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Date Away Home Result Win Loss Save PotG Att
5/16Montreal Expos@ New York River Pirates1-4L. BigbyJ. Priddy---L. Bigby65,743
5/16West Side Boxer RobbersPortland Pride11-3B. WilsonJ. Salcido---M. Anderton62,736
5/16Youstabee Athletics@ Bayside Tigers2-4W. NelsonC. McLaurin---W. Nelson65,352
5/16Las Vegas AcesSaskatchewan Eh-thletics3-2T. DolanM. Allen---G. Edwards61,427
5/16Siberia TundraJacksonville Crimsons4-3D. BenfieldR. DingesB. HeadleyD. Benfield60,885
5/16Katutura Badbirdz@ East Side Panty Raiders0-5J. DurkinB. Harkness---J. Durkin54,094
5/16Carolina OnmymindaWindy City Pale Hose6-5F. BowmanG. Cox---F. Bowman62,160
5/16River City RazorbacksNew England Smooth Talkers4-3D. WesleyS. CousinsJ. GoodD. Graham62,827
5/16Peoria Chiefs@ New Haven Red Birds3-4M. HayesS. CastanedaJ. WalkerE. Ison65,794
5/15Siberia Tundra@ Bayside Tigers0-4D. GonzalezW. Beck---D. Gonzalez66,460
5/15Missouri WolvesBloomington Swamp Dragons6-5S. BennettR. MitchellS. BarahonaJ. Griffin62,336
5/15Montreal ExposEast Side Panty Raiders16-8R. DuhartT. Williams---B. Beckham57,218
5/15Youstabee Athletics@ West Side Boxer Robbers1-3T. SmithA. Daniel---T. Smith75,260
5/15Las Vegas AcesAych Bee Breeze10-0F. SparksJ. Patton---F. Sparks72,552
5/15Katutura BadbirdzMiami Inferno8-6F. SimpsonT. WrightB. ConleyM. Marshall63,602
5/15New England Smooth Talkers@ Peoria Chiefs1-14G. PaulsonH. Moultrie---D. Simpson71,919
5/15New York River Pirates@ Marietta Maulers4-8K. MansfieldJ. Johnson---B. Costello61,236
5/15River City Razorbacks@ Carolina Onmyminda3-4R. JohnsonA. Greer---R. Johnson67,519
5/15New Haven Red BirdsWindy City Pale Hose8-0A. BrownJ. Shelton---A. Brown57,302
5/15Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsAppalachian Isotopes5-3K. VenneV. WilliamsM. AllenS. Helms66,052
5/14Siberia Tundra@ Bayside Tigers0-1G. TorbertB. KutzR. EscalanteG. Torbert65,185
5/14River City RazorbacksCarolina Onmyminda2-0J. GallegosO. BrophyJ. GoodJ. Gossman64,427
5/14New York River PiratesMarietta Maulers7-5R. CarruthJ. RandallE. NimmonsW. Gamble57,194
5/14Montreal ExposEast Side Panty Raiders9-0D. ToddP. Evans---D. Todd48,927
5/14Missouri WolvesBloomington Swamp Dragons8-4S. SmithJ. PerezW. BlackJ. McCormack58,611
5/14New Haven Red BirdsWindy City Pale Hose14-3B. ValdovinosU. Fields---E. Ison62,294
5/14New England Smooth Talkers@ Peoria Chiefs0-9G. CrawfordA. Ridley---G. Crawford69,394
5/14Katutura Badbirdz@ Miami Inferno4-5J. WitherspoonL. Yarbrough---J. Witherspoon58,727
5/14Portland Pride@ Jacksonville Crimsons2-4C. HessF. MartinJ. CatalanB. Chacon64,161
5/14Saskatchewan Eh-thletics@ Appalachian Isotopes2-3B. DoverC. IsaacJ. GoldsmithL. Buchanan66,460
5/14Youstabee Athletics@ West Side Boxer Robbers3-4D. DavisJ. CollierD. RogersE. Mohammad72,685
5/14Las Vegas AcesAych Bee Breeze11-0C. OlsenC. Amador---W. Provost70,260
5/13New York River PiratesMarietta Maulers8-2W. PerezJ. Martin---N. Soileau64,269
5/13Missouri Wolves@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons4-16D. CasasM. Shelly---E. Barnes69,469
5/13New Haven Red Birds@ Windy City Pale Hose4-7M. DanielsS. Monroe---B. Barron63,986
5/13Katutura Badbirdz@ Miami Inferno7-8D. SmithF. Simpson---D. Smith69,669
5/13New England Smooth TalkersPeoria Chiefs7-2L. McKinneyD. Waterman---L. McKinney71,169
5/13Montreal ExposEast Side Panty Raiders6-2J. HarrisJ. BrowningK. LovelessE. Caldwell50,518
5/13River City RazorbacksCarolina Onmyminda2-1R. RamosQ. MarJ. GoodR. Ramos67,102
5/13Las Vegas Aces@ Aych Bee Breeze1-2R. LozanoK. WhiteA. TownleyR. Lozano67,635
5/13Portland PrideJacksonville Crimsons9-3R. GutierrezC. Jaeger---R. Gutierrez71,819
5/13Siberia Tundra@ Bayside Tigers2-4V. HarmonE. SealsR. EscalanteV. Harmon67,860
5/13Saskatchewan Eh-thleticsAppalachian Isotopes6-4D. DavenportJ. LatsonA. ReaganC. Hake65,168
5/13Youstabee AthleticsWest Side Boxer Robbers7-3R. GaddB. Hazard---R. Thomas71,227
5/12New England Smooth TalkersPeoria Chiefs9-2M. ThompsonC. Hall---M. Thompson71,644
5/12Saskatchewan Eh-thletics@ Appalachian Isotopes2-3V. WilliamsM. Allen---R. Sam74,644
5/12Katutura Badbirdz@ Miami Inferno2-3D. RobinsonR. Norman---F. Goo70,444
5/12River City Razorbacks@ Carolina Onmyminda4-5J. LockeJ. Gilbert---D. Graham69,227
5/12Portland Pride@ Jacksonville Crimsons12-13J. KnottsO. Archie---C. Medina71,111
5/12New York River PiratesMarietta Maulers6-4T. CullyS. Eaker---T. Cully64,611
5/12Montreal ExposEast Side Panty Raiders7-1J. ParkerR. Wallace---J. Parker55,793
5/12New Haven Red Birds@ Windy City Pale Hose3-4J. ToddD. Robinson---J. Todd66,661
5/12Las Vegas AcesAych Bee Breeze10-7A. PresleyD. CardinaleT. DolanD. Medellin71,860
5/12Missouri Wolves@ Bloomington Swamp Dragons1-6L. NubbinsM. Hoch---L. Nubbins63,294
5/11Windy City Pale Hose@ Miami Inferno7-13B. ReynaA. HarrisonJ. LanningA. Sweeney67,102
5/11New Haven Red BirdsKatutura Badbirdz6-1M. HayesB. Harkness---M. Hayes64,069
5/11West Side Boxer RobbersAych Bee Breeze9-5E. VanbruntD. Khan---G. Garcia66,569
5/11Youstabee AthleticsBloomington Swamp Dragons5-3W. HaltonK. Conlin---T. Hirst68,735
5/11Carolina Onmyminda@ East Side Panty Raiders2-7J. DurkinC. Jenkins---W. Evans54,702
5/11Bayside TigersMissouri Wolves5-1W. VinsonD. Pacheco---W. Vinson64,985
5/11New England Smooth Talkers@ New York River Pirates5-7B. MooreM. Hilton---H. Pelkey67,319
5/11Peoria ChiefsMontreal Expos6-1S. CastanedaJ. Priddy---S. Castaneda54,452
5/11River City Razorbacks@ Marietta Maulers8-10M. ThomasD. WesleyE. RuelR. Roche62,136
5/11Portland PrideSaskatchewan Eh-thletics5-3W. HouseD. LopezP. GriffithC. Medina57,019
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