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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: Hometown Heroes, 2032

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: Steve Guerrero, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.345-52-150)
Conference B: Charles Vasquez, CF, Boston Red Sox (.305-48-144)
Cy Young
Conference A: Nicolas Chaney, P, New York Giants (20-6, 2.88)
Conference B: Robert Wyss, P, Sharpe Dispensers (20-5, 2.28)
Rookie of the Year
None awarded.
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Craig Soler, P, Charleston Cubs (3-3, 37 SV, 2.10)
Conference B: Spencer Peterson, P, Washington Grays (6-5, 42 SV, 4.24)
Division 1
Carl Sun, DH, Sacramento Bears (.351-24-67)
Brent Ruff, P, Maine Bear Hunters (7-5, 35 SV, 3.99)
Alan Johnson, P, Detroit Centurions (20-6, 2.53)
Christopher James, P, Eganville Big Sky (19-8, 2.71)
Fred Sailor, P, Sacramento Bears (20-8, 2.20)
James Evans, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (4-4, 38 SV, 3.79)
Jose Temple, P, Detroit Centurions (20-9, 3.54)
Nicolas Chaney, P, New York Giants (20-6, 2.88)
Robert Robinson, C, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.262-21-89)
Andrew Holliday, C, Eganville Big Sky (.273-25-97)
Charles Neville, 1B, Sacramento Bears (.304-33-111)
Daryl Mickens, 1B, Maine Bear Hunters (.266-39-134)
Reginald Oneill, 2B, Maine Bear Hunters (.380-20-97)
Milton Cooper, 3B, Maine Bear Hunters (.294-28-74)
Thomas Ford, SS, Detroit Centurions (.301-36-85)
Leonardo Lee, SS, Sacramento Bears (.347-36-93)
Makaio Young, LF, Eganville Big Sky (.317-20-76)
Harvey Wilson, LF, New York Giants (.260-41-99)
Gary Crouse, CF, Eganville Big Sky (.340-32-99)
Doug Kelly, RF, Maine Bear Hunters (.291-28-108)
Division 2
Steve Guerrero, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.345-52-150)
Solomon Madore, P, The Black Company (19-10, 2.89)
Olaniyi Zambrano, P, Disco Lemonade (15-11, 2.92)
Petie Underwood, P, Disco Lemonade (19-10, 3.40)
Leonard Lane, P, Disco Lemonade (2-5, 37 SV, 2.89)
James Smiley, P, Charleston Cubs (22-9, 2.96)
Craig Soler, P, Charleston Cubs (3-3, 37 SV, 2.10)
Ariel Braziel, P, Cincinnati Public Assassins (21-4, 3.52)
Alfred Lewis, C, Unionville Hawks (.237-26-78)
Kenneth Swaim, C, Disco Lemonade (.230-45-126)
Nolan Sweet, 1B, Charleston Cubs (.336-23-103)
Steven Williams, 1B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.296-37-100)
Victor Douglas, 2B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.278-47-112)
Damian Valencia, 3B, Disco Lemonade (.293-29-97)
Bill Rhodes, SS, Disco Lemonade (.329-14-62)
John Bryer, SS, Minnesota Twins (.345-41-112)
John Schulz, LF, Minnesota Twins (.253-29-100)
Glen Daniel, LF, Unionville Hawks (.295-27-91)
Brian Spires, CF, The Black Company (.279-22-89)
Rico Spadaro, RF, Unionville Hawks (.327-21-74)
Division 3
James Stewart, DH, Sharpe Dispensers (.303-53-120)
James Cook, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (20-8, 2.86)
Calvin Stewart, P, Sharpe Dispensers (18-10, 2.93)
Robert Dunbar, P, Denver Mohawks (18-6, 2.10)
Robert Wyss, P, Sharpe Dispensers (20-5, 2.28)
Kevin Marshall, P, Eldar Archers (21-8, 3.14)
Michael Bryner, P, Eldar Archers (3-2, 5 SV, 3.41)
Raymond Rodgers, P, Denver Mohawks (5-4, 8 SV, 3.84)
Christopher Guzman, C, Denver Mohawks (.272-33-90)
Dennis Morgan, C, Sharpe Dispensers (.275-32-101)
Larry Allen, 1B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.254-47-115)
Robert Hargis, 1B, Eldar Archers (.319-21-96)
Michael Pope, 2B, Billings Drillers (.257-14-65)
James Latour, 2B, Denver Mohawks (.327-15-75)
Mack James, 3B, Billings Drillers (.258-46-137)
Harry Cooper, SS, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.339-39-109)
Darrel Carr, LF, Sharpe Dispensers (.329-25-97)
Yvan McVay, LF, Eldar Archers (.330-12-50)
Kevin Hodges, CF, Sharpe Dispensers (.264-12-47)
Scott Mendoza, RF, Billings Drillers (.284-56-146)
Division 4
John Gartner, DH, Boston Red Sox (.359-37-122)
Leo Lewis, P, Case Cardinals (15-4, 1.85)
Spencer Peterson, P, Washington Grays (6-5, 42 SV, 4.24)
Terry Jenkins, P, Wyoming Mets (5-6, 32 SV, 4.32)
Richard Wright, P, Eirinn Hurlers (20-5, 3.07)
Benjamin Gregorio, P, Eirinn Hurlers (16-11, 3.47)
Dennis Farley, P, Case Cardinals (14-8, 3.44)
Wiley Smith, P, Eirinn Hurlers (17-8, 3.38)
Israel Hauser, C, Wyoming Mets (.329-17-70)
Michael Hampton, C, Boston Red Sox (.317-28-90)
Raphael Jones, 1B, Boston Red Sox (.302-43-118)
Lorenzo King, 2B, Washington Grays (.262-35-75)
John Lucio, 2B, Boston Red Sox (.332-9-50)
Cedric Moore, 3B, Brooklyn Dodgers (.314-30-83)
Craig Rushing, 3B, Eirinn Hurlers (.362-20-96)
Elijah Andrew, SS, Boston Red Sox (.317-23-71)
Philip Robinson, LF, Washington Grays (.295-22-67)
George Stevens, CF, Eirinn Hurlers (.356-21-82)
Charles Vasquez, CF, Boston Red Sox (.305-48-144)
Tommy Hanes, RF, Eirinn Hurlers (.311-36-129)
Gold Glove
None awarded.
Hall of Fame
None awarded.
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