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League: Alpha Rho Rho

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: Alpha Rho Rho, 1991

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: Casey Sheperd, SS, Cheating Bad (.327-28-94)
Conference B: John Smith, 1B, Stony Brook Brothers (.288-35-129)
Cy Young
Conference A: Gary Stevens, P, Indiana Cougars (21-8, 3.27)
Conference B: Emerson Jones, P, Washington Wildfires (19-6, 1.89)
Rookie of the Year
None awarded.
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Anthony Wicker, P, Bowman Bash Masters (4-6, 52 SV, 2.64)
Conference B: Irvin Dingess, P, Wawa AAA's (2-4, 46 SV, 2.73)
Division 1
Billy Moore, DH, Allegheny Greens (.312-39-115)
Gary Stevens, P, Indiana Cougars (21-8, 3.27)
George Williams, P, Montclair Berra's (18-5, 3.12)
Julian Gibbons, P, Cheating Bad (19-7, 3.36)
Matthew Hernandez, P, Cheating Bad (6-6, 28 SV, 3.92)
Nicholas Bogert, P, Indiana Cougars (0-3, 43 SV, 3.28)
Roberto McIntyre, P, Cheating Bad (14-6, 3.03)
Ted Walker, P, Indiana Cougars (17-10, 3.25)
Jeffrey Dangelo, C, Colorado 420s (.315-27-94)
Robert Lopez, C, Cheating Bad (.350-21-117)
William Dotson, 1B, Cheating Bad (.287-17-62)
Samuel Miller, 2B, Montclair Berra's (.323-43-110)
Thomas Hansen, 2B, Colorado 420s (.315-22-77)
Eugene Stewart, 3B, Indiana Cougars (.324-21-95)
Jason Bliss, 3B, Montclair Berra's (.268-35-106)
Casey Sheperd, SS, Cheating Bad (.327-28-94)
Brian Cruz, LF, Allegheny Greens (.295-33-124)
Joe Collins, LF, Cheating Bad (.299-28-95)
David Robertson, CF, Indiana Cougars (.292-21-83)
Waldo Adkins, RF, Indiana Cougars (.291-19-96)
Division 2
"Super" Mario Neal, DH, Saskatoon Sesquopods (.281-40-98)
Anthony Cash, P, Bowman Bash Masters (11-8, 3.41)
Anthony Wicker, P, Bowman Bash Masters (4-6, 52 SV, 2.64)
Forrest Kolb, P, Ruban Cinta Island Movers (6-3, 40 SV, 1.96)
Mark Saldivar, P, Oklahoma City Raging Bulls (13-9, 2.56)
Melvin Herlihy, P, Houston Panthers (9-2, 2.87)
Philip Wilson, P, Saskatoon Sesquopods (16-11, 2.89)
Phillip Garcia, P, Saskatoon Sesquopods (15-10, 2.89)
Allan Martini, C, Bowman Bash Masters (.243-37-90)
David Morelli, C, Houston Panthers (.291-19-62)
James Woody, 1B, Pittsburgh Gold (.285-22-81)
Jacob Boone, 2B, Houston Panthers (.290-20-61)
Keith Patricio, 2B, Ruban Cinta Island Movers (.319-38-115)
Jose Hodge, 3B, Bowman Bash Masters (.300-34-93)
Scott Martinez, 3B, Houston Panthers (.291-23-82)
Edward Phillips, SS, Oklahoma City Raging Bulls (.301-29-80)
Jeffrey Drake, LF, Ruban Cinta Island Movers (.260-15-48)
Mathew Conn, CF, Houston Panthers (.295-44-133)
Dale Bly, RF, Ruban Cinta Island Movers (.336-18-78)
Daniel Stinson, RF, Saskatoon Sesquopods (.349-31-85)
Division 3
Frederic McMahan, DH, Tampa Bay RADDZ Bombers (.316-32-125)
Angel Downey, P, Tampa Bay RADDZ Bombers (17-5, 3.16)
Chance Reid, P, Stony Brook Brothers (6-5, 40 SV, 2.42)
Edwin Dutton, P, Cape Cod Fried Oysters (3-4, 28 SV, 3.71)
George Watson, P, Tampa Bay RADDZ Bombers (16-7, 3.50)
Irwin Kratz, P, Stony Brook Brothers (21-7, 3.09)
Richard Foster, P, Bloomington Bombers (18-8, 2.93)
Robert Hernandez, P, Stony Brook Brothers (15-10, 3.38)
Thomas Eagle, C, Stony Brook Brothers (.312-6-47)
Wayne Vannorman, C, Volcanic Red Dragons (.270-32-100)
John Smith, 1B, Stony Brook Brothers (.288-35-129)
David Irons, 2B, Tampa Bay RADDZ Bombers (.274-38-119)
James Herzberg, 2B, Stony Brook Brothers (.267-40-123)
Mark Corey, 3B, Stony Brook Brothers (.304-30-93)
Thomas Hogan, 3B, Tampa Bay RADDZ Bombers (.314-28-98)
Brett Reynolds, SS, Volcanic Red Dragons (.299-11-58)
Robert Cortes, LF, Tampa Bay RADDZ Bombers (.321-32-126)
Maurice Wilson, CF, Volcanic Red Dragons (.258-45-122)
Ray Stevens, CF, Tampa Bay RADDZ Bombers (.301-31-92)
Christopher Payne, RF, Tampa Bay RADDZ Bombers (.268-24-71)
Division 4
Gary Smith, DH, Cheyenne Indians (.306-24-77)
"Super" Mario Richmond, P, Wawa AAA's (15-7, 2.32)
Emerson Jones, P, Washington Wildfires (19-6, 1.89)
Harold Mahon, P, Washington Wildfires (12-5, 1.95)
Irvin Dingess, P, Wawa AAA's (2-4, 46 SV, 2.73)
James Rutherford, P, Washington Wildfires (19-7, 3.77)
Kenneth Levy, P, Atlanta Armadillos (8-5, 2.42)
Shawn Burge, P, Washington Wildfires (4-9, 47 SV, 4.16)
Vincent Olmos, C, Atlanta Armadillos (.293-41-90)
Wilfred Jackson, C, Washington Wildfires (.329-26-86)
Ray Salter, 1B, Topeka Hurricanes (.266-26-97)
Robin Garcia, 1B, St John s Milkmen (.297-14-68)
Elmer Fennell, 2B, Topeka Hurricanes (.300-30-107)
Charles Thomas, 3B, Cheyenne Indians (.284-33-101)
Donald Alvarez, SS, Topeka Hurricanes (.257-35-102)
Michael Fears, SS, Washington Wildfires (.326-23-100)
Albert Gillespie, LF, St John s Milkmen (.280-18-62)
Enrique Smith, CF, Topeka Hurricanes (.328-8-57)
Joel Williamson, CF, Cheyenne Indians (.271-35-113)
Spencer Olson, RF, Washington Wildfires (.297-25-105)
Gold Glove
None awarded.
Hall of Fame
None awarded.
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