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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: ,

Most Valuable Player
Jason Taylor, 3B, New York Giants (.287-59-135)
Robert Barr, DH, Case Cardinals (.341-36-137)
Cy Young
Charles Agee, P, New York Giants (20-7, 2.88)
Gene Carlson, P, Sharpe Dispensers (19-8, 2.64)
Rookie of the Year
Charles Garcia, P, Maine Bear Hunters (15-12, 4.24)
Joel Landrum, P, Detroit Tigers (5-7, 4.22)
Fireman of the Year
Richard Reid, P, New York Giants (3-8, 44 SV, 3.30)
George Sinclair, P, Case Cardinals (5-2, 45 SV, 3.02)
Division 1
Terry Williams, DH, Sacramento Bears (.307-27-63)
Anthony Casey, P, New York Giants (19-8, 3.40)
Brian Puente, P, Sacramento Bears (14-5, 2.15)
Charles Agee, P, New York Giants (20-7, 2.88)
Jesus Arena, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (17-5, 2.97)
Paul Olivas, P, Detroit Centurions (10-5, 1.02)
Richard Reid, P, New York Giants (3-8, 44 SV, 3.30)
Shawn Mercurio, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (1-9, 45 SV, 4.15)
Danny Giordano, C, New York Giants (.280-34-84)
Ruben Cummings, C, Maine Bear Hunters (.253-23-76)
Oscar Fowler, 1B, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.353-22-88)
Joseph Remington, 2B, New York Giants (.310-34-100)
Jason Taylor, 3B, New York Giants (.287-59-135)
John Vincent, 3B, Maine Bear Hunters (.318-29-77)
Gregory Grant, SS, Detroit Centurions (.317-24-90)
Howard Gray, SS, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.272-26-91)
Manuel McKinnon, LF, Sacramento Bears (.305-41-109)
Marquis McDougal, LF, Maine Bear Hunters (.303-21-96)
Edwin Williams, CF, Maine Bear Hunters (.252-50-126)
Vernon Radel, RF, Maine Bear Hunters (.318-28-86)
Division 2
Nicholas Bradford, DH, The Black Company (.340-48-142)
Brian Heaton, P, Cincinnati Public Assassins (4-4, 37 SV, 3.86)
Evan Swaim, P, Disco Lemonade (17-9, 3.95)
Glen Baker, P, Charleston Cubs (14-12, 3.90)
Justin Beck, P, The Black Company (15-14, 4.19)
Richard Drake, P, Charleston Cubs (12-8, 3.45)
Russell Gonzales, P, The Black Company (19-13, 4.11)
Todd Burton, P, Unionville Hawks (8-6, 37 SV, 2.93)
Clayton Vincent, C, The Black Company (.317-18-89)
Norris Watson, C, Disco Lemonade (.296-27-80)
Martin Reed, 1B, Disco Lemonade (.348-12-75)
Gordon Ray, 2B, Disco Lemonade (.271-44-133)
Justin Moya, 3B, Unionville Hawks (.343-26-115)
Paul Allen, 3B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.330-21-99)
Frank Black, SS, Unionville Hawks (.311-18-72)
Marc Young, SS, Minnesota Twins (.301-32-93)
Andrew Falls, LF, Minnesota Twins (.284-41-108)
Charles Oehler, LF, Charleston Cubs (.304-32-123)
David Deckard, CF, Charleston Cubs (.323-17-86)
Kent Hart, RF, Minnesota Twins (.326-26-80)
Division 3
Ian McGee, DH, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.335-34-131)
Charles Fryar, P, Detroit Tigers (14-6, 2.59)
Gene Carlson, P, Sharpe Dispensers (19-8, 2.64)
John Bellows, P, Eldar Archers (17-7, 3.15)
Jordan Truesdell, P, Sharpe Dispensers (15-7, 2.96)
Peter Davis, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (17-12, 3.60)
Ray Johnson, P, Denver Mohawks (10-3, 5 SV, 3.59)
Robert McNeill, P, Denver Mohawks (4-6, 34 SV, 3.02)
Paul Vogel, C, Billings Drillers (.278-34-104)
Raphael Gregory, C, Denver Mohawks (.287-20-71)
Franklin Carlson, 1B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.295-19-81)
Eric Walsh, 2B, Sharpe Dispensers (.291-18-71)
Tracy McAdoo, 2B, Billings Drillers (.270-44-122)
Eric Lewis, 3B, Eldar Archers (.275-30-97)
Robert Lamar, 3B, Denver Mohawks (.299-11-65)
Thomas Scott, SS, Sharpe Dispensers (.339-24-67)
Justin George, LF, Eldar Archers (.375-18-81)
Ray Pelkey, LF, Denver Mohawks (.362-20-92)
Richard Pfeifer, CF, Eldar Archers (.271-42-123)
Terry Hansen, RF, Denver Mohawks (.258-24-75)
Division 4
Danny Armour, DH, Brooklyn Dodgers (.362-39-130)
Charles Massey, P, Case Cardinals (14-4, 3.07)
David Duffey, P, Case Cardinals (19-5, 2.67)
George Sinclair, P, Case Cardinals (5-2, 45 SV, 3.02)
Jack Hall, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (14-5, 3.58)
Jermaine Norris, P, Eirinn Hurlers (10-4, 1.95)
John Eldred, P, Washington Grays (13-10, 3.12)
Kenneth Barber, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (15-4, 3.27)
Paul Cole, C, Wyoming Mets (.320-27-99)
Robert Conaway, C, Brooklyn Dodgers (.236-22-76)
Stewart Howard, 1B, Eirinn Hurlers (.284-21-73)
Kyle Burrell, 2B, Case Cardinals (.338-10-56)
Ralph Brown, 2B, Brooklyn Dodgers (.296-32-99)
John Thurston, 3B, Case Cardinals (.279-20-85)
Robert Sigler, 3B, Brooklyn Dodgers (.280-54-138)
Andrew Lowell, SS, Case Cardinals (.297-40-125)
John Roberts, LF, Eirinn Hurlers (.338-6-66)
Luis Blanton, LF, Brooklyn Dodgers (.317-23-72)
Raymond Taylor, CF, Brooklyn Dodgers (.264-28-104)
Elmer Mukai, RF, Case Cardinals (.289-29-101)
Gold Glove
David Cornwell, P, Brooklyn Dodgers
Richard Thomas, P, Minnesota Twins
Hector Caputo, C, Sacramento Bears
Paul Cole, C, Wyoming Mets
Daniel Gonzalez, 1B, Detroit Centurions
David Moultrie, 1B, Wyoming Mets
Jeremy Miller, 2B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers
Joseph Remington, 2B, New York Giants
Michael Larsen, 3B, Boston Red Sox
Walter Meyer, 3B, Charleston Cubs
Alvin Sands, SS, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers
Francisco Simons, SS, The Black Company
Andrew Falls, LF, Minnesota Twins
Kenneth Peery, LF, Case Cardinals
Dick Garcia, CF, Cincinnati Public Assassins
Margarito Sumner, CF, Wyoming Mets
Barton Maney, RF, Sullivan Turtlenecks
James Reece, RF, Wyoming Mets
Hall of Fame
Antonio Peterson, P, Eldar Archers (220-165, 3.60)
Christopher Earles, P, Minnesota Twins (71-64, 3.21)
Nicholas Williford, P, Billings Drillers (180-141, 2.99)
Robert Nilson, 2B, Detroit Centurions (.270-344-1,033)
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