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Date Away Home Result Win Loss Save PotG Att
9/7New Haven Red Birds@ Miami Inferno2-3J. LanningM. Hayes---R. Burton68,594
9/7New England Smooth Talkers@ Katutura Badbirdz2-4K. CabezasL. McKinneyF. SimpsonK. Cabezas68,661
9/7Portland PrideAppalachian Isotopes7-5W. SimpsonR. BellD. GarciaC. Medina75,694
9/7Peoria Chiefs@ Marietta Maulers1-3J. MartinG. CrawfordE. RuelJ. Martin69,844
9/7Carolina Onmyminda@ East Side Panty Raiders0-2R. GonzalezJ. LockeR. WallaceR. Gonzalez66,869
9/7Bayside Tigers@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons0-2R. MitchellA. MontgomeryS. BlazeR. Mitchell54,002
9/7Youstabee Athletics@ Las Vegas Aces3-7K. WhiteJ. Collier---K. Pappas71,319
9/7Jacksonville Crimsons@ Aych Bee Breeze2-5R. LozanoC. Jaeger---R. Bills72,244
9/7River City Razorbacks@ New York River Pirates1-5T. CullyJ. Salazar---T. Cully72,544
9/7Windy City Pale HoseMontreal Expos11-2M. DanielsD. Todd---C. Martin55,069
9/7Siberia TundraGalesburg Monstars12-3A. GreeneM. Shelly---A. Greene51,560
9/7West Side Boxer RobbersSaskatchewan Eh-thletics9-2B. HazardD. Davenport---H. Hudson64,794
9/6Siberia TundraGalesburg Monstars10-5F. NeeleyC. Petrucci---T. Watkins51,169
9/6Jacksonville Crimsons@ Aych Bee Breeze4-5T. YanezG. Fox---T. Yanez74,419
9/6Portland Pride@ Appalachian Isotopes1-4B. DoverW. HouseJ. GoldsmithB. Dover69,769
9/6New England Smooth TalkersKatutura Badbirdz6-2S. WhiteR. Norman---S. White71,485
9/6Peoria ChiefsMarietta Maulers2-0C. HallS. Eaker---C. Hall69,069
9/6River City RazorbacksNew York River Pirates5-4R. RamosH. Duplantis---R. Kellogg70,102
9/6Carolina OnmymindaEast Side Panty Raiders8-2C. JenkinsR. Wallace---F. Hanks57,294
9/6Youstabee Athletics@ Las Vegas Aces3-6T. DolanR. GaddW. KennedyF. Ramos55,977
9/6New Haven Red Birds@ Miami Inferno5-6T. WrightR. Hopper---R. Cox72,886
9/6Windy City Pale Hose@ Montreal Expos10-11J. HarrisC. MartinezM. ScanlanE. Caldwell53,011
9/6West Side Boxer Robbers@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics6-7A. ReaganB. Wilson---J. Wells68,186
9/6Bayside TigersBloomington Swamp Dragons10-9T. CampbellE. Molden---T. Foust66,727
9/5New England Smooth TalkersMarietta Maulers10-9G. CollinsE. RuelS. WhiteV. Gonzales63,277
9/5Youstabee AthleticsSaskatchewan Eh-thletics10-8J. LawsonA. ReaganM. ArmijoA. Bennett58,260
9/5Portland PrideLas Vegas Aces6-4J. SalcidoF. SparksD. GarciaF. Hard71,069
9/5Peoria ChiefsEast Side Panty Raiders3-2G. PaulsonS. White---G. Paulson68,469
9/5Windy City Pale Hose@ Katutura Badbirdz3-10L. YarbroughA. Harrison---C. Kimbro69,861
9/4Peoria ChiefsEast Side Panty Raiders7-6S. CastanedaM. HiltonE. WattsC. Link63,878
9/4Jacksonville Crimsons@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons1-2D. DingesD. Maxwell---R. Newton60,836
9/4Siberia Tundra@ Appalachian Isotopes0-2G. WestW. Beck---G. West71,427
9/4River City Razorbacks@ Miami Inferno7-15*J. LanningT. Cannon---J. Devine67,044
9/4West Side Boxer RobbersAych Bee Breeze7-4E. VanbruntS. MitchellW. PhillipsH. Hudson70,561
9/4Carolina OnmymindaNew York River Pirates8-6O. BrophyJ. JohnsonR. TaylorR. Allen73,711
9/4New Haven Red BirdsMontreal Expos7-3B. KelleyR. Duhart---L. Williams54,152
9/4Portland Pride@ Las Vegas Aces0-17J. ToddN. Brown---C. Landers66,394
9/4New England Smooth TalkersMarietta Maulers10-2R. StanleyV. Smith---A. Turner59,819
9/4Bayside TigersGalesburg Monstars4-0G. TorbertE. Parker---G. Torbert53,144
9/4Windy City Pale HoseKatutura Badbirdz11-2J. SheltonB. Wright---J. Shelton70,003
9/4Youstabee Athletics@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics0-2D. LozadaC. McLaurinM. AllenD. Lozada61,669
9/3River City RazorbacksMiami Inferno9-3A. GreerH. Moultrie---B. Jarrett66,569
9/3Carolina Onmyminda@ New York River Pirates3-4W. PerezP. Earley---W. Perez74,035
9/3Peoria ChiefsEast Side Panty Raiders2-1D. WatermanS. Sousa---D. Waterman56,753
9/3Bayside TigersGalesburg Monstars7-0V. HarmonS. Bennett---V. Harmon59,302
9/3Windy City Pale HoseKatutura Badbirdz10-5U. FieldsK. Warren---R. Dunn73,011
9/3Portland Pride@ Las Vegas Aces0-6C. OlsenR. Gutierrez---C. Olsen73,869
9/3New England Smooth Talkers@ Marietta Maulers2-7W. VinsonA. Ridley---B. Costello63,344
9/3Youstabee AthleticsSaskatchewan Eh-thletics2-1A. DanielC. BlockM. ArmijoA. Daniel63,044
9/3West Side Boxer Robbers@ Aych Bee Breeze2-5D. KhanB. ConleyA. TownleyB. Scott69,469
9/3New Haven Red BirdsMontreal Expos8-6B. ValdovinosM. MartinD. RobinsonE. Ison52,494
9/3Jacksonville Crimsons@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons6-7D. DingesK. Moore---V. Burk55,944
9/3Siberia TundraAppalachian Isotopes3-1W. McGillR. Bell---J. Castile63,319
9/2Siberia TundraAppalachian Isotopes8-5D. BenfieldJ. Latson---C. Hake69,727
9/2River City Razorbacks@ Miami Inferno4-7M. JohnsonT. Cannon---A. Sweeney65,727
9/2West Side Boxer RobbersAych Bee Breeze6-5W. PhillipsA. TownleyD. RogersE. Mohammad66,595
9/2Jacksonville CrimsonsBloomington Swamp Dragons6-1R. DingesK. Conlin---R. Dinges65,169
9/2New England Smooth TalkersEast Side Panty Raiders3-2L. McKinneyR. GonzalezS. WhiteA. Turner65,727
9/2Carolina Onmyminda@ New York River Pirates5-6R. CarruthC. SpragueM. AragonD. McCaffrey73,461
9/2Bayside TigersGalesburg Monstars6-4W. NelsonJ. PhillipsM. MartinezJ. Chapa58,060
9/2New Haven Red BirdsMontreal Expos4-1A. BrownK. Loveless---A. Brown53,086
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