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 Bayside Tigers: Schedule

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  League Date: 7/14

 Schedule: 2110 Season


April May June July August September October | Standings

Date Opponent Result Record Win Loss Save POTG Att
4/2Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 5-0gv1-0R. JacksonL. Warner---R. Jackson47,851 
4/3Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 8-5gv2-0D. GonzalezA. BuffingtonR. CallowayJ. Schild41,276 
4/4Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 6-1gv3-0J. ChretienH. Steen---J. Chretien39,501 
4/5Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 14-4gv4-0R. JacksonD. Blank---L. Puga39,010 
4/7at Potomac NationalsW, 6-1gv5-0D. GonzalezR. Taylor---D. Gonzalez46,768 
4/8at Potomac NationalsL, 2-0gv5-1W. FisherJ. Chretien---W. Fisher46,643 
4/9at Potomac NationalsL, 6-3gv5-2C. LundyA. Hodge---H. Gobert44,068 
4/10at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 1-0 (11)gv5-3J. ThompsonR. Jackson---C. Weston48,643 
4/11at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-3gv6-3S. HammondM. BuggD. ParkerS. Hammond38,568 
4/12at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 12-2gv7-3D. GonzalezD. Barnes---K. Beasley38,843 
4/13at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-1gv8-3J. ChretienC. PullenD. ParkerK. Beasley38,951 
4/14at Portland PrideW, 3-0gv9-3A. HodgeD. Broyles---A. Hodge44,060 
4/15at Portland PrideW, 5-1gv10-3R. JacksonJ. Null---R. Jackson46,501 
4/16at Portland PrideW, 5-2gv11-3S. HammondS. GuerreroC. EstradaJ. Kohan44,559 
4/17at Portland PrideW, 11-7 (10)gv12-3J. WilsonJ. Mendoza---J. Kohan46,451 
4/18at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 8-3gv13-3J. ChretienL. Montez---G. Wilson45,618 
4/19at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 8-7gv13-4A. JonesA. HodgeJ. ZollC. Jackson38,293 
4/20at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 8-6gv14-4E. BurtonJ. ZollD. ParkerC. Jackson44,701 
4/22Las Vegas AcesW, 9-7gv15-4F. KirkpatrickS. AndersD. ParkerH. Gobert37,718 
4/23Las Vegas AcesW, 8-0gv16-4D. GonzalezG. Watkins---D. Gonzalez40,409 
4/24Las Vegas AcesW, 3-2gv17-4J. ChretienD. Pitts---J. Chretien40,018 
4/25Aych Bee BreezeW, 7-5gv18-4A. HodgeJ. Kennedy---G. Wilson36,726 
4/26Aych Bee BreezeL, 5-4 (14)gv18-5A. VillarealD. ParkerA. MillerK. Beasley40,101 
4/27Aych Bee BreezeW, 4-3gv19-5D. ParkerD. Gibbs---S. Hammond38,626 
4/28St Croix BuccanneersL, 3-2gv19-6R. GeorgeD. GonzalezL. GearyR. George41,268 
4/29St Croix BuccanneersL, 3-2 (10)gv19-7T. BrownD. ParkerL. GearyT. Brown44,643 
4/30St Croix BuccanneersW, 3-2gv20-7D. ParkerA. Holland---C. Taylor35,218 
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5/2at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 4-1gv21-7R. JacksonR. Caldwell---R. Jackson41,718 
5/3at Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 9-6gv21-8C. GeigerS. HammondD. GroganD. McDonald40,993 
5/4at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 6-0gv22-8D. GonzalezM. Crews---D. Gonzalez44,118 
5/5at Appalachian IsotopesW, 11-6gv23-8J. ChretienG. Wynand---H. Gobert47,043 
5/6at Appalachian IsotopesW, 7-1gv24-8A. HodgeR. Jones---K. Beasley40,618 
5/7at Appalachian IsotopesL, 2-1gv24-9T. RodriguezR. Jackson---T. Rodriguez43,576 
5/9at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 3-2gv24-10M. HarrisD. GonzalezP. AllisonP. Allison41,293 
5/10at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 7-3gv25-10J. ChretienC. AlexanderD. ParkerJ. Leake44,118 
5/11at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 6-2gv26-10A. HodgeG. BaileyC. EstradaL. Puga40,143 
5/12West Side Boxer RobbersW, 7-4gv27-10R. JacksonC. Rogers---R. Jackson37,901 
5/13West Side Boxer RobbersW, 9-8gv28-10J. WilsonC. Moseley---H. Gobert37,360 
5/14West Side Boxer RobbersW, 5-1gv29-10D. GonzalezM. Bugg---D. Gonzalez40,935 
5/16at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 5-1 (13)gv30-10D. ParkerJ. Zoll---R. Jackson44,618 
5/17at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 7-3gv31-10J. ChretienL. Montez---H. Gobert45,393 
5/18at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 10-4gv31-11A. JonesA. Hodge---G. Wilson38,468 
5/19at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 7-0gv32-11D. GonzalezF. Loy---D. Gonzalez45,643 
5/20at Potomac NationalsW, 4-0gv33-11A. HodgeN. MeyerC. EstradaA. Hodge45,118 
5/21at Potomac NationalsL, 7-0gv33-12L. OrtizR. Jackson---S. Hickman45,826 
5/22at Potomac NationalsW, 4-3gv34-12J. ChretienR. TaylorD. ParkerD. Parker47,001 
5/23at Potomac NationalsW, 6-5 (15)gv35-12J. WilsonP. Medley---J. Wilson46,243 
5/24at Portland PrideW, 4-3gv36-12J. WilsonS. Guerrero---C. Toole43,584 
5/25at Portland PrideW, 5-2gv37-12R. JacksonG. Bugg---J. Miller45,293 
5/26at Portland PrideL, 7-4gv37-13M. SinghS. HammondE. SimsM. Silvis45,568 
5/28Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 6-3gv38-13J. ChretienL. Warner---G. Wilson41,485 
5/29Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 2-1gv39-13D. GonzalezA. BuffingtonD. ParkerD. Gonzalez41,760 
5/30Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 2-0gv39-14H. SteenR. JacksonD. McKameyH. Steen38,668 
6/1at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 8-6gv40-14A. HodgeM. HarrisC. EstradaS. Bell40,993 
6/2at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 11-5gv41-14J. ChretienD. BlakeC. EstradaC. Taylor43,818 
6/3at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsL, 8-1gv41-15G. BaileyR. Jackson---M. Vergara42,343 
6/4at Las Vegas AcesW, 3-1gv42-15D. GonzalezT. NicollD. ParkerD. Gonzalez36,818 
6/5at Las Vegas AcesW, 15-2gv43-15A. HodgeW. Behnke---A. Hodge37,293 
6/6at Las Vegas AcesW, 13-0gv44-15J. ChretienS. Anders---J. Chretien39,951*
6/7at Aych Bee BreezeW, 7-1gv45-15R. JacksonS. Lantigua---R. Jackson38,659 
6/8at Aych Bee BreezeW, 1-0gv46-15S. HammondA. AlvaradoD. ParkerS. Hammond41,951 
6/9at Aych Bee BreezeW, 5-0gv47-15D. GonzalezJ. Kennedy---D. Gonzalez41,593 
6/11St Croix BuccanneersW, 3-0gv48-15J. ChretienJ. Lattin---J. Chretien41,718 
6/12St Croix BuccanneersW, 2-0gv49-15R. JacksonC. Heaps---R. Jackson40,143 
6/13St Croix BuccanneersW, 5-3gv50-15J. WilsonR. George---J. Wilson37,318 
6/14Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 13-3gv51-15D. GonzalezJ. Muth---J. Schild43,527 
6/15Bloomington Swamp DragonsL, 6-3gv51-16W. ColeS. HammondD. GroganW. Cole39,051 
6/16Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 9-0gv52-16J. ChretienC. Geiger---J. Chretien43,927 
6/18Appalachian IsotopesW, 6-3gv53-16R. JacksonF. Powell---K. Beasley42,185 
6/19Appalachian IsotopesW, 6-5gv54-16C. EstradaC. Harold---A. Kilbourne38,760 
6/20Appalachian IsotopesW, 4-2gv55-16D. GonzalezR. JonesD. ParkerD. Gonzalez42,885 
6/21at East Side Panty RaidersL, 5-4 (10)gv55-17M. TellesD. Parker---S. Waters43,043 
6/22at East Side Panty RaidersL, 8-2gv55-18W. HarbinS. HammondS. BalderramaG. Murray40,351 
6/23at East Side Panty RaidersW, 13-0gv56-18R. JacksonK. Ingram---R. Jackson43,326 
6/24Marietta MaulersW, 8-2gv57-18A. HodgeC. Webb---G. Wilson35,035 
6/25Marietta MaulersL, 3-2 (11)gv57-19F. ManuelD. Parker---F. Manuel44,710 
6/26Marietta MaulersW, 14-1gv58-19J. ChretienL. Oneal---J. Schild41,335 
6/28at Peoria ChiefsL, 8-7 (12)gv58-20R. VarnerD. Parker---J. Lloyd41,493 
6/29at Peoria ChiefsL, 7-6gv58-21R. VarnerC. Estrada---J. Schild41,268 
6/30at Peoria ChiefsW, 6-0gv59-21A. HodgeO. Burns---J. Schild38,443 
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7/1River City RazorbacksW, 6-2gv60-21D. GonzalezR. Thomas---A. Abrams44,485 
7/2River City RazorbacksW, 9-8 (14)gv61-21F. KirkpatrickD. Gregoire---F. Kirkpatrick45,593 
7/3River City RazorbacksW, 6-2gv62-21E. BurtonD. Gregoire---J. Schild40,602 
7/5Quincy GemsL, 2-1gv62-22M. JenkinsR. Jackson---M. Jenkins38,776 
7/6Quincy GemsL, 8-2gv62-23J. ChandlerA. Hodge---N. Marconi35,301 
7/7Quincy GemsL, 8-2gv62-24J. SchmidtD. Gonzalez---J. Schmidt40,426 
7/8at Montreal ExposL, 2-1gv62-25S. SteinerJ. ChretienD. SanchezS. Steiner40,568 
7/9at Montreal ExposL, 5-2gv62-26D. HopperE. BurtonD. SanchezD. Hopper40,460 
7/10at Montreal ExposL, 8-3gv62-27W. StokesR. Jackson---J. Bierman39,818 
7/11Palm Beach CardinalsW, 7-2gv63-27D. GonzalezK. Fye---D. Gonzalez44,526 
7/12Palm Beach CardinalsL, 8-2gv63-28D. BedardA. HodgeE. YoungK. Rubio37,601 
7/13Palm Beach CardinalsL, 7-6 (12)gv63-29P. CastilloC. Estrada---H. Gobert42,960 
7/14at New England Smooth TalkersL, 7-5gv63-30W. HicksE. BurtonR. MeyerA. Zambrano37,751 
7/15at New England Smooth Talkers--- 
7/16at New England Smooth Talkers--- 
7/18New York River Pirates--- 
7/19New York River Pirates--- 
7/20New York River Pirates--- 
7/21at Katutura Badbirdz--- 
7/22at Katutura Badbirdz--- 
7/23at Katutura Badbirdz--- 
7/24Carolina Wesofina--- 
7/25Carolina Wesofina--- 
7/26Carolina Wesofina--- 
7/28at Windy City Pale Hose--- 
7/29at Windy City Pale Hose--- 
7/30at Windy City Pale Hose--- 
7/31at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
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8/1at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/2at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/3at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/5Potomac Nationals--- 
8/6Potomac Nationals--- 
8/7Potomac Nationals--- 
8/8West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/9West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/10West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/11West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/12Portland Pride--- 
8/13Portland Pride--- 
8/14Portland Pride--- 
8/15Portland Pride--- 
8/16Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/17Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/18Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/20Las Vegas Aces--- 
8/21Las Vegas Aces--- 
8/22Las Vegas Aces--- 
8/23at Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/24at Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/25at Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/26at St Croix Buccanneers--- 
8/27at St Croix Buccanneers--- 
8/28at St Croix Buccanneers--- 
8/30at Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
8/31at Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
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9/1at Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
9/2Appalachian Isotopes--- 
9/3Appalachian Isotopes--- 
9/4Appalachian Isotopes--- 
9/5Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/6Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/7Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/9at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/10at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/11at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/13Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/14Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/15Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/16Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/17Potomac Nationals--- 
9/18Potomac Nationals--- 
9/19Potomac Nationals--- 
9/20Potomac Nationals--- 
9/21Portland Pride--- 
9/22Portland Pride--- 
9/23Portland Pride--- 
9/25at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/26at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/27at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
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