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 Box Score: Kirksville Osteopaths at New England Smooth Talkers, 6/8/2077

Game Date: 6/8/2077 (regular season)
Simmed On: 11/1/2013 3:01:21 PM
Attendance: 55,159
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Team123 456 789 101112 131415 -Total
Kirksville Osteopaths015 000 012 000 100 -10
New England Smooth Talkers001 005 003 000 101 -11


Kirksville OsteopathsABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBCS
Alan Faber, 2B81300000120
Dennis David, LF71100001300
Brian Chacon, 1B71000001500
Bobby Beckham, DH71410120120
Theodore Bumpus, CF61100001100
Lawrence Anderson, 3B61200011100
Fabian Friese, C62210131100
Arturo Jarman, RF72430130000
Brett Jones, SS70210010100
New England Smooth TalkersABRH2B3BHRRBIBBSOSBCS
Aldo Davis, CF82620001000
Tommy Terry, 3B92300020100
Ariel Hancock, DH90200000200
Benjamin Boozer, RF92420150201
Benjamin Brennan, LF51100013100
Wayne Judge, 1B80210000200
Marty Reed, 2B41200134001
Richard Holland, SS51000003300
Daniel Sample, C82300000100


Kirksville OsteopathsIPHRERHRBBSOTBTSTP  
Roy Sims5 2/39661666574139 
Robert Ford2 1/3200001141529 
Shane Gautreaux1 2/3533132333265 Blown Save
Raul Kelso2 1/3200003142236 
Jason Melendez1/3000000011 Hold
Gordon Bond0100000134 
James Jones2 1/3422020161733 Loss Blown Save
Totals14 2/323111121112---------
New England Smooth TalkersIPHRERHRBBSOTBTSTP  
Danny Lachapelle2 2/3766124173653 
Ribs Pacheco5 2/3833203314475 
Ivan Field4 1/3411015114455 
Brian Thurmond2 1/3000022161228 Win


Kirksville OsteopathsTCPOAEDPPB
Bobby Beckham, DH000000
Shane Gautreaux, P000000
Roy Sims, P211000
Raul Kelso, P000000
Gordon Bond, P000000
Jason Melendez, P000000
Robert Ford, P000000
James Jones, P110000
Fabian Friese, C18162000
Brian Chacon, 1B1091020
Alan Faber, 2B1055020
Lawrence Anderson, 3B734000
Brett Jones, SS1246220
Dennis David, LF220000
Theodore Bumpus, CF220000
Arturo Jarman, RF110000
New England Smooth TalkersTCPOAEDPPB
Ariel Hancock, DH000000
Danny Lachapelle, P101000
Ivan Field, P202000
Brian Thurmond, P000000
Ribs Pacheco, P000000
Daniel Sample, C14140000
Wayne Judge, 1B14140020
Marty Reed, 2B1147020
Tommy Terry, 3B211000
Richard Holland, SS826020
Benjamin Brennan, LF330000
Aldo Davis, CF440000
Benjamin Boozer, RF431000
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