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CardsClubhouse: Scoreboard

Date Away Home Result Win Loss Save PotG Att
7/31New York River Pirates@ Marietta Maulers0-11gvF. ManuelJ. Shafer---not yet awarded44,276
7/31Bayside Tigers@ Jacksonville Crimsons4-2gvD. LeeL. WarnerT. Nicollnot yet awarded38,426
7/31River City Razorbacks@ Carolina Wesofina8-6gvA. WilliamsA. Arnold---not yet awarded47,293
7/31East Side Panty Raiders@ Quincy Gems12-3gvJ. HentonR. Villegas---not yet awarded37,426
7/31Portland Pride@ Potomac Nationals2-9gvN. MeyerC. Cohen---not yet awarded46,843
7/31Peoria Chiefs@ Windy City Pale Hose5-7 (11)gvV. LinC. Pharris---not yet awarded43,777
7/31Galesburg Monstars@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics0-1gvM. HarrisJ. LattinD. Blakenot yet awarded43,493
7/31West Side Boxer Robbers@ Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels5-0gvM. BuggP. Hall---not yet awarded45,777
7/31Bloomington Swamp Dragons@ Appalachian Isotopes4-8gvB. LinusJ. MacDonald---not yet awarded46,760
7/31Katutura Badbirdz@ Montreal Expos2-1gvT. VillaJ. ChandlerN. Warenot yet awarded41,226
7/31Palm Beach Cardinals@ New England Smooth Talkers2-1 (11)gvJ. DavisR. Meyer---not yet awarded45,077
7/31Las Vegas Aces@ Aych Bee Breeze2-10gvT. AkersD. Barnes---not yet awarded41,626
7/30Appalachian Isotopes@ Katutura Badbirdz2-5gvJ. BolenS. Fury---J. Bolen44,935
7/30Saskatchewan Eh-thletics@ New York River Pirates7-1gvM. BennettD. Eldridge---M. Bennett38,185
7/30Galesburg Monstars@ Marietta Maulers6-2gvE. GroverJ. Zellers---M. Cockerham47,668
7/30West Side Boxer Robbers@ Palm Beach Cardinals6-4 (11)gvM. MurrayJ. DavisC. MoseleyJ. Jones46,585
7/30Bloomington Swamp Dragons@ Montreal Expos5-2gvW. ColeR. JonesJ. GeorgeW. Cole41,535
7/30Bayside Tigers@ Carolina Wesofina3-5gvJ. BissonT. RodriguezA. JunkerF. Reynolds43,701
7/30Quincy Gems@ Las Vegas Aces4-6gvG. WatkinsH. GutierrezC. SagerD. Capasso39,301
7/30Jacksonville Crimsons@ River City Razorbacks3-4 (11)gvD. GregoireF. Baker---V. McDonald45,885
7/30East Side Panty Raiders@ Aych Bee Breeze2-5gvD. LindseyW. HarbinF. GreenR. Gregson43,501
7/30Portland Pride@ Peoria Chiefs2-6gvM. FaulJ. Null---M. Faul42,518
7/29Windy City Pale Hose@ Potomac Nationals3-5gvE. WhitfordJ. Landers---W. Moore44,185
7/29East Side Panty Raiders@ Aych Bee Breeze11-2gvM. SmithA. Villareal---M. Smith44,327
7/29Jacksonville Crimsons@ River City Razorbacks8-5gvH. SteenR. ThomasD. McKameyS. Helms45,326
7/29Bayside Tigers@ Carolina Wesofina2-6gvJ. SchmitD. GonzalezA. JunkerJ. Schmit44,076
7/29Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels@ New England Smooth Talkers4-6gvA. MillerM. Massey---P. Diggs42,235
7/29Appalachian Isotopes@ Katutura Badbirdz4-5gvG. HoodJ. Conrad---N. Ramos45,160
7/29Galesburg Monstars@ Marietta Maulers6-0gvB. MorrisK. Netto---B. Morris46,393
7/29Portland Pride@ Peoria Chiefs0-2gvA. ChickF. Goff---A. Chick47,443
7/29Bloomington Swamp Dragons@ Montreal Expos6-11gvR. LarkinJ. Muth---E. Williams40,960
7/29West Side Boxer Robbers@ Palm Beach Cardinals6-7 (10)gvT. CummingsM. Murray---M. Allen46,843
7/29Saskatchewan Eh-thletics@ New York River Pirates7-8gvJ. ThompsonP. Allison---S. Bell35,293
7/29Quincy Gems@ Las Vegas Aces1-5gvW. StokesD. Turner---W. Stokes42,026
7/28Appalachian Isotopes@ Katutura Badbirdz8-9gvN. WareJ. Conrad---E. Garner45,535
7/28Jacksonville Crimsons@ River City Razorbacks8-5gvJ. TurnerR. CaoD. McKameyJ. Turner46,201
7/28Windy City Pale Hose@ Potomac Nationals7-1gvN. HowardC. Lundy---S. Steele45,276
7/28Bayside Tigers@ Carolina Wesofina9-4gvA. HodgeJ. Walker---M. Walker42,451
7/28Bloomington Swamp Dragons@ Montreal Expos9-6gvJ. WeldonM. GuertinJ. GeorgeB. Tate41,535
7/28West Side Boxer Robbers@ Palm Beach Cardinals1-5gvS. MathisE. Bourque---S. Mathis47,235
7/28Quincy Gems@ Las Vegas Aces3-6gvD. ButlerJ. Hubbard---D. Butler39,351
7/28Galesburg Monstars@ Marietta Maulers14-2gvR. GeorgeR. McHugh---A. Edmonds43,568
7/28Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels@ New England Smooth Talkers0-4gvD. ConnorF. Loy---D. Connor41,410
7/28Portland Pride@ Peoria Chiefs1-8gvL. FriddleG. Bugg---L. Friddle46,518
7/28Saskatchewan Eh-thletics@ New York River Pirates5-3gvR. LefkowitzF. KirkpatrickK. BorowskiR. Lefkowitz37,118
7/28East Side Panty Raiders@ Aych Bee Breeze2-5gvD. DowdT. BrieseF. GreenD. Dowd43,402
7/27New York River Pirates@ Appalachian Isotopes6-2gvB. OgaraF. Powell---B. Ogara45,476
7/27Montreal Expos@ Aych Bee Breeze4-1gvD. BrayF. GreenD. SanchezD. Bray43,043
7/27Windy City Pale Hose@ Potomac Nationals1-2gvW. FisherC. Weston---D. Killinger44,785
7/27Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels@ New England Smooth Talkers4-3gvL. MontezS. FosterJ. ZollB. Brewer45,002
7/26Jacksonville Crimsons@ Carolina Wesofina7-1gvD. BlankK. Heckart---M. Comer42,626
7/26Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels@ Palm Beach Cardinals3-6gvD. HuynhJ. Zoll---K. Rubio46,277
7/26New England Smooth Talkers@ Bayside Tigers4-16gvF. RodriguezR. Torres---K. Beasley38,610
7/26New York River Pirates@ Appalachian Isotopes8-5gvM. LewisJ. ConradJ. ThompsonC. Davis45,401
7/26Portland Pride@ Windy City Pale Hose1-6gvD. CrockettT. Christensen---D. Crockett40,943
7/26Quincy Gems@ Galesburg Monstars1-4gvC. HeapsG. LeP. RudolphR. Johnson40,076
7/26Katutura Badbirdz@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons9-5gvC. WatsonM. CrewsJ. MartinezA. Davis42,710
7/26Potomac Nationals@ River City Razorbacks6-3gvR. TaylorD. Mitchell---R. Coleman47,927
7/26Las Vegas Aces@ East Side Panty Raiders6-5 (10)gvC. SagerJ. Diaz---J. Stallings39,176
7/26Marietta Maulers@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics1-2gvC. AlexanderH. Williams---C. Alexander46,860
7/26Montreal Expos@ Aych Bee Breeze6-3gvJ. ChandlerT. AkersD. SanchezP. McAllister43,668
7/26Peoria Chiefs@ West Side Boxer Robbers2-4gvL. TuckerS. MorganM. MurrayL. Tucker43,126
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