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League: Baseball Dynasty

Current League Date: 5/1/2042

 Awards: Baseball Dynasty, 1984

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: Dutch Daulton, C, Philadelphia Whiz Kids (.322-50-157)
Conference B: Michael Collins, 3B, Tulsa Golden Hurricane (.309-62-141)
Cy Young
Conference A: Greg Maddux, P, Manchester Granites (25-6, 2.62)
Conference B: Stephen Eurich, P, West KY Muggy (20-6, 2.69)
Rookie of the Year
None awarded.
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Merlin Hall, P, Northwind Highlanders BD (6-4, 39 SV, 2.64)
Conference B: Michael Rhodes, P, Geico Cavemen (4-6, 45 SV, 2.76)
Andre Dawson, DH, Manchester Granites (.323-32-117)
Christy Mathewson, P, Northwind Highlanders BD (17-8, 3.09)
Cy Young, P, Northwind Highlanders BD (19-10, 2.20)
Greg Maddux, P, Manchester Granites (25-6, 2.62)
Michael Green, P, Hill Valley Bulldogs (3-5, 39 SV, 2.61)
Randall Poole, P, UNLV Running Rebels (16-12, 3.15)
Steven Davis, P, Manchester Granites (6-7, 40 SV, 3.32)
Warren Spahn, P, Northwind Highlanders BD (15-14, 3.53)
Samuel Killough, C, Manchester Granites (.306-35-114)
Dennis Nelson, C, Northwind Highlanders BD (.278-29-99)
Bret Tang, 1B, UNLV Running Rebels (.334-20-96)
John Langley, 1B, Silver Lake Miners (.342-14-84)
Artie McCracken, 2B, Silver Lake Miners (.341-16-63)
Fred Martino, 2B, Manchester Granites (.327-31-112)
Micah Fleming, 3B, UNLV Running Rebels (.360-18-84)
Honus Wagner, SS, Northwind Highlanders BD (.245-36-89)
James Mai, LF, Hill Valley Bulldogs (.308-25-101)
Carlos Goodrich, LF, Northwind Highlanders BD (.303-17-63)
Thomas Francis, CF, Manchester Granites (.310-18-59)
Mel Ott, RF, Northwind Highlanders BD (.291-22-87)
Dustin Williams, DH, Wareham Gatemen (.326-26-121)
Christopher Sweet, P, Arlington Park Thoroughbreds (19-8, 3.39)
Floyd Fitzgerald, P, Tukwila Havoc (5-5, 3 SV, 3.32)
Chad Baker, P, Tukwila Havoc (15-8, 3.39)
Stephen Gordon, P, Tukwila Havoc (12-8, 3.38)
Mark Buehrle, P, Wareham Gatemen (15-11, 3.05)
Mark Cox, P, Arlington Park Thoroughbreds (5-2, 33 SV, 2.04)
Ubaldo Jimenez, P, Philadelphia Whiz Kids (19-4, 2.94)
Eric Tejeda, C, Arlington Park Thoroughbreds (.311-22-93)
Dutch Daulton, C, Philadelphia Whiz Kids (.322-50-157)
John Freeman, 1B, Wareham Gatemen (.332-21-98)
Treyson Idol, 1B, Tukwila Havoc (.349-7-65)
James Pierce, 2B, Philadelphia Whiz Kids (.303-25-96)
Jacob Oakley, 2B, Wareham Gatemen (.301-28-86)
Stevin Barton, 3B, Philadelphia Whiz Kids (.351-18-72)
Jonathan Allison, SS, Arlington Park Thoroughbreds (.361-22-100)
Charles Carmichael, LF, Wareham Gatemen (.248-30-132)
Chuck Klein, CF, Philadelphia Whiz Kids (.283-34-84)
Mack McNastee, CF, Tukwila Havoc (.350-31-136)
Bobby Abreu, RF, Philadelphia Whiz Kids (.348-25-115)
Robert Hudson, DH, Tulsa Golden Hurricane (.335-36-108)
Melvin Reyna, P, Eureka Lightning (15-12, 2.44)
Nathan Winn, P, Tulsa Golden Hurricane (4-6, 32 SV, 4.14)
Parker Taylor, P, Antarctica Elder Gods (4-9, 47 SV, 3.48)
Charles Bowers, P, Real Camden Krakens (13-8, 3.71)
Claude Granado, P, Antarctica Elder Gods (17-5, 2.72)
Elbert McKay, P, Eureka Lightning (15-13, 3.36)
Timothy Brown, P, Antarctica Elder Gods (14-7, 3.33)
Clayton Eastland, C, Meadowbrook Colts (.304-39-89)
Josh Dozier, C, Toms River Shorebirds (.279-17-65)
Rick Smith, 1B, Antarctica Elder Gods (.280-32-93)
Edward Washington, 1B, Real Camden Krakens (.284-32-90)
Erick Shea, 2B, Real Camden Krakens (.277-44-95)
Michael Collins, 3B, Tulsa Golden Hurricane (.309-62-141)
Manual Bowling, SS, Toms River Shorebirds (.296-32-97)
Aquile Little, SS, Eureka Lightning (.286-42-107)
Hal Walker, LF, Real Camden Krakens (.316-28-78)
Hastur Unspeakable, CF, Antarctica Elder Gods (.306-31-88)
Carl Segura, RF, Tulsa Golden Hurricane (.262-18-54)
George Boyle, RF, Antarctica Elder Gods (.340-30-114)
John Murry, DH, West KY Muggy (.314-48-112)
Michael Gruber, P, Seattle Blaze (20-8, 2.90)
Richard Howard, P, Seattle Blaze (8-2, 2 SV, 2.34)
Richard Ross, P, Renwer Raccoons (5-7, 35 SV, 3.58)
Sean Soto, P, West KY Muggy (17-6, 1.88)
Stephen Eurich, P, West KY Muggy (20-6, 2.69)
Derian Bartholomew, P, Geico Cavemen (16-4, 2.02)
Daniel Hoerner, P, Geico Cavemen (18-10, 2.50)
Dallas Caldwell, C, Renwer Raccoons (.255-55-132)
Christopher Ramirez, C, Deadwood Black Hills (.361-43-135)
James Mack, 1B, Renwer Raccoons (.306-33-98)
Kevin Bell, 1B, West KY Muggy (.288-18-81)
Paul Hernandez, 2B, Renwer Raccoons (.303-31-90)
Kevin Grainger, 3B, Seattle Blaze (.287-21-89)
Alex Rodriguez, SS, Seattle Blaze (.284-50-120)
George Avery, SS, Deadwood Black Hills (.270-37-109)
Charles Tejeda, LF, Seattle Blaze (.368-15-91)
Robert Bauer, LF, West KY Muggy (.301-58-124)
Mickey Mantle, CF, Seattle Blaze (.271-62-149)
Jerome Montanez, RF, West KY Muggy (.307-30-93)
Gold Glove
None awarded.
Hall of Fame
None awarded.
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