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 Schedule: 2086 Season


April May June July August September October | Standings

Date Opponent Result Record Win Loss Save POTG Att
4/3Portland PrideW, 9-61-0G. TorbertD. PeytonR. HammerT. Foust77,902 
4/4Portland PrideW, 6-42-0D. GonzalezR. GutierrezR. EscalanteR. Stoops70,327 
4/5Portland PrideW, 10-63-0V. HarmonN. Brown---R. McIntyre68,002 
4/6Youstabee AthleticsL, 9-03-1C. McLaurinW. Nelson---J. Puls66,444 
4/7Youstabee AthleticsW, 11-44-1A. MontgomeryW. Halton---R. McIntyre59,435 
4/8Youstabee AthleticsW, 5-45-1G. TorbertR. Gadd---E. Campbell67,377 
4/9Youstabee AthleticsW, 3-06-1D. GonzalezJ. Collier---D. Gonzalez67,085 
4/10at Siberia TundraW, 3-17-1V. HarmonB. Kutz---V. Harmon59,819 
4/11at Siberia TundraW, 11-18-1W. NelsonD. Benfield---T. Foust60,144 
4/12at Siberia TundraL, 3-28-2F. NeeleyA. Montgomery---F. Neeley55,869 
4/13at Siberia TundraW, 9-09-2G. TorbertW. Beck---G. Torbert62,394 
4/14at Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 2-19-3D. MaxwellR. Escalante---D. Maxwell73,569 
4/15at Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 7-69-4C. HessV. HarmonC. JaegerF. Davis66,544 
4/16at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 7-310-4W. NelsonG. Fox---T. Foust67,119 
4/18West Side Boxer RobbersL, 6-410-5R. MarshallA. MontgomeryD. RogersH. Hudson62,869 
4/19West Side Boxer RobbersW, 9-511-5V. HarmonB. Hazard---R. McIntyre71,494 
4/20West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-112-5G. TorbertE. Vanbrunt---T. Foust70,686 
4/22at Galesburg MonstarsW, 12-613-5D. GonzalezJ. Phillips---C. Jones64,177 
4/23at Galesburg MonstarsL, 7-413-6W. BlackR. HammerS. BarahonaT. Foust67,269 
4/24at Galesburg MonstarsW, 11-014-6V. HarmonD. Pacheco---V. Harmon64,794 
4/25at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 9-115-6A. MontgomeryR. Head---F. Davis55,419 
4/26at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 3-116-6R. EscalanteK. Conlin---R. Escalante72,011 
4/27at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 6-317-6D. GonzalezD. CasasR. EscalanteE. Barnes71,286 
4/29at Aych Bee BreezeW, 9-118-6V. HarmonC. Amador---V. Harmon68,761 
4/30at Aych Bee BreezeL, 2-118-7D. MillerW. NelsonA. TownleyD. Miller63,686 
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5/1at Aych Bee BreezeW, 11-219-7A. MontgomeryD. Cardinale---R. McIntyre69,511 
5/2at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 7-320-7G. TorbertD. Davenport---C. Gaddy65,252 
5/3at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 10-221-7V. HarmonB. Andress---C. Gaddy61,294 
5/4at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 10-022-7D. GonzalezK. Venne---C. Jones60,286 
5/6at Las Vegas AcesL, 11-1022-8A. SmithR. Escalante---R. Stoops60,877 
5/7at Las Vegas AcesL, 12-722-9K. WhiteA. Montgomery---R. Burton68,519 
5/8at Las Vegas AcesW, 3-223-9R. EscalanteA. Smith---T. Foust71,594 
5/9at Appalachian IsotopesW, 6-224-9G. TorbertJ. Latson---G. Torbert70,569 
5/10at Appalachian IsotopesW, 5-125-9D. GonzalezM. Fink---D. Gonzalez72,844 
5/11at Appalachian IsotopesL, 7-525-10V. BarnesR. HammerJ. GoldsmithT. Foust73,986 
5/12at Youstabee AthleticsW, 5-126-10A. MontgomeryR. Gadd---A. Montgomery60,177 
5/13at Youstabee AthleticsW, 4-027-10V. HarmonJ. Collier---V. Harmon62,352*
5/14at Youstabee AthleticsW, 6-328-10G. TorbertA. Daniel---T. Negron67,344 
5/16Siberia TundraW, 3-229-10D. GonzalezF. Neeley---D. Gonzalez67,285 
5/17Siberia TundraL, 7-029-11W. BeckW. Nelson---W. Beck68,660 
5/18Siberia TundraL, 8-329-12E. SealsA. Montgomery---E. Ullery61,435 
5/19Siberia TundraW, 14-130-12V. HarmonB. Kutz---C. Pryor68,344 
5/20Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 16-231-12D. GonzalezG. Fox---G. Wolfe69,586 
5/21Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 4-331-13R. DingesG. TorbertG. FoxR. Dinges68,727 
5/22Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 16-631-14J. KellyW. Nelson---J. Kelly68,302 
5/23Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 7-432-14A. MontgomeryD. MaxwellR. EscalanteT. Brown59,244 
5/25at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 6-033-14V. HarmonE. Vanbrunt---V. Harmon79,752 
5/26at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 1-033-15W. PhillipsR. Escalante---B. Wilson72,927 
5/27at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 3-033-16B. ConleyG. Torbert---B. Conley74,902 
5/28at Portland PrideW, 4-334-16W. NelsonW. House---W. Nelson65,677 
5/29at Portland PrideW, 8-035-16A. MontgomeryD. Peyton---A. Montgomery62,652 
5/30at Portland PrideW, 2-036-16V. HarmonR. GutierrezR. EscalanteV. Harmon71,744 
5/31at Portland PrideW, 6-337-16D. GonzalezD. GarciaR. EscalanteF. Davis63,936 
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6/1Las Vegas AcesL, 2-037-17F. SparksG. TorbertD. WhitakerF. Sparks69,344 
6/2Las Vegas AcesW, 4-138-17W. NelsonT. DolanR. HammerR. Hammer63,919 
6/3Las Vegas AcesL, 7-638-18K. WhiteA. MontgomeryW. KennedyF. Ramos61,894 
6/4Appalachian IsotopesL, 13-1038-19V. BarnesC. GarciaJ. GoldsmithC. Pryor72,752 
6/5Appalachian IsotopesW, 10-139-19D. GonzalezJ. Latson---D. Gonzalez68,927 
6/6Appalachian IsotopesW, 4-240-19G. TorbertM. FinkR. HammerC. Jones72,219 
6/8Galesburg MonstarsL, 7-540-20C. KayR. EscalanteS. BarahonaT. Foust65,877 
6/9Galesburg MonstarsL, 7-640-21P. BarnesW. NelsonS. BarahonaC. Pryor65,652 
6/10Galesburg MonstarsL, 4-240-22M. ShellyD. GonzalezS. BarahonaS. Barahona66,477 
6/11Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 6-440-23R. HeadC. GarciaS. BlazeB. Holden60,219 
6/12Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 6-441-23R. HammerK. Conlin---R. Hammer71,827 
6/13Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 4-042-23V. HarmonL. Nubbins---V. Harmon70,102 
6/15Aych Bee BreezeL, 7-342-24D. CardinaleW. NelsonA. TownleyC. Gaddy71,327 
6/16Aych Bee BreezeW, 5-443-24C. GarciaJ. Mosser---R. Stoops70,452 
6/17Aych Bee BreezeW, 2-144-24G. TorbertD. KhanR. HammerR. Hammer70,627 
6/18Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 7-145-24V. HarmonD. Lozada---V. Harmon69,219 
6/19Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 3-245-25J. MurphyA. MontgomeryM. AllenR. McIntyre61,294 
6/20Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 10-946-25R. HammerA. Reagan---T. Foust69,185 
6/22at River City RazorbacksW, 4-147-25D. GonzalezR. RamosR. EscalanteD. Gonzalez64,644 
6/23at River City RazorbacksL, 3-247-26J. GossmanG. TorbertJ. GoodR. McIntyre63,319 
6/24at River City RazorbacksW, 5-048-26V. HarmonA. Greer---V. Harmon60,811 
6/25at New Haven Red BirdsW, 3-249-26A. MontgomeryR. Demoss---A. Montgomery66,186 
6/26at New Haven Red BirdsW, 2-150-26W. NelsonM. Hayes---W. Nelson72,861 
6/27at New Haven Red BirdsW, 5-451-26D. GonzalezA. BrownM. MartinezR. Burton71,086 
6/28at Windy City Pale HoseW, 6-252-26V. HarmonU. Fields---V. Harmon68,994 
6/29at Windy City Pale HoseW, 17-553-26G. TorbertJ. SheltonC. GarciaM. Webber57,885 
6/30at Windy City Pale HoseW, 7-554-26A. MontgomeryA. HarrisonM. MartinezF. Davis64,010 
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7/2at New England Smooth TalkersW, 4-355-26D. GonzalezM. ThompsonR. EscalanteT. Foust71,852 
7/3at New England Smooth TalkersL, 7-155-27L. McKinneyV. Harmon---L. McKinney67,827 
7/4at New England Smooth TalkersW, 10-356-27W. NelsonA. Ridley---T. Foust65,352 
7/5at Peoria ChiefsW, 7-457-27R. EscalanteD. Waterman---R. Escalante75,677 
7/6at Peoria ChiefsW, 7-258-27A. MontgomeryS. Castaneda---F. Davis72,552 
7/7at Peoria ChiefsL, 3-058-28G. PaulsonD. Gonzalez---G. Paulson75,227 
7/8at Carolina OnmymindaW, 6-359-28V. HarmonJ. LockeR. EscalanteE. Martin72,885 
7/9at Carolina OnmymindaW, 3-260-28W. NelsonC. SpragueR. EscalanteW. Nelson69,227 
7/10at Carolina OnmymindaW, 5-261-28G. TorbertW. NewtonM. MartinezG. Torbert65,419 
7/11New York River PiratesW, 5-462-28R. EscalanteM. Ray---L. Bigby65,911 
7/12New York River PiratesW, 7-063-28D. GonzalezH. Duplantis---D. Gonzalez68,652 
7/13New York River PiratesL, 8-763-29J. CatalanT. CampbellM. AragonK. Bordeaux73,811 
7/15East Side Panty RaidersW, 10-164-29W. NelsonM. Hilton---W. Nelson68,769 
7/16East Side Panty RaidersL, 18-364-30S. WhiteG. Torbert---S. Tedder70,994 
7/17East Side Panty RaidersW, 7-365-30A. MontgomeryW. Lenard---T. Foust60,685 
7/18Marietta MaulersW, 4-366-30V. HarmonS. EakerM. MartinezC. Pryor72,227 
7/19Marietta MaulersW, 4-367-30D. GonzalezJ. MartinR. EscalanteD. Gonzalez70,786 
7/20Marietta MaulersW, 3-268-30G. TorbertW. VinsonR. EscalanteR. McIntyre69,111 
7/21Katutura BadbirdzL, 2-168-31B. WrightW. NelsonF. SimpsonB. Wright71,452 
7/22Katutura BadbirdzL, 1-068-32S. SwindellA. Montgomery---B. Harkness61,377 
7/23Katutura BadbirdzL, 5-368-33G. HolmquistV. HarmonS. SwindellT. Foust68,918 
7/25Montreal ExposL, 3-268-34M. MartinD. Gonzalez---M. Martin66,727 
7/26Montreal ExposW, 3-269-34G. TorbertD. ToddM. MartinezM. Martinez67,752 
7/27Montreal ExposW, 4-170-34W. NelsonS. Timberlake---W. Nelson65,927 
7/28Miami InfernoL, 2-170-35L. BeadlesR. EscalanteB. ReynaA. Montgomery63,519 
7/29Miami InfernoL, 1-070-36F. GooV. HarmonB. ReynaF. Goo72,227 
7/30Miami InfernoW, 8-471-36D. GonzalezJ. Hall---T. Foust69,302 
8/1Siberia TundraL, 3-071-37D. BenfieldG. TorbertW. McGillD. Benfield68,510 
8/2Siberia TundraW, 9-772-37J. GarciaB. KutzR. EscalanteK. Steward67,669 
8/3Siberia TundraW, 11-173-37A. MontgomeryW. Beck---A. Montgomery63,260 
8/4at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 8-174-37V. HarmonC. Hess---V. Harmon66,294 
8/5at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 11-375-37D. GonzalezC. Jaeger---T. Foust73,969 
8/6at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 5-476-37M. MartinezD. Davis---M. Martinez62,694 
8/7at Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 6-077-37W. NelsonJ. Kelly---W. Nelson66,602 
8/8West Side Boxer RobbersW, 11-978-37T. MarksB. WilsonM. MartinezE. Martin61,986 
8/9West Side Boxer RobbersW, 9-379-37V. HarmonB. Hazard---C. Pryor74,344 
8/10West Side Boxer RobbersW, 9-180-37D. GonzalezJ. Parker---D. Gonzalez73,186 
8/11West Side Boxer RobbersW, 5-181-37G. TorbertE. Vanbrunt---G. Torbert72,761 
8/13at Portland PrideL, 3-281-38O. ArchieR. Escalante---W. Nelson64,677 
8/14at Portland PrideW, 6-282-38V. HarmonJ. SalcidoM. MartinezV. Harmon64,952 
8/15at Portland PrideW, 6-283-38A. MontgomeryW. House---A. Montgomery63,827 
8/16at Youstabee AthleticsW, 7-084-38D. GonzalezJ. Collier---D. Gonzalez65,527 
8/17at Youstabee AthleticsL, 9-784-39A. DanielG. TorbertM. ArmijoC. Jones67,786 
8/18at Youstabee AthleticsW, 2-085-39W. NelsonC. McLaurinR. EscalanteW. Nelson62,794 
8/19at Youstabee AthleticsW, 3-086-39V. HarmonW. HaltonR. EscalanteV. Harmon60,802 
8/20Aych Bee BreezeW, 10-887-39C. GarciaC. AmadorR. EscalanteC. Garcia59,744 
8/21Aych Bee BreezeL, 9-187-40R. LozanoD. Gonzalez---B. Scott72,269 
8/22Aych Bee BreezeL, 9-387-41D. KhanG. Torbert---G. Garcia71,461 
8/23Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 6-488-41W. NelsonD. LozadaM. MartinezE. Martin69,136 
8/24Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 6-189-41V. HarmonJ. Murphy---V. Harmon70,311 
8/25Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 1-089-42C. ForsbergT. CampbellM. AllenC. Forsberg69,835 
8/27Las Vegas AcesL, 7-089-43K. WhiteA. Montgomery---F. Ramos66,144 
8/28Las Vegas AcesL, 6-589-44W. KennedyM. Martinez---S. Luce72,669 
8/29Las Vegas AcesL, 4-389-45J. ToddM. MartinezW. KennedyS. Luce71,694 
8/30at Appalachian IsotopesL, 12-989-46G. WestG. TorbertJ. GoldsmithC. Pryor76,686 
8/31at Appalachian IsotopesL, 2-189-47R. BellT. Campbell---R. Bell66,861 
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9/1at Appalachian IsotopesL, 3-189-48N. MobleyA. MontgomeryJ. GoldsmithN. Mobley69,985 
9/2at Galesburg MonstarsW, 6-490-48W. NelsonJ. PhillipsM. MartinezJ. Chapa58,060 
9/3at Galesburg MonstarsW, 7-091-48V. HarmonS. Bennett---V. Harmon59,302 
9/4at Galesburg MonstarsW, 4-092-48G. TorbertE. Parker---G. Torbert53,144 
9/6at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 10-993-48T. CampbellE. Molden---T. Foust66,727 
9/7at Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 2-093-49R. MitchellA. MontgomeryS. BlazeR. Mitchell54,002 
9/8at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 9-294-49W. NelsonK. Conlin---not yet awarded64,277 
9/10Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 5-495-49C. GarciaC. Jaeger---E. Martin74,094 
9/11Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/12Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/13at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/14at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/15at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/16at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/17Portland Pride--- 
9/18Portland Pride--- 
9/19Portland Pride--- 
9/20Portland Pride--- 
9/21Youstabee Athletics--- 
9/22Youstabee Athletics--- 
9/23Youstabee Athletics--- 
9/25at Siberia Tundra--- 
9/26at Siberia Tundra--- 
9/27at Siberia Tundra--- 
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