Appalachian IsotopesL, 7-122-12S. FuryA. MillerD. BurkeW. Wilson51,777 
5/11at Appalachian IsotopesW, 3-123-12R. VillegasB. LinusC. RogersR. Villegas53,252 
5/13at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 3-023-13D. WalkerG. Hylton---B. Headley60,227 
5/14at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 9-424-13H. SteenA. JonesC. RogersW. Hall44,552 
5/15at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 8-225-13D. CearleyB. Thomas---L. McCray58,827 
5/16at Portland PrideW, 5-426-13A. MillerJ. Black---K. Beasley63,752 
5/17at Portland PrideL, 4-026-14D. MirandaB. Dover---D. Miranda54,027 
5/18at Portland PrideL, 5-226-15C. FosterG. HyltonM. MitchellC. Medina55,202 
5/19at Portland PrideW, 6-027-15H. SteenM. Webb---H. Steen61,227 
5/20at Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 7-427-16S. KingD. Cearley---R. Koehn50,052 
5/21at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 10-728-16A. MillerE. RandolphW. MilbrandtM. Woodley51,260 
5/22at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 11-629-16B. DoverK. Jenkins---R. Koehn51,718 
5/23at Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 4-129-17J. BranchC. RogersJ. RobinetteT. Countess47,526 
5/24West Side Boxer RobbersW, 8-430-17R. AmmonsE. Bourque---J. Bybee51,402 
5/25West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-231-17D. CearleyM. Faul---D. Cearley53,027 
5/26West Side Boxer RobbersW, 2-132-17A. MillerP. Oakes---A. Miller50,369 
5/28Potomac NationalsW, 5-233-17B. DoverP. QuickT. LemondJ. Reyes44,710 
5/29Potomac NationalsW, 3-134-17G. HyltonW. Fisher---G. Hylton57,185 
5/30Potomac NationalsW, 4-335-17R. AmmonsN. Jones---R. Ammons46,660 
5/31Potomac NationalsW, 4-136-17D. CearleyR. Taylor---D. Cearley50,985 
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6/2Galesburg MonstarsW, 3-137-17A. MillerB. Morris---A. Miller52,961 
6/3Galesburg MonstarsL, 4-337-18A. HollandT. LemondM. MurrayR. Borelli46,686 
6/4Galesburg MonstarsL, 5-137-19J. GossmanG. Hylton---J. Gossman61,161 
6/5Appalachian IsotopesW, 5-438-19H. SteenP. CantrellT. LemondL. McCray49,935 
6/6Appalachian IsotopesW, 2-139-19D. CearleyC. Gonzalez---D. Cearley52,460 
6/7Appalachian IsotopesW, 4-240-19A. MillerS. Fury---K. Beasley51,785 
6/8Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 10-140-20H. LozanoB. Dover---H. Lozano44,160 
6/9Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 4-140-21R. VaughtG. HyltonJ. GeorgeR. Vaught57,435 
6/10Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 8-241-21H. SteenT. Nicoll---H. Steen47,710 
6/11Aych Bee BreezeL, 4-041-22M. CokerD. Cearley---M. Coker49,502 
6/12Aych Bee BreezeW, 17-542-22A. MillerF. Green---R. Borelli48,777 
6/13Aych Bee BreezeL, 5-142-23D. GibbsB. DoverK. GoochD. Gibbs45,902 
6/14Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 2-142-24C. AlexanderG. HyltonL. HumphreysC. Alexander57,660 
6/15Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 3-242-25M. HarrisH. SteenL. HumphreysM. Harris46,802 
6/16Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 6-343-25D. CearleyD. Pierre---D. Cearley51,293 
6/18Las Vegas AcesW, 6-344-25A. MillerT. Berrian---A. Miller49,469 
6/19Las Vegas AcesW, 12-145-25B. DoverO. Burns---M. Woodley44,910 
6/20Las Vegas AcesW, 9-446-25G. HyltonB. Grose---L. McCray59,518 
6/21at Windy City Pale HoseW, 3-247-25H. SteenC. SaidW. MilbrandtH. Steen51,343 
6/22at Windy City Pale HoseW, 6-348-25D. CearleyD. MillerT. LemondR. Koehn54,652 
6/23at Windy City Pale HoseL, 9-248-26E. GroverA. Miller---L. Hill63,543 
6/25at New England Smooth TalkersL, 1-048-27E. DubeB. DoverR. MeyerE. Dube54,102 
6/26at New England Smooth TalkersW, 3-249-27G. HyltonW. WilliamsT. LemondT. Thomas64,677 
6/27at New England Smooth TalkersW, 8-250-27H. SteenJ. Rodrigues---H. Steen57,502 
6/28at Miami InfernoW, 5-451-27D. CearleyR. Villegas---T. Thomas49,443 
6/29at Miami InfernoW, 11-152-27A. MillerH. Rolland---R. Borelli51,202 
6/30at Miami InfernoW, 3-153-27B. DoverD. BenzT. LemondB. Dover46,393 
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7/1at East Side Panty RaidersL, 1-053-28F. RodriguezG. HyltonJ. ZollF. Rodriguez57,452 
7/2at East Side Panty RaidersL, 3-253-29M. SmithW. Milbrandt---M. Smith53,543 
7/3at East Side Panty RaidersL, 4-053-30S. MorganD. CearleyD. WoodS. Morgan59,318 
7/5at Katutura BadbirdzL, 2-053-31N. StoverA. MillerH. BrownN. Stover61,177 
7/6at Katutura BadbirdzW, 7-154-31B. DoverS. Thomason---B. Dover59,252 
7/7at Katutura BadbirdzW, 7-555-31G. HyltonT. Vaught---G. Hylton56,427 
7/8at Marietta MaulersL, 5-255-32R. McHughH. SteenG. LopezR. McHugh50,085 
7/9at Marietta MaulersW, 10-156-32D. CearleyL. Parent---L. McCray52,843 
7/10at Marietta MaulersL, 1-056-33V. SmithA. MillerG. LopezV. Smith61,402 
7/11Montreal ExposL, 5-256-34G. BaileyB. DoverR. LozanoD. Capasso42,510 
7/12Montreal ExposW, 5-357-34G. HyltonS. WilliamsT. LemondC. Bennett57,352 
7/13Montreal ExposL, 6-557-35Z. TorresC. RogersR. LozanoT. Aguilar45,360 
7/15New York River PiratesL, 9-657-36D. BurtonR. Ammons---J. Adams52,435 
7/16New York River PiratesL, 6-157-37M. BennettA. Miller---M. Bennett49,910 
7/17New York River PiratesL, 13-1257-38D. BurtonT. Lemond---D. Herman43,335 
7/18River City RazorbacksW, 2-058-38G. HyltonF. Kirkpatrick---G. Hylton60,227 
7/19River City RazorbacksL, 7-258-39D. CrockettH. Steen---D. Soto45,702 
7/20River City RazorbacksW, 4-259-39D. CearleyA. Ferguson---N. Ellis52,827 
7/21Peoria ChiefsL, 4-259-40A. ChickA. MillerC. PetrucciS. Steele49,185 
7/22Peoria ChiefsW, 8-060-40B. DoverN. Weiland---B. Dover44,477 
7/23Peoria ChiefsW, 9-161-40G. HyltonC. Guard---C. Hare56,235 
7/25New Haven Red BirdsW, 3-262-40C. RogersB. Morris---C. Rogers49,977 
7/26New Haven Red BirdsW, 6-163-40D. CearleyT. Pires---D. Cearley54,252 
7/27New Haven Red BirdsW, 6-364-40A. MillerE. Burton---L. McCray49,227 
7/28Carolina WaterslidaW, 4-165-40B. DoverJ. Bisson---B. Dover42,368 
7/29Carolina WaterslidaW, 2-166-40G. HyltonA. Hodge---G. Hylton56,476 
7/30Carolina WaterslidaW, 2-067-40H. SteenJ. SchmitW. MilbrandtH. Steen44,251 
7/31Portland PrideW, 3-268-40D. CearleyE. Smith---D. Cearley55,360 
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8/1Portland PrideW, 5-369-40A. MillerJ. BlackT. LemondA. Miller52,669 
8/2Portland PrideW, 3-270-40T. LemondR. Harris---D. Miranda46,660 
8/3Portland PrideW, 4-171-40G. HyltonC. FosterT. LemondG. Hylton57,635 
8/5Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 8-472-40H. SteenD. Barnes---L. McCray46,077 
8/6Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 6-473-40D. CearleyS. King---D. Cearley51,902 
8/7Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 5-174-40A. MillerE. Randolph---A. Miller50,727 
8/9at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 4-374-41J. ShaferW. Milbrandt---J. Bybee53,268 
8/10at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 2-075-41W. MilbrandtB. Cao---T. Thomas67,293 
8/11at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 2-076-41H. SteenE. Bourque---H. Steen62,918 
8/13Potomac NationalsW, 6-077-41D. CearleyC. McLaurin---D. Cearley53,293 
8/14Potomac NationalsW, 5-378-41A. MillerW. Fisher---A. Miller46,818 
8/15Potomac NationalsL, 5-378-42P. QuickB. DoverN. JonesR. Ammons42,193 
8/16Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 9-278-43A. JonesG. Hylton---A. Jones53,052 
8/17Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 15-679-43H. SteenB. Thomas---L. McCray48,677 
8/18Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 4-079-44A. ParamoreD. Cearley---A. Paramore53,035 
8/19Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 8-380-44A. MillerJ. Dawson---A. Miller45,743 
8/21Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 9-781-44C. RogersK. Davila---C. Rogers41,935 
8/22Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 20-282-44G. HyltonM. Harris---K. Beasley54,160 
8/23Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 20-283-44H. SteenD. Pierre---L. McCray44,235 
8/24Las Vegas AcesW, 7-684-44R. AmmonsO. Burns---R. Ammons50,494 
8/25Las Vegas AcesW, 5-485-44A. MillerB. Grose---L. Castro48,419 
8/26Las Vegas AcesL, 11-285-45G. WatkinsB. Dover---C. Pederson42,594 
8/27Galesburg MonstarsW, 11-486-45G. HyltonC. Mack---K. Beasley56,886 
8/28Galesburg MonstarsL, 2-086-46M. LewisH. SteenM. MurrayM. Lewis47,111 
8/29Galesburg MonstarsW, 5-287-46D. CearleyB. Morris---D. Cearley54,536 
8/30at Appalachian IsotopesW, 20-188-46A. MillerB. Linus---L. McCray53,101 
8/31at Appalachian IsotopesW, 7-289-46B. DoverD. JonesC. RogersD. Maser53,076 
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9/1at Appalachian IsotopesW, 10-590-46G. HyltonR. GreenC. RogersW. Hall54,901 
9/3at Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 4-390-47J. GeorgeT. Lemond---A. Klein51,118 
9/4at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 4-191-47D. CearleyT. Nicoll---D. Cearley50,593 
9/5at Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 9-691-48D. EldridgeA. Miller---R. Koehn51,368 
9/6at Aych Bee BreezeL, 4-391-49A. VillarealB. Dover---R. Leeson44,135 
9/7at Aych Bee BreezeW, 4-292-49G. HyltonL. SanderT. LemondG. Hylton45,527 
9/8at Aych Bee BreezeW, 6-593-49C. RogersA. Villareal---C. Hare45,251*
9/10at Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 4-193-50J. StaleyD. CearleyR. DurhamJ. Staley42,243 
9/11at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 6-394-50A. MillerZ. TorresW. MilbrandtC. Fairbanks40,185 
9/12at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 11-495-50B. DoverD. Lee---B. Dover43,043 
9/13at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 8-396-50G. HyltonM. Faul---K. Dostal54,243 
9/14at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 5-197-50H. SteenP. OakesW. MilbrandtR. Koehn56,268 
9/15at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 6-398-50D. CearleyJ. Shafer---D. Cearley55,843 
9/16at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 4-398-51H. JacksonW. Gordon---S. Geissler64,735 
9/17at Potomac NationalsW, 4-199-51B. DoverP. QuickW. MilbrandtB. Dover46,435 
9/18at Potomac NationalsW, 4-1100-51G. HyltonR. Taylor---G. Hylton47,810 
9/19at Potomac NationalsW, 7-5101-51R. CallowayJ. Blount---T. Thomas53,451 
9/20at Potomac NationalsW, 11-2102-51D. CearleyJ. Thompson---L. McCray47,010 
9/21at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 9-3103-51A. MillerA. Paramore---R. Koehn55,626 
9/22at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 8-5103-52J. HolmesR. Ammons---L. McCray46,518 
9/23at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 4-3103-53M. AshleyG. Hylton---W. Hall59,143 
9/24at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 12-4104-53H. SteenA. JonesW. GordonR. Koehn43,135 
9/26Portland PrideL, 4-2104-54E. SmithD. CearleyM. WebbE. Smith54,260 
9/27Portland PrideW, 7-2105-54A. MillerJ. Black---A. Miller52,635 
9/28Portland PrideL, 10-5105-55D. MirandaB. Dover---J. Bell45,110 

Division Championship
9/30West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-2106-55W. GordonH. Jackson---W. Gordon79,469 
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10/1West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-0107-55H. SteenE. Bourque---H. Steen70,169 
10/3at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 13-2108-55D. CearleyM. Faul---K. Dostal70,218 
10/4at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 3-0109-55A. MillerJ. Shafer---A. Miller71,118 

League Championship
10/10Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 6-4109-56H. LozanoG. HyltonJ. GeorgeH. Lozano80,885 
10/11Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 4-2110-56H. SteenT. NicollB. DoverH. Steen71,385 
10/13at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 5-3111-56D. CearleyD. Eldridge---R. Koehn75,168 
10/14at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 9-4112-56A. MillerD. Dole---A. Summers75,318 
10/15at Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
10/17Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
10/18Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
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