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League: Hometown Heroes

Current League Date: 1/1/

 Awards: Hometown Heroes, 2026

Most Valuable Player
Conference A: Steve Guerrero, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.368-54-156)
Conference B: Charles Vasquez, SS, Boston Red Sox (.319-51-110)
Cy Young
Conference A: Nicolas Chaney, P, New York Giants (23-7, 1.17)
Conference B: Wiley Smith, P, Eirinn Hurlers (18-2, 1.48)
Rookie of the Year
None awarded.
Fireman of the Year
Conference A: Shawn Mercurio, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (6-3, 42 SV, 2.04)
Conference B: Ronnie Dunn, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (3-5, 41 SV, 4.07)
Division 1
Joseph Fazio, DH, Eganville Big Sky (.314-25-102)
Alfred Anderson, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (9-6, 3.51)
Armando Gentry, P, Maine Bear Hunters (15-12, 3.85)
Jesus Arena, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (18-8, 3.00)
Nicolas Chaney, P, New York Giants (23-7, 1.17)
Russell Beal, P, Maine Bear Hunters (16-11, 3.95)
Shannon Ledonne, P, New York Giants (7-3, 7 SV, 2.56)
Shawn Mercurio, P, Sullivan Turtlenecks (6-3, 42 SV, 2.04)
Larry Richards, C, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.318-12-64)
Robert Smith, C, New York Giants (.287-11-49)
Luis Santiago, 1B, Maine Bear Hunters (.301-23-97)
Steven Cassidy, 1B, Eganville Big Sky (.269-35-100)
Artie Campbell, 2B, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.320-9-86)
Milton Cooper, 3B, Maine Bear Hunters (.279-27-90)
Howard Gray, SS, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.301-39-124)
John Moore, SS, New York Giants (.316-12-60)
Cliff King, LF, Sullivan Turtlenecks (.330-13-77)
Makaio Young, LF, Eganville Big Sky (.363-30-107)
Joseph Remington, CF, New York Giants (.298-44-107)
Rennie Gonzales, RF, Maine Bear Hunters (.273-28-94)
Division 2
Steve Guerrero, DH, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.368-54-156)
Angel Hayes, P, Unionville Hawks (3-1, 32 SV, 1.93)
Ariel Braziel, P, Cincinnati Public Assassins (15-9, 3.45)
Christopher Rivera, P, The Black Company (18-11, 3.22)
Clifford Alvord, P, Unionville Hawks (11-7, 2.37)
Clifford McNiel, P, Minnesota Twins (5-6, 31 SV, 2.97)
Craig Soler, P, Charleston Cubs (16-9, 3.14)
Jacob Taylor, P, The Black Company (15-7, 3.57)
David Williams, C, Charleston Cubs (.306-20-96)
Kurt Franklin, C, Minnesota Twins (.315-26-85)
Clayton Givens, 1B, The Black Company (.256-49-121)
Steven Williams, 1B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.359-46-134)
Russell Beck, 2B, Minnesota Twins (.353-30-77)
Frederick Vazquez, 3B, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.238-56-120)
Frank Small, SS, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.335-23-72)
John Bryer, SS, Minnesota Twins (.307-34-126)
Charles Oehler, LF, Charleston Cubs (.355-25-111)
Eddie Long, LF, Disco Lemonade (.343-34-94)
Brent Bruce, CF, Cincinnati Public Assassins (.300-22-90)
Alan Williams, RF, Charleston Cubs (.255-33-112)
Division 3
Scott Mendoza, DH, Billings Drillers (.317-55-133)
Dale Klink, P, Billings Drillers (19-9, 3.59)
James Toland, P, Sharpe Dispensers (16-13, 3.18)
Jason Davis, P, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (13-8, 3.27)
Juan Kalish, P, Eldar Archers (5-2, 1 SV, 3.28)
Michael Cromer, P, Sharpe Dispensers (6-8, 23 SV, 3.67)
Robert Weedman, P, Denver Mohawks (10-7, 3.55)
Scotty Oliver, P, Denver Mohawks (17-7, 3.45)
Christopher Guzman, C, Denver Mohawks (.306-49-145)
Paul Vogel, C, Billings Drillers (.268-32-108)
Dennis Bono, 1B, Denver Mohawks (.283-26-90)
Edmund Wilburn, 2B, Eldar Archers (.281-48-126)
Jesse Thomas, 2B, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.306-26-96)
Mack James, 3B, Billings Drillers (.291-43-116)
Ryan Davis, 3B, Sharpe Dispensers (.278-26-88)
Thomas Scott, SS, Sharpe Dispensers (.317-29-94)
Matthew Cortez, LF, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.286-26-64)
Alan Michael, CF, Billings Drillers (.282-33-92)
Claudio Carmen, RF, Brooklyn Artful Dodgers (.313-22-102)
Shannon Fitch, RF, Sharpe Dispensers (.311-34-111)
Division 4
David Haas, DH, Wyoming Mets (.271-57-141)
Elmer Johnson, P, Washington Grays (15-13, 3.41)
John Eldred, P, Washington Grays (13-9, 3.18)
John Jankowski, P, Wyoming Mets (14-8, 3.21)
Nelson Bickford, P, Boston Red Sox (10-5, 4 SV, 3.37)
Ronnie Dunn, P, Brooklyn Dodgers (3-5, 41 SV, 4.07)
Stephen Mendez, P, Eirinn Hurlers (14-10, 3.52)
Wiley Smith, P, Eirinn Hurlers (18-2, 1.48)
Christopher Leech, C, Brooklyn Dodgers (.298-57-134)
Michael Taylor, C, Washington Grays (.324-25-78)
Granville Merritt, 1B, Washington Grays (.352-27-95)
Louie Donald, 2B, Brooklyn Dodgers (.308-19-89)
Gary Joyner, 3B, Eirinn Hurlers (.282-33-91)
Robert Sigler, 3B, Brooklyn Dodgers (.274-30-77)
Charles Vasquez, SS, Boston Red Sox (.319-51-110)
Steve James, SS, Eirinn Hurlers (.253-25-87)
Stephen Hallmark, LF, Brooklyn Dodgers (.292-30-113)
Pumpsie Fitzsimmons, CF, Wyoming Mets (.278-40-87)
Gary Grisham, RF, Washington Grays (.338-38-124)
Tommy Hanes, RF, Eirinn Hurlers (.314-20-82)
Gold Glove
None awarded.
Hall of Fame
None awarded.
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