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League Status:
1981 (regular season in progress)
League Date:
League Salary Cap:
$65 Million
Rating Format:
Pre-Season FA's:
Simulation Speed:
8 game days per calendar day (every 3 hours)
League Type:
Mentor League (commissioners: CHUNCHO, jimch11, Talesen, bobcat1018, All-Day; mentors: smittias, CHUNCHO, jimch11, Talesen, bobcat1018, All-Day, Vashon)
League Message:
Welcome to Spring Training! Bid on Free agents. Set your allocations. Talk to your mentor. & review preseason checklist >> http://help.csfbl.com/SiteSettings/Wiki/Index/58?title=Preseason-Checklist


Conference A
Division: Talesen
Daytona Wave Riders (Gottfried)
Phillipsburg Panthers (nschlozz13)
Savage Youngbloods (GoldenGhost)
South Jersey Wildcats (Mailman)
Winnipeg Beach Buoys (JanNoord)
Xenia Action (blwatts82)
Division: CHUNCHO
Chattanooga Johnny Rebs (tellias)
Chesapeake Bay Driftwood (percy3k)
MP 19 (pearbear82)
Noville Sting (bfortuna)
San Francisco Home Runs (supermanager1)
Wounded Knee WagonBurners (DADDY187)
Conference B
Division: All-Day
Adelaide Bite (Scott956)
Dayton Rebels (tank)
Detroit Dragons (DigiVamp)
Murray Go Rounds (Maxqw)
Roc City Ballers (ThunderB53)
Xanadu Khans (DaveW)
Division: Bobcat1018
Altoona A-Bombs (wcuhockey9)
Goodyear Zeppelins (DirtbagBlues)
South Park Angry Beavers (BoDean)
St Louis Gashouse Gang (redbird63)
Sterling Warriors (HOKAHEY)
Texas Jager Bombers (Silverstreak)

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