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 Bayside Tigers: Schedule

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  League Date: 7/21

 Schedule: 2107 Season


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Date Opponent Result Inn Record Win Loss Save POTG Att
4/3at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 1-0 1-0J. StaleyC. Moseley---B. Cao60,335 
4/4at West Side Boxer RobbersL, 3-2 1-1S. LantiguaT. RodriguezM. MurrayH. Gobert38,760 
4/5at West Side Boxer RobbersW, 8-7(10)2-1L. GearyR. Harris---J. Schild39,435 
4/6Jacksonville CrimsonsW, 13-5 3-1D. LeeJ. Dowe---J. Schild46,376 
4/7Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 9-5 3-2Z. TorresF. Rodriguez---H. Gobert40,451 
4/8Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 11-1 3-3H. SteenT. Rodriguez---H. Steen35,426 
4/10at Portland PrideW, 4-0 4-3D. GonzalezS. Guerrero---D. Gonzalez55,910 
4/11at Portland PrideW, 5-4 5-3T. RodriguezT. Christensen---L. Watson42,068 
4/12at Portland PrideW, 4-3 6-3F. RodriguezJ. NullO. BurnsK. Beasley45,610 
4/14Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 11-2 7-3D. LeeF. Loy---D. Lee38,610 
4/15Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 3-1 7-4M. MasseyD. CearleyJ. ZollM. Massey37,185 
4/16Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 6-4 7-5F. MattosO. BurnsJ. ZollV. Collins42,710 
4/17Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsL, 3-1 7-6A. JonesT. RodriguezJ. ZollA. Jones39,135 
4/18Potomac NationalsL, 1-0(12)7-7T. SullivanS. Williams---F. Rodriguez39,110 
4/19Potomac NationalsW, 10-0 8-7D. LeeK. Ingram---D. Lee38,685 
4/20Potomac NationalsW, 13-8 9-7D. CearleyC. LundyJ. StaleyD. Palmer38,343 
4/21Potomac NationalsL, 14-2 9-8R. TaylorD. Gonzalez---D. Palmer42,285 
4/22at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 8-2 10-8T. RodriguezM. Harris---T. Rodriguez42,159 
4/23at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 3-1 11-8F. RodriguezC. AlexanderS. WilliamsF. Rodriguez44,468 
4/24at Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 2-1 12-8D. GonzalezP. Allison---D. Gonzalez44,860 
4/25at Galesburg MonstarsW, 7-1 13-8D. LeeB. Morris---D. Lee40,934 
4/26at Galesburg MonstarsW, 5-2 14-8D. CearleyE. GroverS. WilliamsD. Cearley44,259 
4/27at Galesburg MonstarsL, 2-0 14-9J. LattinT. RodriguezP. RudolphJ. Lattin41,901 
4/28at Aych Bee BreezeW, 10-1 15-9F. RodriguezA. Villareal---F. Rodriguez43,643 
4/29at Aych Bee BreezeW, 7-3 16-9D. GonzalezM. MasseJ. StaleyK. Beasley43,318 
4/30at Aych Bee BreezeL, 12-7 16-10T. AkersD. Lee---R. Gregson40,626 
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5/2at Appalachian IsotopesL, 3-2 16-11F. CummingsT. Rodriguez---F. Cummings49,868 
5/3at Appalachian IsotopesW, 9-5 17-11D. CearleyG. Wynand---T. Aguilar46,743 
5/4at Appalachian IsotopesW, 5-3 18-11D. GonzalezR. Jackson---D. Gonzalez47,218 
5/5at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 17-2 19-11F. RodriguezR. Vaught---F. Rodriguez42,943 
5/6at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 9-6 20-11D. LeeJ. MacDonaldO. BurnsT. Aguilar38,468 
5/7at Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 6-4 21-11T. RodriguezW. Cole---S. Steele40,493 
5/9at Las Vegas AcesL, 6-4 21-12G. WatkinsD. GonzalezC. SagerL. Castro40,818 
5/10at Las Vegas AcesL, 4-1 21-13S. HammondD. CearleyC. SagerS. Hammond41,743 
5/11at Las Vegas AcesW, 4-2 22-13F. RodriguezW. Stokes---F. Rodriguez42,968 
5/13at Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 2-0 22-14H. SteenD. GonzalezD. McKameyH. Steen37,943 
5/14at Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 3-1 22-15L. WarnerT. RodriguezD. McKameyL. Warner40,168 
5/15at Jacksonville CrimsonsL, 7-6(11)22-16J. JimenezS. Williams---E. Phillippi38,660 
5/16at Portland PrideL, 3-2 22-17T. ChristensenD. CearleyJ. HudsonJ. Stevens40,868 
5/17at Portland PrideW, 14-3(10)23-17J. StaleyJ. Hudson---H. Gobert45,560 
5/18at Portland PrideW, 7-0 24-17D. GonzalezF. Goff---D. Gonzalez44,068 
5/19at Portland PrideL, 4-2 24-18W. BucklandT. RodriguezJ. HudsonE. Smathers44,626 
5/20at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 10-8 25-18D. LeeP. HallJ. StaleyM. Colton43,918 
5/21at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 1-0 26-18D. CearleyA. JonesS. WilliamsD. Cearley38,993 
5/22at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 5-1 27-18F. RodriguezL. MontezJ. StaleyF. Rodriguez43,634 
5/23at Hells Soulless Ginger RebelsW, 2-1 28-18D. GonzalezF. Loy---D. Gonzalez45,776 
5/24Potomac NationalsL, 4-1 28-19W. FisherT. Rodriguez---W. Fisher41,385 
5/25Potomac NationalsL, 5-2 28-20R. TaylorD. Lee---R. Taylor37,343 
5/26Potomac NationalsW, 9-1 29-20F. RodriguezR. LefkowitzO. BurnsF. Rodriguez41,068 
5/28West Side Boxer RobbersL, 6-4(10)29-21M. MurrayF. Kirkpatrick---M. Allen42,143 
5/29West Side Boxer RobbersW, 8-3 30-21D. CearleyB. CaoJ. StaleyR. Busby40,551 
5/30West Side Boxer RobbersL, 4-2 30-22M. BuggT. RodriguezM. MurrayN. Gay39,043 
5/31West Side Boxer RobbersW, 4-2 31-22F. RodriguezJ. RodriguesS. WilliamsF. Rodriguez37,218 
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6/2Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 11-4 32-22D. GonzalezM. CrewsO. BurnsE. Phillippi41,843 
6/3Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 7-0 33-22D. LeeR. Vaught---D. Lee37,818 
6/4Bloomington Swamp DragonsW, 22-4 34-22D. CearleyJ. Muth---T. Aguilar37,393 
6/5Las Vegas AcesW, 5-3(12)35-22S. WilliamsC. Sager---T. Aguilar38,985 
6/6Las Vegas AcesL, 8-2 35-23G. WatkinsF. Rodriguez---G. Watkins38,176 
6/7Las Vegas AcesL, 8-2 35-24S. HammondD. GonzalezD. ButlerR. Anderson41,785 
6/8Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 7-5 36-24D. LeeP. Allison---S. Bell39,576 
6/9Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 4-3(10)37-24F. KirkpatrickG. Bailey---F. Kirkpatrick35,001 
6/10Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsW, 8-2 38-24T. RodriguezM. Bennett---T. Rodriguez39,893 
6/11Galesburg MonstarsW, 3-2 39-24D. GonzalezJ. LattinS. WilliamsS. Williams40,151 
6/12Galesburg MonstarsL, 4-1 39-25T. BrownS. WilliamsP. RudolphF. Rodriguez40,826 
6/13Galesburg MonstarsW, 10-4 40-25D. LeeA. Holland---R. Busby37,951 
6/14Aych Bee BreezeL, 4-1 40-26T. AkersD. CearleyD. GibbsT. Akers36,010 
6/15Aych Bee BreezeW, 11-2 41-26T. RodriguezF. Green---T. Rodriguez41,835 
6/16Aych Bee BreezeW, 5-3 42-26O. BurnsL. Sander---S. Steele41,510*
6/18Appalachian IsotopesW, 7-3 43-26F. RodriguezR. Jackson---F. Rodriguez43,102 
6/19Appalachian IsotopesW, 16-4 44-26D. LeeC. Harold---E. Phillippi39,243 
6/20Appalachian IsotopesW, 6-5 45-26T. RodriguezN. Murphy---K. Beasley42,002 
6/21at New Haven CrowsW, 6-2 46-26D. CearleyE. Burton---D. Cearley45,126 
6/22at New Haven CrowsW, 7-4 47-26D. GonzalezA. FordO. BurnsJ. Kemp46,651 
6/23at New Haven CrowsL, 9-3 47-27W. InglisF. RodriguezJ. RoseS. Townsend45,626 
6/25at Carolina WesofinaW, 6-3 48-27D. LeeA. DavisJ. StaleyR. Boyd42,551 
6/26at Carolina WesofinaW, 2-1 49-27T. RodriguezD. Llanos---T. Rodriguez42,910 
6/27at Carolina WesofinaL, 5-3 49-28J. BissonD. Gonzalez---M. Walker43,985 
6/28at Quincy GemsW, 2-0 50-28F. RodriguezR. Villegas---F. Rodriguez37,510 
6/29at Quincy GemsW, 2-1 51-28D. CearleyJ. RobinetteO. BurnsM. Walker34,868 
6/30at Quincy GemsL, 9-2 51-29G. StewartD. Lee---T. Ferguson39,160 
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7/1at Montreal ExposL, 6-2 51-30R. JonesT. Rodriguez---R. Jones41,101 
7/2at Montreal ExposL, 4-0 51-31J. ChandlerD. Gonzalez---J. Chandler43,243 
7/3at Montreal ExposW, 8-2 52-31F. RodriguezR. Larkin---T. Aguilar40,068 
7/5at East Side Panty RaidersL, 6-2 52-32C. SmithD. CearleyS. BalderramaS. Balderrama41,026 
7/6at East Side Panty RaidersL, 2-0 52-33M. SmithT. Rodriguez---M. Smith45,801 
7/7at East Side Panty RaidersL, 8-0 52-34J. HentonD. Lee---J. Henton44,326 
7/8at Katutura BadbirdzL, 3-2 52-35N. WareO. Burns---N. Ware43,201 
7/9at Katutura BadbirdzW, 7-2 53-35F. RodriguezJ. Bolen---F. Rodriguez42,576 
7/10at Katutura BadbirdzW, 17-3 54-35T. RodriguezB. Ogara---H. Gobert41,468*
7/11New York River PiratesL, 4-2 54-36J. ShaferD. CearleyJ. CostalesD. Herman35,793 
7/12New York River PiratesW, 5-0 55-36D. LeeG. Hylton---D. Lee37,435 
7/13New York River PiratesW, 4-3(10)56-36J. StaleyJ. Costales---D. Eldridge38,360 
7/15Marietta MaulersW, 5-3 57-36F. KirkpatrickC. Mason---F. Kirkpatrick42,618 
7/16Marietta MaulersW, 7-3 58-36T. RodriguezR. McHugh---J. Schild40,893 
7/17Marietta MaulersL, 4-3 58-37C. MasonJ. StaleyC. WebbJ. Wolf39,318*
7/18New England Smooth TalkersW, 8-3 59-37D. GonzalezS. Foster---D. Gonzalez42,426 
7/19New England Smooth TalkersW, 2-0 60-37D. LeeC. PullenJ. StaleyD. Lee37,968 
7/20New England Smooth TalkersW, 2-1 61-37F. RodriguezS. ShawO. BurnsO. Burns39,276 
7/21Windy City Pale HoseL, 6-2 61-38C. WestonT. Rodriguez---C. Weston38,951 
7/22Windy City Pale Hose--- 
7/23Windy City Pale Hose--- 
7/25River City Razorbacks--- 
7/26River City Razorbacks--- 
7/27River City Razorbacks--- 
7/28Peoria Chiefs--- 
7/29Peoria Chiefs--- 
7/30Peoria Chiefs--- 
7/31Portland Pride--- 
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8/1Portland Pride--- 
8/2Portland Pride--- 
8/3Portland Pride--- 
8/5Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/6Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/7Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
8/9at Potomac Nationals--- 
8/10at Potomac Nationals--- 
8/11at Potomac Nationals--- 
8/13West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/14West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/15West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
8/16Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/17Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/18Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/19Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
8/21Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/22Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/23Aych Bee Breeze--- 
8/24Appalachian Isotopes--- 
8/25Appalachian Isotopes--- 
8/26Appalachian Isotopes--- 
8/27Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
8/28Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
8/29Bloomington Swamp Dragons--- 
8/30at Las Vegas Aces--- 
8/31at Las Vegas Aces--- 
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9/1at Las Vegas Aces--- 
9/3at Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/4at Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/5at Saskatchewan Eh-thletics--- 
9/6at Galesburg Monstars--- 
9/7at Galesburg Monstars--- 
9/8at Galesburg Monstars--- 
9/10at Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/11at Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/12at Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels--- 
9/13at Potomac Nationals--- 
9/14at Potomac Nationals--- 
9/15at Potomac Nationals--- 
9/16at Potomac Nationals--- 
9/17at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/18at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/19at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/20at West Side Boxer Robbers--- 
9/21at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/22at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/23at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/24at Jacksonville Crimsons--- 
9/26Portland Pride--- 
9/27Portland Pride--- 
9/28Portland Pride--- 
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