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CardsClubhouse: Scoreboard

Date Away Home Result Inn Win Loss Save PotG Att
10/8Carolina Fustigators@ Peoria Chiefs6-4 J. SchmitM. FaulA. ArnoldJ. Bonnette60,085
10/8Montreal Expos@ New York River Pirates4-1 D. KentM. MurrayJ. BrownD. McKamey62,468
10/7Montreal Expos@ New York River Pirates1-7 M. BuggD. Barnes---M. Bugg60,168
10/7Carolina Fustigators@ Peoria Chiefs2-0 J. BissonC. Pharris---J. Bisson64,734
10/7Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels@ Bayside Tigers3-4 F. KirkpatrickG. Lynn---J. Wiese61,051
10/7Bloomington Swamp Dragons@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics1-2 K. DavilaE. Bourque---M. Harris66,085
10/5Peoria Chiefs@ Carolina Fustigators5-4(11)C. PharrisD. Llanos---G. West58,452
10/5Saskatchewan Eh-thletics@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons20-0 G. BaileyH. Lozano---G. Bailey62,835
10/5New York River Pirates@ Montreal Expos2-3 R. JonesM. Murray---R. Jones60,618
10/5Bayside Tigers@ Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels8-6 F. RodriguezA. JonesS. CastilloL. McCray56,951
10/4Bayside Tigers@ Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels8-2 C. RogersB. Thomas---L. McCray69,151
10/4Saskatchewan Eh-thletics@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons7-3 C. AlexanderM. CrewsK. DavilaS. Bell64,718
10/4Peoria Chiefs@ Carolina Fustigators10-4 S. MorganJ. Bisson---B. Coy61,052
10/4New York River Pirates@ Montreal Expos3-0 S. HammondD. HopperM. MurrayS. Hammond59,818
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