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Date Away Home Result Win Loss Save PotG Att
9/4New Haven Red BirdsMiami Inferno13-5R. DemossB. DerosaL. HooverM. Petree66,786
9/4Siberia TundraGalesburg Monstars3-1A. GreeneB. CartwrightB. HeadleyA. Greene54,377
9/4Windy City Pale HoseEast Side Panty Raiders6-3J. SheltonS. White---J. Reyes65,902
9/4Youstabee AthleticsAych Bee Breeze3-1T. CummingsR. LozanoM. ArmijoT. Cummings68,060
9/4West Side Boxer Robbers@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics1-6C. BlockR. Escalante---C. Block63,086
9/4Portland Pride@ Las Vegas Aces2-15M. JohnsonD. Todd---M. Johnson74,361
9/4River City Razorbacks@ Katutura Badbirdz0-9K. CabezasG. Vita---K. Cabezas65,552
9/4Bayside TigersBloomington Swamp Dragons5-4A. MontgomeryR. ObrienW. BoltzJ. Robinson60,411
9/4Jacksonville Crimsons@ Appalachian Isotopes3-11B. DoverD. Maxwell---C. Hake73,236
9/4New England Smooth TalkersMontreal Expos5-3L. KitchensJ. SmallS. WhiteM. Dean53,077
9/4Peoria ChiefsNew York River Pirates4-1G. CrawfordT. CullyS. BarahonaG. Crawford77,511
9/4Carolina Onmyminda@ Marietta Maulers3-6B. CallR. GreenM. HallT. Fisher65,061
9/3Carolina OnmymindaMarietta Maulers6-5D. AlstonV. SmithC. JenkinsM. Melvin64,652
9/3Youstabee AthleticsAych Bee Breeze6-1C. McLaurinC. Amador---C. McLaurin67,085
9/3New England Smooth TalkersMontreal Expos5-0R. StanleyM. Martin---R. Stanley56,602
9/3Windy City Pale HoseEast Side Panty Raiders3-1P. QuickJ. Durkin---P. Quick60,727
9/3New Haven Red Birds@ Miami Inferno1-8O. BrophyJ. Walker---M. Barnes69,861
9/3Jacksonville Crimsons@ Appalachian Isotopes2-7G. WestJ. Kelly---G. West77,327
9/3Bayside Tigers@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons1-2B. MorrisC. Mack---L. Neal57,436
9/3River City Razorbacks@ Katutura Badbirdz2-3N. StoverF. Gibson---P. Hoag65,227
9/3Siberia Tundra@ Galesburg Monstars2-3C. PetrucciE. Seals---J. Curran53,202
9/3West Side Boxer Robbers@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics3-4D. DavenportJ. Wolff---J. Erwin67,511
9/3Portland Pride@ Las Vegas Aces1-2J. ToddA. Yost---J. Todd70,569
9/3Peoria Chiefs@ New York River Pirates3-4M. RayD. Waterman---M. Darrow71,936
9/2Youstabee AthleticsAych Bee Breeze11-5A. DanielR. Moore---E. Campbell62,644
9/2Jacksonville CrimsonsAppalachian Isotopes12-4W. NelsonL. BrownW. NewtonD. Heller69,269
9/2Windy City Pale HoseNew York River Pirates5-1E. GroverR. Carruth---E. Grover74,477
9/2New England Smooth TalkersMontreal Expos11-8A. RidleyG. PittardS. WhiteW. Holden54,811
9/2Portland PrideLas Vegas Aces8-7R. DuhartC. WeaverM. MitchellP. Rhodes67,910
9/2Siberia Tundra@ Galesburg Monstars2-9J. PhillipsD. BenfieldS. TimberlakeW. Boller56,960
9/2River City RazorbacksKatutura Badbirdz4-3A. GreerF. SimpsonJ. CostalesR. Kellogg65,702
9/2Carolina OnmymindaMarietta Maulers7-0G. HowardW. Vinson---G. Howard63,994
9/1River City RazorbacksMiami Inferno3-1J. GilbertP. FigueroaJ. CostalesJ. Gilbert69,252
9/1Portland Pride@ Aych Bee Breeze2-10D. KhanE. Murdock---G. Garcia69,802
9/1Windy City Pale HoseNew York River Pirates3-0R. MaillouxH. Duplantis---R. Mailloux71,102
9/1New England Smooth Talkers@ Katutura Badbirdz3-6B. HarknessL. Kitchens---B. Harkness71,127
9/1Peoria ChiefsMarietta Maulers3-1G. PaulsonM. Hall---G. Paulson68,236
9/1New Haven Red BirdsEast Side Panty Raiders6-5B. KelleyR. TurnerP. PhillipsE. Ison53,836
9/1Bayside Tigers@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics0-2D. LozadaD. Gonzalez---D. Lozada70,386
9/1Youstabee AthleticsBloomington Swamp Dragons7-1J. CollierM. Vanetten---D. Doherty57,927
9/1West Side Boxer RobbersGalesburg Monstars8-4J. BermudezW. Beck---C. Kay59,369
9/1Carolina OnmymindaMontreal Expos3-1C. GarciaJ. HarrisM. BuchananC. Garcia55,452
9/1Siberia Tundra@ Appalachian Isotopes3-4V. BarnesA. Paramore---D. McKee69,077
9/1Jacksonville CrimsonsLas Vegas Aces2-0D. CasasC. OlsenG. FoxD. Casas74,452
8/31New England Smooth TalkersKatutura Badbirdz7-3L. McKinneyB. WrightR. FergusonM. Kane71,986
8/31Jacksonville Crimsons@ Las Vegas Aces2-5K. WhiteC. Hess---K. Pappas72,061
8/31Carolina OnmymindaMontreal Expos16-3C. SpragueF. Green---D. Ott57,527
8/31Portland Pride@ Aych Bee Breeze2-3D. CardinaleR. GutierrezJ. MosserD. Cardinale71,144
8/31River City Razorbacks@ Miami Inferno2-3P. BadgettJ. Salazar---D. Clark66,160
8/31Windy City Pale HoseNew York River Pirates3-2A. HarrisonW. PerezB. GonzalezD. McCaffrey74,477
8/31Youstabee Athletics@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons1-2S. BlazeM. Armijo---J. Cruz63,085
8/31Peoria ChiefsMarietta Maulers16-3*C. HallG. Torbert---L. Romero72,144
8/31New Haven Red BirdsEast Side Panty Raiders11-3A. BrownR. Gonzalez---L. Williams66,727
8/31West Side Boxer RobbersGalesburg Monstars10-6O. ArchieE. Parker---M. Smith54,044
8/31Siberia Tundra@ Appalachian Isotopes3-4N. MobleyB. KutzJ. GoldsmithN. Mobley70,552
8/31Bayside Tigers@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics1-5C. ForsbergV. Harmon---T. Foust69,577
8/30Peoria ChiefsMarietta Maulers12-3K. ConlinB. Call---C. Finley68,419
8/30West Side Boxer Robbers@ Galesburg Monstars3-6J. SalterD. Rogers---J. Judkins58,185
8/30Bayside Tigers@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics6-8J. MurphyS. EakerC. LottL. Buchanan62,786
8/30Portland PrideAych Bee Breeze4-2D. ToddR. LozanoM. MitchellA. Herrera70,652
8/30New Haven Red BirdsEast Side Panty Raiders4-2M. HayesW. LenardD. RobinsonM. Hayes61,186
8/30Siberia Tundra@ Appalachian Isotopes2-3B. DoverE. SealsJ. GoldsmithB. Dover69,177
8/30Jacksonville Crimsons@ Las Vegas Aces0-1M. JohnsonD. Maxwell---M. Johnson74,785
8/30Carolina OnmymindaMontreal Expos8-2R. GreenK. Loveless---R. Green53,586
8/30Youstabee AthleticsBloomington Swamp Dragons4-2T. CummingsS. CastanedaM. ArmijoH. Olson58,610
8/30River City Razorbacks@ Miami Inferno4-10R. GreenG. Vita---M. Blair60,185
8/30New England Smooth Talkers@ Katutura Badbirdz4-5B. HarknessS. White---M. Dean70,794
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