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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: Hometown Heroes, 2006

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: Antonio Goodin, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.281-53-140)
Conference B: Jason Herron, DH, Wyoming Mets (.297-55-138)
Cy Young
Conference A: Jeffrey Aaron, P, New York Giants (21-5, 1.82)
Conference B: Antonio Peterson, P, Eldar Archers (21-7, 2.27)
Rookie of the Year
None awarded.
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Fredrick Moir, P, Charleston Cubs (2-4, 52 SV, 2.16)
Conference B: James Cousin, P, Sharpe Dispensers (2-4, 60 SV, 2.88)
Division 1
Malcolm Heer, DH, Sacramento Bears (.248-36-110)
Robert Isley, P, Maine Bear Hunters (13-5, 2.79)
Robert Munos, P, Eganville Big Sky (15-5, 2.83)
David Bueller, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (4-7, 11 SV, 2.67)
Don Montgomery, P, Eganville Big Sky (3-1, 2.26)
Emile Farina, P, Maine Bear Hunters (14-13, 2.90)
Jeffrey Aaron, P, New York Giants (21-5, 1.82)
Jeremy Showalter, P, New York Giants (14-12, 3.15)
David Vaughn, C, New York Giants (.269-23-62)
John Phillips, C, Detroit Centurions (.231-40-93)
John Warren, 1B, New York Giants (.252-25-86)
Robert Nilson, 2B, Detroit Centurions (.269-32-77)
Michael Brown, 3B, Eganville Big Sky (.224-20-50)
Joseph Sjogren, 3B, New York Giants (.267-32-96)
Robert Huneycutt, SS, Maine Bear Hunters (.259-37-79)
Tom Hernandez, SS, New York Giants (.325-0-27)
Benny Breunig, LF, New York Giants (.280-40-114)
Curtis Jones, CF, New York Giants (.285-41-100)
Jay Weldon, CF, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.262-25-58)
Michael Cooley, RF, Maine Bear Hunters (.270-31-86)
Division 2
Antonio Goodin, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.281-53-140)
Jerry Rogers, P, The Black Company (20-8, 2.34)
Fredrick Moir, P, Charleston Cubs (2-4, 52 SV, 2.16)
James Dillon, P, Disco Lemonade (18-10, 3.22)
Richard Brown, P, Charleston Cubs (16-11, 2.51)
Mark Mowry, P, Disco Lemonade (17-13, 3.03)
Samuel Davis, P, Disco Lemonade (18-8, 2.25)
Scott Wilkins, P, Disco Lemonade (11-7, 20 SV, 1.71)
Rogelio Geer, C, Charleston Cubs (.284-12-80)
Robert Mullen, C, The Black Company (.276-12-50)
Leon Fielder, 1B, The Black Company (.280-17-81)
Shawn Ledford, 2B, The Black Company (.233-40-110)
Jamie Guevara, 3B, The Black Company (.271-20-84)
Charles Krueger, 3B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.292-9-53)
Roberto Davis, SS, Minnesota Twins (.261-23-68)
Walter Adame, SS, Disco Lemonade (.274-57-137)
John Wilson, LF, Minnesota Twins (.282-30-81)
Adam Zimmerman, LF, The Black Company (.303-21-85)
Joe Burdette, CF, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.263-28-67)
Steven Carter, RF, Unionville Hawks (.271-32-95)
Division 3
Jeramy Salley, DH, Eldar Archers (.335-42-126)
Jayson Hering, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (3-3, 41 SV, 1.71)
James Cousin, P, Sharpe Dispensers (2-4, 60 SV, 2.88)
Antonio Peterson, P, Eldar Archers (21-7, 2.27)
Larry Ball, P, Detroit Tigers (19-5, 2.68)
Michael Clark, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (17-8, 2.06)
Nicholas Williford, P, Billings Drillers (14-16, 2.62)
Peter Monroe, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (19-7, 2.60)
Dennis Harris, C, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.228-15-72)
Ethan Peters, C, Detroit Tigers (.266-26-65)
Patrick Chapman, 1B, Eldar Archers (.273-27-84)
Mitchell Cahoon, 2B, Sharpe Dispensers (.322-35-88)
John Weldon, 3B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.292-26-79)
Larry Caron, 3B, Sharpe Dispensers (.299-25-79)
Matt Kennedy, SS, Eldar Archers (.294-18-81)
Alan Vasquez, SS, Detroit Tigers (.275-31-74)
Chester Cress, LF, Detroit Tigers (.272-24-53)
Rigoberto McKay, LF, Denver Mohawks (.237-51-97)
Kenneth Mathews, CF, Detroit Tigers (.304-53-118)
Steven Eagle, RF, Denver Mohawks (.255-37-62)
Division 4
Jason Herron, DH, Wyoming Mets (.297-55-138)
James Lien, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (19-8, 2.96)
Frank Cordoba, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (1-2, 43 SV, 1.80)
Donald Nilsen, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (17-8, 2.93)
Kerry Smith, P, Washington Grays (3-1, 48 SV, 1.55)
John Rogers, P, Boston Red Sox (8-5, 7 SV, 1.56)
Ralph Sanders, P, Wyoming Mets (18-5, 2.28)
Michael Jackson, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (12-12, 2.50)
Patrick Shaw, C, Brooklyn Dodgers (.280-15-54)
Jeff Leon, C, Boston Red Sox (.265-16-51)
Delbert Mendoza, 1B, Brooklyn Dodgers (.249-17-49)
Jeremy Miller, 2B, Washington Grays (.289-31-105)
Adam Gallagher, 3B, Eirinn Hurlers (.288-21-61)
Ryan Morgan, 3B, Washington Grays (.278-18-72)
David Roberts, SS, Brooklyn Dodgers (.264-41-99)
Conrad Flores, SS, Washington Grays (.298-18-62)
John Rhodes, LF, Boston Red Sox (.245-20-70)
Joshua Morton, CF, Case Cardinals (.250-42-102)
Kenneth Drury, RF, Wyoming Mets (.293-21-63)
Jeffrey Sheppard, RF, Brooklyn Dodgers (.291-46-120)
Gold Glove
None awarded.
Hall of Fame
None awarded.
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