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CardsClubhouse: Scoreboard

Date Away Home Result Win Loss Save PotG Att
4/3Carolina Waterslida@ Windy City Pale Hose4-5M. MorganJ. Bisson---J. Dickerson48,743
4/3Montreal Expos@ New York River Pirates5-6D. BurtonJ. Staley---C. Murphy58,351
4/3New England Smooth Talkers@ River City Razorbacks1-11R. ThomasM. Massey---R. Thomas50,560
4/3Quincy Gems@ East Side Panty Raiders1-2M. SmithE. Young---M. Smith62,385
4/3Jacksonville Crimsons@ Bayside Tigers0-11H. SteenP. Quick---H. Steen41,026
4/3Portland Pride@ Potomac Nationals6-8J. ThompsonR. Harris---J. Thompson56,235
4/3Aych Bee Breeze@ Galesburg Monstars6-2R. DeverM. Murray---C. Smith59,568
4/3Las Vegas Aces@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons5-6D. EldridgeR. SwansonJ. GeorgeC. Pederson51,877
4/3Marietta Maulers@ Katutura Badbirdz8-6G. LopezJ. Martinez---K. Augustine52,693
4/3Appalachian Isotopes@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics3-12*C. AlexanderS. Fury---N. Marconi47,494
4/3New Haven Crows@ Peoria Chiefs5-6B. NewtonT. PiresC. GuardV. Pippin49,477
4/3Hells Soulless Ginger Rebels@ West Side Boxer Robbers1-0A. JonesM. Faul---A. Jones56,185
4/2Carolina Waterslida@ Windy City Pale Hose7-8J. BriggsD. Llanos---E. Phillippi68,668
4/2Jacksonville Crimsons@ Bayside Tigers4-15G. HyltonJ. Harris---S. Steele59,901
4/2Las Vegas Aces@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons4-5H. LozanoG. WatkinsJ. GeorgeA. Summers59,852
4/2Appalachian Isotopes@ Saskatchewan Eh-thletics3-2D. JonesG. BaileyN. MurphyD. Jones57,219
4/2Marietta Maulers@ Katutura Badbirdz3-6R. SylvainE. Moore---C. Maas61,318
4/2New England Smooth Talkers@ River City Razorbacks1-4G. VitaC. PullenD. GregoireG. Vita67,485
4/2New Haven Crows@ Peoria Chiefs5-7A. ChickE. BurtonH. BerndtA. Sanchez62,335
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