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CardsClubhouse: Scoreboard

Date Away Home Result Win Loss Save PotG Att
10/4Montreal Expos@ East Side Panty Raiders2-0gvD. BrayS. BalderramaD. SanchezD. Bray58,185
10/4Carolina Wesofina@ Windy City Pale Hose2-10gvN. HowardJ. Walker---N. Howard59,818
10/4Appalachian Isotopes@ Aych Bee Breeze5-4 (10)gvC. HaroldF. BakerS. FuryE. Rasmussen55,568
10/4Bayside Tigers@ West Side Boxer Robbers6-0gvR. SimonB. Livingston---R. Simon60,001
10/3Montreal Expos@ East Side Panty Raiders2-6gvD. KentS. Steiner---M. Garza58,135
10/3Bayside Tigers@ West Side Boxer Robbers2-4gvL. WarnerR. CannellaR. LefkowitzL. Warner60,351
10/3Carolina Wesofina@ Windy City Pale Hose2-3gvJ. LandersT. Christensen---J. Landers59,018
10/3Appalachian Isotopes@ Aych Bee Breeze2-3gvK. FyeJ. Ludwig---K. Fye59,068
10/1East Side Panty Raiders@ Montreal Expos4-2gvW. HarbinR. Larkin---M. Garza59,735
10/1Windy City Pale Hose@ Carolina Wesofina5-1gvH. LozanoH. Steen---H. Lozano57,301
10/1Aych Bee Breeze@ Appalachian Isotopes4-0gvA. AlvaradoG. Wynand---A. Alvarado65,435
10/1West Side Boxer Robbers@ Bayside Tigers1-4gvJ. ChretienC. PullenT. NicollJ. Chretien64,518
9/30East Side Panty Raiders@ Montreal Expos2-3gvW. StokesM. SmithD. SanchezM. Garza60,585
9/30West Side Boxer Robbers@ Bayside Tigers4-3gvC. RogersD. Gonzalez---C. Rogers64,468
9/30Windy City Pale Hose@ Carolina Wesofina4-1gvA. StewartK. HeckartR. TompkinsA. Stewart64,035
9/30Aych Bee Breeze@ Appalachian Isotopes8-10gvL. WellsB. WootenS. FuryW. Wilson61,601
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