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 Bayside Tigers: Schedule

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  League Date: 7/15

 Schedule: 2108 Season


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Date Opponent Result Record Win Loss Save POTG Att
4/2Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 2-1gv1-0F. RodriguezH. Steen---F. Rodriguez50,351 
4/3Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 7-3gv2-0T. RodriguezE. Harris---H. Gobert39,826 
4/4Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 3-0gv2-1L. WarnerD. GonzalezD. McKameyL. Warner42,601 
4/5Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 7-1gv3-1D. LeeD. Blank---K. Beasley38,626 
4/7at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-0gv4-1F. RodriguezE. Bourque---F. Rodriguez41,118 
4/8at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 3-2gv4-2M. MurrayT. Rodriguez---C. Rogers40,143 
4/9at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 5-4gv4-3C. PullenR. Maxwell---K. Beasley43,618 
4/10at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 7-6gv5-3J. SchmidtJ. Zoll---J. Schild54,143 
4/11at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 8-7gv6-3S. RennerF. Mattos---C. Taylor38,701 
4/12at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 6-4 (11)gv6-4D. StewartM. Halpern---L. Johnson45,393 
4/13at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 5-3gv7-4T. RodriguezF. Loy---S. Steele45,151 
4/14at Potomac NationalsL, 2-0gv7-5W. FisherD. GonzalezP. MedleyW. Fisher46,393 
4/15at Potomac NationalsW, 2-1gv8-5D. LeeC. LundyS. RennerD. Lee45,768 
4/16at Potomac NationalsW, 6-3 (11)gv9-5G. StewartE. WhitfordS. RennerN. Meyer44,710 
4/17at Potomac NationalsW, 3-0gv10-5F. RodriguezR. Taylor---F. Rodriguez45,251 
4/18at Portland PrideW, 3-2gv11-5T. RodriguezW. Buckland---G. Bugg45,418 
4/19at Portland PrideL, 6-5gv11-6J. BlountJ. SchmidtW. BucklandJ. Blount45,993 
4/20at Portland PrideL, 9-7gv11-7J. NullD. LeeW. BucklandV. Kruse44,301 
4/22Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 3-2 (10)gv12-7G. StewartJ. George---M. Crews39,435 
4/23Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 5-2gv13-7F. RodriguezS. Maynard---F. Rodriguez40,610 
4/24Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 2-1gv14-7T. RodriguezJ. Muth---T. Rodriguez40,985 
4/25Aych Bee BreezeW, 6-0gv15-7D. GonzalezJ. Kennedy---D. Gonzalez43,376 
4/26Aych Bee BreezeW, 8-7 (12)gv16-7S. RennerD. Lindsey---K. Beasley39,301 
4/27Aych Bee BreezeL, 4-2gv16-8D. LindseyG. StewartD. GibbsD. Lindsey37,476 
4/28Las Vegas AcesW, 2-1gv17-8A. MurphyC. Sager---F. Rodriguez41,351 
4/29Las Vegas AcesL, 5-0gv17-9W. StokesT. RodriguezD. PittsW. Stokes40,343 
4/30Las Vegas AcesW, 7-3gv18-9J. SchmidtD. Llanos---K. Beasley41,318 
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5/2at Galesburg MonstarsW, 6-1gv19-9D. LeeE. Grover---D. Lee45,668 
5/3at Galesburg MonstarsL, 5-4gv19-10J. LattinG. Stewart---J. Laplante40,693 
5/4at Galesburg MonstarsW, 6-1 (12)gv20-10J. SchmidtT. Brown---K. Beasley41,318 
5/5at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 7-2gv20-11R. LefkowitzT. Rodriguez---D. Griffin42,226 
5/6at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 8-3gv20-12G. BaileyD. Gonzalez---M. Vergara44,018 
5/7at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 2-0gv21-12D. LeeM. BennettB. OgaraD. Lee41,793 
5/9at Appalachian IsotopesL, 4-2gv21-13R. JacksonG. StewartJ. ConradR. Jackson46,543 
5/10at Appalachian IsotopesW, 9-0gv22-13F. RodriguezS. Fury---F. Rodriguez47,768 
5/11at Appalachian IsotopesW, 5-2gv23-13T. RodriguezF. Powell---T. Rodriguez46,793 
5/12Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 2-0gv23-14M. MasseyD. GonzalezJ. ZollM. Massey42,452 
5/13Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 3-2 (10)gv23-15P. HallB. OgaraJ. ZollC. Taylor39,893 
5/14Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 6-2gv23-16A. JonesG. Stewart---A. Jones37,752 
5/16at Portland PrideW, 3-0gv24-16F. RodriguezT. ChristensenB. OgaraF. Rodriguez42,868 
5/17at Portland PrideW, 7-1gv25-16T. RodriguezG. Bugg---T. Rodriguez45,393 
5/18at Portland PrideW, 3-2gv26-16D. GonzalezF. GoffB. OgaraD. Gonzalez46,068 
5/19at Portland PrideL, 1-0gv26-17J. NullD. LeeW. BucklandJ. Null44,076 
5/20at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 14-9gv27-17J. WilsonS. Lantigua---K. Beasley38,318 
5/21at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 5-0gv28-17F. RodriguezL. Tucker---F. Rodriguez38,276 
5/22at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 7-0gv28-18E. BourqueT. Rodriguez---E. Bourque41,068 
5/23at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 3-1gv29-18D. GonzalezC. Rogers---D. Gonzalez40,843 
5/24at Potomac NationalsW, 3-1gv30-18D. LeeN. Meyer---D. Lee42,385 
5/25at Potomac NationalsW, 5-0gv31-18T. RodriguezR. Taylor---T. Rodriguez43,943 
5/26at Potomac NationalsL, 2-1gv31-19W. FisherF. Rodriguez---W. Fisher45,101 
5/28Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 6-1gv31-20H. SteenG. Stewart---S. Helms38,035 
5/29Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 6-2gv32-20D. GonzalezE. Harris---D. Gonzalez41,726 
5/30Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 4-2gv33-20B. OgaraF. Baker---R. Busby38,901 
6/1at Appalachian IsotopesL, 8-4gv33-21R. JacksonT. Rodriguez---C. Danger47,193 
6/2at Appalachian IsotopesW, 8-0gv34-21F. RodriguezS. Fury---F. Rodriguez47,568*
6/3at Appalachian IsotopesL, 5-3gv34-22F. PowellG. StewartJ. ConradM. Coulombe45,660 
6/4at Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 4-3gv34-23W. ColeD. GonzalezJ. GeorgeR. Busby40,268 
6/5at Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 10-7gv34-24J. MacDonaldD. Lee---J. Schild38,593 
6/6at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 8-1gv35-24T. RodriguezM. Crews---T. Rodriguez41,051 
6/7at Aych Bee BreezeW, 4-3gv36-24F. RodriguezL. SanderT. NicollH. Cooper41,726 
6/8at Aych Bee BreezeW, 14-12gv37-24T. HillA. Villareal---J. Burrell40,385 
6/9at Aych Bee BreezeW, 4-0gv38-24D. GonzalezJ. Kennedy---D. Gonzalez43,643 
6/11Las Vegas AcesL, 11-0gv38-25G. WatkinsT. Rodriguez---G. Watkins40,251 
6/12Las Vegas AcesL, 1-0gv38-26D. BarnesB. OgaraC. SagerD. Barnes37,260 
6/13Las Vegas AcesW, 4-0gv39-26F. RodriguezS. Hammond---F. Rodriguez41,801 
6/14Galesburg MonstarsW, 7-4gv40-26T. HillB. Morris---M. Walker37,393 
6/15Galesburg MonstarsW, 4-1gv41-26D. GonzalezE. Grover---D. Gonzalez42,068 
6/16Galesburg MonstarsW, 5-4gv42-26T. RodriguezD. Moore---M. Cockerham39,826 
6/18Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 6-5 (11)gv43-26J. SchmidtK. Borowski---K. Beasley42,168 
6/19Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 9-0gv43-27R. LefkowitzD. Lee---R. Lefkowitz36,543 
6/20Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 5-4gv43-28G. BaileyD. GonzalezK. BorowskiH. Gobert43,018 
6/21at East Side Panty RaidersW, 6-3gv44-28T. HillM. Telles---H. Gobert40,993 
6/22at East Side Panty RaidersW, 16-6gv45-28T. RodriguezJ. Henton---D. Mathes44,118 
6/23at East Side Panty RaidersL, 7-3gv45-29R. PayneF. RodriguezS. ReynoldsM. Garza39,443 
6/24Quincy GemsW, 8-5gv46-29R. CallowayD. Nazario---D. Mathes35,001 
6/25Quincy GemsW, 7-3gv47-29D. GonzalezD. TurnerJ. SchmidtM. Walker42,243 
6/26Quincy GemsW, 4-3gv48-29T. HillJ. Hubbard---T. Hill39,601 
6/28at River City RazorbacksW, 8-2gv49-29T. RodriguezW. Grubbs---C. Taylor45,693 
6/29at River City RazorbacksL, 2-1gv49-30D. MitchellF. Rodriguez---D. Mitchell45,868 
6/30at River City RazorbacksL, 10-2gv49-31R. CaoD. Lee---D. Soto44,643 
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7/1Windy City Pale HoseL, 5-1gv49-32C. WestonD. Gonzalez---C. Weston41,301 
7/2Windy City Pale HoseL, 6-1gv49-33A. StewartT. Hill---G. Wilson36,993 
7/3Windy City Pale HoseW, 3-2gv50-33T. RodriguezH. Lozano---T. Rodriguez37,301 
7/5Marietta MaulersL, 6-5gv50-34C. MasonT. NicollC. SuttonD. Saenz41,010 
7/6Marietta MaulersL, 4-3gv50-35R. McHughD. Lee---R. McHugh36,985 
7/7Marietta MaulersL, 8-6gv50-36C. MasonJ. Schmidt---D. Saenz42,260 
7/8at New York River PiratesW, 10-5gv51-36T. HillJ. Shafer---S. Steele33,768 
7/9at New York River PiratesW, 9-3gv52-36T. RodriguezT. Dent---J. Schild39,293 
7/10at New York River PiratesW, 5-1gv53-36F. RodriguezF. Kirkpatrick---F. Rodriguez38,951 
7/11Peoria ChiefsL, 12-1gv53-37L. FriddleD. Lee---L. Friddle36,427 
7/12Peoria ChiefsL, 9-5 (10)gv53-38C. PharrisR. Calloway---D. Mathes43,902 
7/13Peoria ChiefsL, 5-0gv53-39M. FaulT. Hill---M. Faul36,777 
7/14at New Haven CrowsW, 9-3gv54-39T. RodriguezA. Ford---T. Rodriguez45,668 
7/15at New Haven CrowsW, 4-2gv55-39F. RodriguezD. HuynhR. CallowayF. Rodriguez46,059 
7/16at New Haven Crows--- 
7/18Katutura Badbirdz--- 
7/19Katutura Badbirdz--- 
7/20Katutura Badbirdz--- 
7/21at Montreal Expos--- 
7/22at Montreal Expos--- 
7/23at Montreal Expos--- 
7/24New England Smooth Talkers--- 
7/25New England Smooth Talkers--- 
7/26New England Smooth Talkers--- 
7/28at Carolina Wesofina--- 
7/29at Carolina Wesofina--- 
7/30at Carolina Wesofina--- 
7/31at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
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8/1at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/2at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/3at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/5West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/6West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/7West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/8Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/9Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/10Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/11Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/12Potomac Nationals--- 
8/13Potomac Nationals--- 
8/14Potomac Nationals--- 
8/15Potomac Nationals--- 
8/16Portland Pride--- 
8/17Portland Pride--- 
8/18Portland Pride--- 
8/20Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
8/21Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
8/22Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
8/23at Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/24at Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/25at Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/26at Las Vegas Aces--- 
8/27at Las Vegas Aces--- 
8/28at Las Vegas Aces--- 
8/30at Galesburg Monstars--- 
8/31at Galesburg Monstars--- 
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9/1at Galesburg Monstars--- 
9/2Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/3Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/4Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/5Appalachian Isotopes--- 
9/6Appalachian Isotopes--- 
9/7Appalachian Isotopes--- 
9/9at Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/10at Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/11at Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/13Portland Pride--- 
9/14Portland Pride--- 
9/15Portland Pride--- 
9/16Portland Pride--- 
9/17West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/18West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/19West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/20West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/21Potomac Nationals--- 
9/22Potomac Nationals--- 
9/23Potomac Nationals--- 
9/25at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/26at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/27at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
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